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This page has information for the 2018 Lost in Delirium Manor event. For information about other Delirium Manor events, please visit that page.
Lost in Delirium Manor

Lost in Delirium Manor is scheduled for August 17-August 26, 2018. Passes went on sale at 9pm ET on August 17, but were also pre-released via the treasure system.

Search Toymaker Whax's dollhouse to assemble a Whax doll and accessorize it from the ticket shop, locate lightening and deepening notes, bloodscrip, and jackpot, uncommon, and common treasures. Browse the shops at Bloodriven Village and enter the HESS. If you win an invite raffle, you can even go see the WPS smithy!

Delirium Manor can be accessed from anywhere in town via QUEST TRANSPORT DELIRIUM

How to Play

Entries can be purchased from the SimuCoin Store or for silvers from other players. Additionally, envelopes were added to treasure chests from August 15 to August 26 that held a chance to contain a free entry to Delirium Manor. If an invitation did not drop, then a poster was placed in the envelope which could be TURNed to make confetti.

Hold a pass in hand and GO DOOR on the front porch of the Manor. SEARCH different rooms of the Manor to find hidden treasure.

$ cost assumes Premium level purchase of 13,500 SimuCoins for $99.99. For other monetary values, please see Zoraster's SimuCoin value chart thread.

Item Cost Cost ($) Function Appearance
Delirium Manor 95 0.71 1 entry A vellum invitational pass
Delirium Manor 950 7.10 10 entries A scallop-edged invitational pass
Delirium Manor 2375 17.75 25 entries A silvery invitational pass
Delirium Manor 4750 35.50 50 entries A gold leaf invitational pass

Official Communication


Found: Toymaker Whax, August 10, 2018

Found: Toymaker Whax

Traveling down the Locksmehr River, the infamous Toymaker Whax was spotted with his dollhouse in tow. Several adventurers were tracking him when they lost his trail at an abandoned campsite. All they found were wooden doll parts scattered across the ground.

Where is he taking Delirium Manor?

Lost in Delirium Manor, August 15, 2018


Opens Friday, August 17th, at 9pm ET

Reports of Toymaker Whax continued to surface. As he traveled along the Locksmehr River, however, his trail went cold toward the DragonSpine Mountains. There wasn’t any sign of him or his dollhouse…

...until an invitation was found inside a treasure chest…

“Come one, come all, Delirium Manor will be the experience of a LIFETIME! I, Toymaker Whax, have convinced the coachmen and boatswains to bring you all to Bloodriven Village to marvel at my magnificent creation! Bring the enclosed pass and see it for yourself!”

Explore Delirium Manor and experience Toymaker Whax’s world for yourself. Search through dismembered doll parts to discover treasures and various heirlooms that will be desired by adventurers across Elanthia. Lightening and deepening notes will also return! Construct a doll, and if you’re fortunate enough to locate a membranous grey core, bring it to life! There is even a chance to find bloodscrip as you rifle through the dollhouse!

Several key updates to Delirium Manor have enhanced the experience.

  • Improvements to item management.
  • Doll accessories have shifted into a ticket shop.
  • Common and uncommon treasure has moved into a random prize pull.
  • Bloodscrip can be rewarded while located in Bloodriven Village.
  • New JACKPOT items.

Wagons and schooners will be available starting at 9pm ET this Friday across Elanthia. You can also use the QUEST TRANSPORT to instantly teleport to Bloodriven Village. You will want to locate the toy chest to make your way to Delirium Manor!

Get Lost in Delirium Manor -- August 17th until the 26th! Passes go on sale at the 9pm ET!

Forum Posts

SIMU-WYROM, August 15, 2018

Here are some more details on this event while it's at Bloodriven Village.

  • All doll accessories are now in a shop for tickets.
  • Most common and uncommon treasures have moved to a prize pull (similar to the one that we used at Ebon Gate). The cost is in tickets.
  • Bloodscrip will now drop ~10% of the time inside in small bundles.
  • The shops in Bloodriven Village will be open that take bloodscrip, including HESS.
  • HESS has no new inventory. Any scaling that occurred at June's Duskruin will be present. Anything that sold out will still be sold out.
  • Items that were refunded/exchanged during or after Duskruin's run will be back on sale.
  • The arena, heist, sewers, and dig are all closed.
  • Many of the jackpot items from the previous Delirium will be returning, such as the magic hat and keys. There are also many new items.

Full Thread

Wyrom added in the thread that there would be no new inventory in the non-HESS Bloodriven shops and that doll accessories in the original post means everything that goes on the dolls including clothing.

SIMU-WYROM, August 16, 2018

Even though this is not a Duskruin run, there are quite a few things left in HESS that were previously sold out. We will do the same sort of staggering that we do with the initial opening of the event for HESS just in case something goes horribly wrong. I'll aim to open HESS around 11pm ET on the 17th. Same for the common and uncommon treasure pulls. There isn't a whole lot in these (mostly what was at Delirium last year), but I'll aim to release these over the initial weekend. There isn't anything limited in them, so no rush.

Full Thread

SIMU-WYROM, August 17, 2018

A question came to me on Discord that I felt needed to be posted so that the answer was announced.

>>Will there only be bloodscrip in Delirium?

No. Tickets will still drop the majority of the time. Bloodscrip will drop about ~10% of the time.

Full Thread

Here are the items that were previous sold out that will be back tonight (August 17th) when HESS opens at roughly 11pm ET. These items were either refunded, exchanged, or there was some sort of error.

A sales clerk says, "An Ithzir Armor epistle will cost 75000 Duskruin Arena bloodscrip to purchase. There are only 2 left!"
A sales clerk says, "A scallop-edged resistance proclamation will cost 25000 Duskruin Arena bloodscrip to purchase. There are only 5 left!"
A sales clerk says, "A pristine blink contract will cost 400000 Duskruin Arena bloodscrip to purchase. There is only 1 left!"
A sales clerk says, "A thorny briar flares chit will cost 500000 Duskruin Arena bloodscrip to purchase. There is only 1 left!"
A sales clerk says, "A grey target defense voucher will cost 175000 Duskruin Arena bloodscrip to purchase. There are only 2 left!"

Many other items are available, but have few limited quantity.

Full Thread

Delirium works a bit differently than most of the other "feeder" games. I know I saw some questions on T5/T6, but there really isn't anything like that for Delirium. We have unique finds which are a healthy mix of what you'd think are T5/T6, uncommon treasure (T4), common (T3), and SimuCoin Store items (T2). While comparisons in quality can be made, it's just not the same layout from behind the scenes.

That all said, let's talk about some of the top end finds!

The "vesperti" bloodrune cloaks
Magician hats
Fireworks press
Tart kiln
Rapture cloak
Living cloak
Whisper backpacks
Forehead gems
T4 RainboWear
Locker expansions
Yfane Gowns
T3 Lapidary Box
Black Ora mask
Water cannon
Hidden vambrace
Troll-arm sheaths
Disarm bracer
Greater elemental flaring weapons (previously sold at Duskruin)
Padded armors (previously sold at Duskruin)
...and tons more

In the common and uncommon feeders you'll get bloodscrip. Uncommon will have lightening and deepening notes, as well as a Chronomage orb holder. The SimuCoin store items are Chronomage orbs for, spellup pills, death salve, feather charms, guild vouchers (professional and adv. guild), and temp enhancive charges.

Full Thread

There are no smithy invites in Delirium Manor...however...I will be raffling a bunch during the event. They will be directly added to your character, so keep that in mind when entering to win. Raffles will be for tickets.

Full Thread

GS4-HALISTE, August 17, 2018

>>Will there be any changes or enhancements to the dolls?

Not this run.


Discord Communication

Wyrom, August 16 at 11:42AM in #festivals-and-events

There are zero shop additions in Bloodriven Village. We had a large number of refunds, buyer's remorse, or accidental purchases last Duskruin. Because much of HESS is retiring before next Duskruin, I wanted a way to introduce some of the limited sales items that fell into this issue.

Off the top of my head, briar flares will be available. They might not sell, but they were limited and off the market for almost the entire duration of the event.

Wyrom, August 16 at 11:49AM in #festivals-and-events

Nothing is resetting. (Editor: In reference to Zanzimar's question: "Wait so while there’s no new additions to BV does that mean the certs aren’t resetting? Didn’t seem clear. I get HESS but I’m interested in the parasite/sprite weapons.")

If it was sold out in June. It's sold out now. The exceptions are anything that was refunded. I don't think anyone was remorseful with Sprite/Parasite stuff. I'll check with Retser. (Editor: In reference to Zanzimar's question: "Cool thanks. Now I gotta figure out if the certs sold out")

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Gift Shop

Front Room

[Delirium Giftshop, Front Room]
A stuffed pony, outfitted with a brushed leather saddle and secured to a curved wooden base, rocks back and forth as visitors pass through this fancifully decorated entryway. Long streamers of vividly colored satin hang from the ceiling, some dangling tiny crystalline spheres that spin slowly. A green and white striped curtain drapes across a wide opening, and a wire basket hangs nearby on the wall.
Obvious exits: out
These keys are ONLY for dolls with an appropriate key slot.  If you are unsure, LOOK at your doll to see if one exists.  If it does not have one, don't buy a key!  Each key will wind-up the doll for a period of time.

Wooden - 5 minutes
Brass - 10 minutes
Silver - 20 minutes
Gold - 30 minutes

Keys disintegrate after use.

In the wire basket you see:

a wooden wind-up key 50
a brass wind-up key 100
a silver wind-up key 200
a gold wind-up key 300
These figures are used in Arkati boxes that can be found scattered throughout the Manor (search).  They hold no magical properties.

In the burlap sack you see:

a modwir Voln figurine Arkati box figurines 5
a ceramic Leya effigy
a thanot Tilamaire sculpture
a cedar Onar statuette
a ceramic Niima statuette
a wooden Voaris effigy
a jade Kuon sculpture
a modwir Jaston effigy
a modwir Illoke figure
a ceramic Huntress sculpture
a stone Arachne sculpture
an oak Aeia statuette
a porcelain Amasalen statuette
an oak V'tull figurine
an ash Sheru miniature
a wooden Mularos sculpture
a jade Marlu miniature
a jade Luukos miniature
an ironwood Ivas sculpture
a cedar Fash'lo'nae miniature
a jade Eorgina miniature
a faewood Andelas miniature
a birch Gosaena sculpture
a birch Zelia statue
an oak Tonis statuette
a thanot Ronan sculpture
a birch Phoen sculpture
a modwir Oleani statuette
a maple Lumnis figurine
an ironwood Lorminstra figurine
a faewood Koar effigy
a porcelain Kai statuette
a faewood Jastev figurine
a jade Imaera effigy
an ash Eonak statuette
an ash Cholen statuette
a ceramic Charl figure
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Back Room

[Delirium Giftshop, Back Room]
A wide and colorful banner proclaims, "~Get Your Souvenirs Here~" from its prominent spot along the back wall. To one side is a souvenir-filled bookcase, complete with a line of stuffed blue bunnies perched along the base and positioned to stare up at the showcased goods. In the middle of the space rests an elongated carved maple toychest, its lid flung open to better display its contents.
Obvious exits: east, out

On the bookcase you see:

Pre-made custom spell preps
a heart-edged crimson palimpsest
First Person:  Your heart races as you rapidly chant in a low voice the words to summon the [Spell Name] spell...
Third Person:  Person rapidly chants in a low voice.
Hidden or Invisible:  You hear a low, chanting voice nearby.
Specific Spell Restriction:  1107 
Adrenal Surge (1107) 750
a salt-stained deep blue scroll
First Person:  As you wave your hands through the air in front of you, a stinging, salty breeze whips around you.  You close your eyes and smile briefly, the scent of ocean water filling your nostrils as the [Spell Name] spell is conjured up...
Third Person:  Person waves his hands through the air in front of himself, conjuring up a salty seabreeze.
Hidden or Invisible:  The scent of ocean water wafts in on the breeze.
Specific Spell Restriction:  612
Breeze (612) 750
a snowy white papyrus
First Person:  Tilting your face to the sky, you murmur the magical syllables for the [Spell Name] spell.  Ethereal snowflakes drift lazily down, and you stick your tongue out trying to catch one.
Third Person:  Person tilts his face skywards, murmuring magical syllables.  As ethereal snowflakes drift lazily down, Person sticks out his tongue as if to catch one.
Hidden or Invisible:  Ethereal snowflakes swirl for a moment before vanishing.
Specific Spell Restriction:  907
Major Cold (907) 750
a storm grey papyrus
First Person:  Loud and strong, you shout an arcane phrase invoking the [Spell Name] spell...
Third Person:  Person loudly shouts an arcane phrase.
Hidden or Invisible:  A loud arcane phrase is shouted nearby. 
All spells 750
a thin gold-edged papyrus
First Person:  Pressing your palms together in front of you, you close your eyes and incline your head slightly.  As you quietly murmur an incantation for the [Spell Name] spell, a flash of golden light illuminates your form.
Third Person:  Person inclines his head, pressing his palms together as he murmurs a quiet incantation.  Person is illuminated by a flash of golden light!
Hidden or Invisible:  You see a glimmer of golden light nearby.
Specific Spell Restriction:  307
Benediction (307) 750
a sparkling gold paper
First Person:  Gold sparks fly from your fingertips as you weave your hands through the air, conjuring the [Spell Name] spell...
Third Person:  Gold sparks fly from Person's fingertips as he weaves his hands through the air and conjures a spell.
Hidden or Invisible:  Gold sparks leap from the shadows nearby.
Specific Spell Restriction:  303
Prayer of Protection (303) 750
a torn blue paper
First Person:  Your eyes swimming with tears, you utter a brief lamentation before conjuring the [Spell Name] spell...
Third Person:  Person utters a tearful lamentation.
Hidden or Invisible:  You hear a tearful lamentation nearby.
Specific Spell Restriction:  305
Preservation (305) 750
a faded sapphire paper
First Person:  In a low, hissed whisper, you utter the ancient words for the [Spell Name] spell...
Third Person:  Person's lips move in a low, hissed whisper that you can't quite make out.
Hidden or Invisible:  You hear a low hissing nearby.
All spells 750
a dusty earthen vellum
First Person:  Summoning the elements of the earth to your aid, an ethereal stone barrier surrounds your hands, which you ball into fists and raise above your head.  Your voice cracks as you shout out an ancient incantation for the [Spell Name] spell...
Third Person:  An ethereal stone barrier surrounds Person's upraised fists as he shouts an ancient incantation.
Hidden or Invisible:  An ancient incantation is shouted nearby.
Specific Spell Restriction:  514
Stone Fist (514) 750
a solid taupe vellum
First Person:  Whispering urgently to yourself, you rock back and forth, your eyes fixed on a far, distant point.  Your trance breaks as you cry out the final word of the arcane phrase for [Spell Name]...
Third Person:  Person rocks back and forth, whispering to himself in a trance-like state.
Hidden or Invisible:  You hear low, urgent whispering nearby.
All spells 750
a beaded vellum
First Person:  Throwing your head back, you intone the archaic verses of [Spell Name] in a sonorous voice...
Third Person:  Person throws his head back and sings in a sonorous voice!
Hidden or Invisible:  You hear loud singing nearby.
Specific Spell Restriction:  1018
Song of Power (1018) 750
a luminescent green note
First Person:  You are bathed in a luminescent green glow as you raise your hands, muttering an ancient incantation for [Spell Name]...
Third Person:  Person is bathed in a luminescent green glow as he raises his hands, muttering an incantation.
Hidden or Invisible:  You hear a low, chanting voice nearby.
Specific Spell Restriction:  713
Balefire (713) 750
a distorted note
First Person:  Tapping three fingers against your open mouth, the uttered sounds of your summoning for the [Spell Name] spell are distorted.
Third Person:  Person taps three fingers against his open mouth, distorting the sounds of his summoned spell.
Hidden or Invisible:  You hear a faint, distorted voice nearby.
Spell Circle Restrictions:  Ranger Base
Ranger Base 750
an eye-shaped note
First Person:  Your black eyes widen in alarm as chaotic spirits swarm about you while you invoke the [Spell Name] spell...
Third Person:  Person's eyes widen in alarm as he invokes a spell.
Hidden or Invisible:  The air churns and then stills.
Specific Spell Restriction:  102
Spirit Barrier (102) 750
a rainbow-colored note
First Person:  As you whisper the words to [Spell Name], you trace your fingers across the sky, creating a vibrant rainbow of colors that stream along with your motions.  You gesture, causing the ribbons of air to disperse into an imperceptible mist.
Third Person:  Person whispers the words to his spell, tracing his fingers across the sky.  A vibrant stream of rainbow colors burst forth, streaming alongside his motions before dispersing into an imperceptible mist.
Hidden or Invisible:  The sounds of whispering barely reach your ears, but a vibrant rainbow of colors stream from out of nowhere, dispersing into an imperceptible mist.
All spells 750
a blood-tinged parchment
First Person:  You clench your fist so tightly that droplets of blood pool under your fingernails, and the pain sharpens your mind as you invoke the [Spell Name] spell...
Third Person:  Droplets of blood pool under Person's fingernails as he clenches his fist and vocalizes his pain through an invocation.
Hidden or Invisible:  You hear a painful invocation nearby.
Specific Spell Restriction:  1125
Troll's Blood (1125) 750
a plain white parchment
First Person:  Placing the tips of your fingers against your temples, you close your eyes, release a slow breath, and focus your mind.  Your lips move to form the words that will invoke the [Spell Name] spell, but no sound comes out.
Third Person:  Person places the tips of his fingers against his temples, closes his eyes, and releases a long, slow breath.  His mouth forms words, but no sound comes out.
Hidden or Invisible:  You hear low, measured breathing nearby.
Specific Spell Restriction:  706
Mind Jolt (706) 750
a gold lyre-shaped parchment
First Person:  You hum a few notes before clearing your throat.  Raising your index fingers, you motion to an unseen orchestra while singing a bewitching rendition of [Spell Name]...
Third Person:  Person hums a few notes and clears his throat.  Raising his index fingers, he motions as if to an unseen orchestra while singing a triumphant song!
Hidden or Invisible:  Humming and singing is heard nearby.
Specific Spell Restriction:  1007
Kai's Triumph Song (1007) 750
a bright red and blue parchment
First Person:  As you begin to chant the incantations for [Spell Name], a chorus of soft child-like voices fills your ears, drowning out the surrounding din with whispers of an unknown language.  Before the sounds fade away, you hear a single high-pitched voice above the others, urging you to unleash your spell.
Third Person:  Person's eyes dart back and forth across the area, her head tilted slightly in a posture of alertness as a chorus of child-like voices whisper unrecognizable words into the air.   Her complexion pales, and the veins along her arms tighten before unleashing her spell, the sounds disappearing after a single high-pitched scream.
Hidden or Invisible:  A haunting chorus of child-like voices whisper into the wind.
All spells 750
a silver flute-shaped parchment
First Person:  Humming an old invocation for [Spell Name], you wave your fingers in front of your lips as if playing an invisible flute.
Third Person:  Person hums an old tune as he waves his fingers in front of his lips, as if playing an invisible flute.
Hidden or Invisible:  You hear someone humming nearby.
Specific Spell Restriction:  1006
Song of Luck (1006) 750
a curl-edged ecru document
First Person:  Your eyes glaze over as you feel yourself chant the [Spell Name] spell in a distorted voice, noticeably different from your own...
Third Person:  Person's eyes glaze over as he chants in a noticeably distorted voice...
Hidden or Invisible:  Distorted chanting can be heard nearby.
All spells 750
a crinkled paper with gold lettering
First Person:  Chaotic distortions of light surround your hands as you chant the magic words for the [Spell Name] spell...
Third Person:  Chaotic distortions of light surround Person's hands as he chants a few words of magic...
Hidden or Invisible:  Chaotic distortions of light swirl into existence and dissipate quickly.
All spells 750
Other Stuff
a sharply dressed pudgy toymaker figurine
You take a closer look at a sharply dressed pudgy toymaker figurine.
Sharply dressed in a tiny, well-tailored red velvet jacket and a tall, black satin hat, this pudgy-cheeked figurine grins with a thick cigar clenched between his teeth.  His wide, overtly eccentric eyes are encircled by dark ovals and portray what could be presumed as a twinkle of mischief.  The figurine's gloved, open hands are outstretched, an exceedingly tiny wooden doll grasped around the neck in one of them.

The pudgy toymaker figurine is holding no gem, and there is no pattern set in the slot in its back.
Gem cutter 1500
a bulb-nosed metal clown statue
Flamboyantly dressed in multicolored silks, the most noteworthy features of this statue are the facial details.  A wide grin reaches from one edge of his face to the other, and his slightly squinted eyes are encircled in deep black ovals and portray a twinkle of mischief.  As if for an offering, his open hands are outstretched, one of which is filled with tiny pieces of carved candies.

The metal clown statue is holding no gem, and there is no pattern set in the slot in its back.
Gem cutter 1500
a clown-shaped red ora pattern Gem cutter pattern 250
a doll-shaped black iron pattern Gem cutter pattern 250
a smooth wrotwood telescope with a brass eyepiece
You analyze the wrotwood telescope and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:

The telescope has been unlocked once.  Available verbs are ATTEND, CLEAN, CLOSE, EXHALE, GAZE, GLANCE (with player target,) OPEN, and POINT.  The noun cannot change.

You get no sense of whether or not the telescope may be further lightened.
a silver telescope
a smoke-filled glass globe
You analyze the glass globe and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "The item has restrictions on changing the noun."

The creator has also provided the following information:
This item must remain translucent, and the noun must remain one of SPHERE, BALL, ORB, or GLOBE.  Either a long or show description is supported.  It is Tier 2 of 2 tiers.


You get no sense of whether or not the globe may be further lightened.
a smoke-filled crystal orb
a ruby red floating sphere
Tied with a simple silken cord, the heart-shaped sphere is suspended in the air by some mysterious means and bobs placidly with the slightest movement or breeze.
You analyze the floating sphere and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:
 You sense that the base cannot be altered, and the very core look of it will always remain the same.  However, a talented merchant can work with a long or show for the sphere, as well as apply lettering to its cord.

You can try to PULL, TAP, and RUB the sphere -- but beware!! -- when you tap it, you run the risk of popping it!

You get no sense of whether or not the sphere may be further lightened.
a lapis blue floating sphere
a pale golden floating sphere
a sunny yellow floating sphere
a fur-edged black wool blanket cloak-worn 875
a plaid red and black blanket cloak-worn 875
a soft sky blue blanket cloak-worn 875
a pumpkin-bordered black silk napkin 350
a crystal doll-shaped decanter
 First-person: You have an enticing aroma of spicy gingerbread laced with veiled undertones of cool peppermint lingering around you.
 Third-person: Person has an enticing aroma of spicy gingerbread laced with veiled undertones of cool peppermint lingering around him.
Perfume 750
a knotted wooden flask 600
a decorative doll case
This appears to be a collectible case of some kind, with small trays secured to a slender axle to allow for rotation.  A trio of gears is secured to the interior base of the case.  Looking through your doll case, you realize all the trays are empty.
Whax doll item case 300

In the elongated carved maple toychest you see:

a skull-capped silver stick 150
a white-crowned golden eagle toy 150
a long-haired white kitten toy 500
a brown-spotted puppy toy 500
a white-bellied ferret toy 500
a fluffy yellow duckling toy 500
an orange-maned gold lion toy 500
a striped white and black tiger toy 500
a scaled leather crocodile toy 500
a black spider monkey toy 500
an iridescent viridian caterpillar toy 500
a segmented centipede toy 500
a pointy-eared green goblin toy 350
a blackened skeleton toy 350
a winged red-eyed demon toy 350
a krolvin toy with a scarred face 350
a toy wooden sword 375
a twisted silver rod 150

Storage South

[Delirium Giftshop, Storage]
A wide and colorful banner proclaims, "~Get Your Souvenirs Here~" from its prominent spot along the back wall. Toys and various knick-knacks lay scattered across an upholstered bench that is positioned in front of a colorfully decorated mannequin.
Obvious exits: north, west

On the mannequin you see:

a sleek spotted leopard fur wrap cloak-worn 750
a soft leather ticket pouch holds tickets and allows breaking of bundles 50
a dark grey linen towel edged with white satin ghosts 750
a fluffy pink cotton towel 750
a ribbon-tied white lace skirt Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items of very small size
leg-worn 800
a long-eared brown toy bat 750
a red-striped black toy snake 750
a silver music box charm 500
a gold puppy charm 500
a polished gremlin charm 500
a faenor dragon charm 500
a multicolored marionette charm 550
a maoral two-mast ship charm 550
a herringbone faenor bracelet Charm bracelet wrist-worn
a square-linked imflass bracelet
a sapphire silk skirt with doll-shaped buttons Pocketed: VSA (<2-4)
a couple of items of very small size
leg-worn 800
a snow white toy rat 750
a pair of steel-buckled boots 600
a thick grizzly bear fur cloak Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
a satin-lined tawny fox fur coat Pocketed: Significant (100-119)
any number of items
some black leather boots 600
a high-collared panther fur cape cloak-worn 750
a yellow-eyed spotted toy owl 750

On the upholstered bench you see:

a large gold-flecked packet of seeds These seeds will produce enhancive flowers. 25
a large floral-painted packet of seeds These seeds will produce magical flowers. 20
a large herb-painted packet of seeds These seeds will produce healing flowers. 15
a large plain packet of seeds These seeds will produce decorative flowers. 10
a hollowed-out wooden doll leg 100
a striated blue-green sapphire 500
a multi-faceted golden beryl 500
a brilliant blue diamond 500
a cloudy deep grey moonstone 500
a taupe-veined irregular turquoise 500
a sliver of fractured emerald 500
a tarnished thin silver spring 500
a coiled ora spring 500
a stuffed brown and white dog 1000
a stuffed long-clawed wombat 1000
a stuffed black-winged vulture 1000
a stuffed green turtle 1000
a white-haired toy mage 750
a long-tailed brown toy monkey 750
a dragon-helmed toy soldier 750
a silver wire worry-toy 750
a mottled green mechanical grasshopper 500
a tiny black mechanical fly 500
a velvety black mechanical moth 500
a black-haired toymaker marionette 650
a deep grey trinket pin-worn 1000
a plain white sphere strung from a golden chain neck-worn 1000

Storage North

[Delirium Giftshop, Storage]
A wide and colorful banner proclaims, "~Get Your Souvenirs Here~" from its prominent spot along the back wall. A large wooden doll, decorated with a variety of items, is propped up in the corner just beneath a large notice.
Obvious exits: south
The adornments on the doll can be purchased to dress-up your own dolls!  Once you set an adornment on your doll, however, it cannot be removed, but it can be replaced by another similar item.  There are many more items to be found inside the brightly painted dollhouse.

Whax doll accessories

On the large wooden doll you see:

a single gold earring 20
a wide gold hoop
a single blackened steel hoop
a red wool scarf
a fringed tartan scarf
a red cabochon-studded leather collar
a steel chainmail choker
a white canvas rucksack
a fur-lined green wool backpack
a plump brown leather satchel
a floral silk purse
a bell-edged purple cloak
a high-collared fitted black jacket
a light brown tunic
a suit of mithril plate
a white ruffle-necked shirt
a braided twine belt
a black leather belt
a bright yellow chainsil sash
a plated ebon linen sack
a pleated sailcloth loot sack
some short blonde hair 500
some short brown hair
some short black hair
some short white hair
some long brown hair
some long blonde hair
some long black hair
some long grey hair
some deep brown eyes
some bright green eyes
some bright blue eyes
some large round ears
some slightly pointed ears
some pointy ears
some dainty ears
a straight nose
a dainty nose
a crooked nose
a silver dagger
a maoral box
a waxy light brown scroll
a ruby-encrusted wide rose pin
a sleeping cockatiel charm
a tall wizard's hat
a blue satin ribbon
a steel grey conical helm
a simple leather headband
a braided hemp hairtie
some mithril leg greaves
some studded leather arm greaves
a decorative iron vambrace
a coral-inlaid slender gold bracelet
a braided silver bracelet
a pair of ebon silk gloves
a pair of sturdy forging gloves
a pair of fur-lined red wool mittens
a thin gold ring
a wide onyx band
some pleated brown canvas pants
an embossed black leather bracer
a rose-embroidered white silk skirt
a pair of calf-tied white breeches
an iron-studded brass tasset
a braided suede anklet
some flat twine sandals
a pair of seagrass sandals
some thick green wool socks
some yellow cotton socks
a thin faenor anklet

Dollhouse Mudroom

[Dollhouse, Mudroom]
Colorful shutters painted bright white and trimmed in yellow and green stand open to allow the sunlight to fill the small space, while a bright blue door is propped open by a wedge to allow for easy entry. Long rows of wooden hooks house a variety of packs and haversacks, while a spindle-armed coat tree supports a motley combination of cloaks and shawls. Miscellaneous items fill a small wicker basket that is pushed against the archway that leads deeper into the dollhouse.
Obvious exits: north

In the small wicker basket you see:

a single large black backsheath 100
a pair of slate blue backsheaths 100
a pair of crossed backsheaths 100
a doll-sized mangy black sewer rat 1000
a doll-sized flea-bitten dirty white rat 1000
a doll-sized corpulent red-eyed white rat 1000
a fur-lined bright red instrument case 500
a suede-wrapped blue instrument case 500
a doll-sized sleek brown silver-collared chinchilla 1000
a bone-adorned steel pauldron 100
a yawning troll-faced iron pauldron 100
a dragon-faced eahnor pauldron 100
a gryphon-faced eahnor pauldron 100
a skeletal rolaren pauldron 100
a lion-faced gold and platinum pauldron 500
a demon-faced rolaren pauldron with ruby eyes 1000
a knotted grey suede weapon harness 500
some iron-studded copper spaulders 500
a mirrored platinum rondel 500
On the Long rows of wooden hooks you see:
a serpent-faced wooden shield 100
a silver-studded black leather baldric 100
a silk-lined silver chainmail satchel 100
a round ironwood shield 100
a brass and leather sword frog 100
a square sinew-laced mussette 100
a sturdy hiking pack 100
a frumpy brown canvas mussette 100
a rainbow-hued cotton satchel 100
a jute-strung sailcloth haversack 100
a metal-sided sturdy wool haversack 100
an olive green haversack 100
a dark green and gold rucksack 100
a black silver-buckled knapsack 100
a small and round leather knapsack 100
a wide leather backpack 100
a suede-strapped canvas backpack 100
a woven wicker back-basket 100
a dark leather backpack 100
an iron mesh backpack 100
a fancy ribbon-tied silk backpack 100
a bright red cotton backpack painted with white circles 500
a linen-lined river reed back-basket 500
a multi-pocketed large turquoise backpack 500
a bamboo-framed stone grey rucksack 500
a star-embroidered bright blue pack 500
a long-straped white doily purse 500
a stained pig skin wineskin 1000
On the spindle-armed coat tree you see:
a fur-lined slate blue parka 100
a sleeveless gauzy organza surcote 100
a dark hunter green lady's surcoat worn over layered copper linen shifts 1000
a knitted red and yellow shawl 100
a feather-edged crimson mantle 100
a fur-lined weathered suede cape 100
a crushed velvet blue pelisse 100
a flowing white cape 100
a voluminous black silk robe 100
a rose-patterned pristine white robe 100
some tattered white robes 100
a well-tailored black satin jacket 100
an exposed-stitched leather jacket 100
a supple embroidered kidskin jacket 100
an oiled leather riding jacket 100
an emerald green greatcloak 100
a hooded mantle of silver heron feathers 500
a fringed blue and green tartan shawl 500
a snowflake-patterned sky blue wrap 500
a tattered and dingy yellow robe 500
a short crimson-lined capelet 500
a leather-strapped rosewood lute 500
a voluminous black stalking cloak 1000
a doll-sized black rapture cloak 1000
a gauzy violet chiffon wrap 1000
a symbol-edged dusty brown burnoose 1000
a black spidersilk cloak 1000

Dollhouse Parlor

[Dollhouse, Parlor]
Resembling more a salon than a parlor, the tiny room has bright yellow and white flowers painted on the walls and tiny teardrop lanterns that dangle from the white rafters. Couches and settees are pushed to one side so that the center of the living space can proudly display a row of mannequin heads that rests upon a long table. Tiny jewelry boxes have been placed to the right of each decorated head, while to the left are several paper hat boxes painted with bright red roses.
Obvious exits: northeast, south, northwest
In the several paper hat boxes you see:
a daisy and pink rose circlet 100
a dusty white turban 100
a black silk bow 100
a visored metal greathelm 100
a voluminous ebon cotton hood 100
a lapis and rolaren tiara 100
a frilled lavender silk kerchief 100
a coin-fringed silken kerchief 100
a frilled bright pink bonnet 100
a dragon-faced eahnor helm 100
a silver-winged gold helm 100
a red tartan cap 100
a thick grey wool cap 100
an elaborate gold crown 100
a feathered wool cap 100
a pink silk headscarf 100
a feathered headdress 100
a silk-wrapped conical hennin 500
a crimson-banded leather tricorne 500
a diamond-studded gauzy ebon veil 500
a silver-pinned bright white wimple 500
an agate-inlaid silver filigree ferroniere 500
an off-center pristine white chef's hat 1000
In the Tiny jewelry boxes you see:
a pearl-studded silver-knit snood 100
a simple witchwood barrette 100
a lacquered ebonwood barrette 100
a broad hummingbird barrette 100
a flower-spotted silk headband 100
a smooth onyx headband 100
a pair of leaf-accented hairsticks 100
a set of painted bamboo hairsticks 100
a twisted ivory and ebon silk hairtie 100
a frayed cotton hairtie 100
several emerald leaf hairclips 100
a slender pearl-topped hairpin 100
a pair of plain lacquered hairsticks 100
a plethora of glossy hairbeads 100
a narrow shell-encrusted headband 500
a leather-wrapped white hawk feather 500
a twisted and browning grass hairtie 500
some polished mother-of-pearl haircombs 500
some snowflake-painted haircombs 500
a beribboned purple silk fascinator 1000
a pair of silver filigree hairsticks 1000
some seaglass anemone hairjewels 1000

On the row of mannequin heads you see:

some shaggy white hair 100
some shaggy blonde hair 100
some wild chestnut hair 100
some curly light brown hair 100
some wild silver hair 100
some curly crimson hair 100
some curly black hair 100
some pin-straight shiny black hair 500
some shaggy strawberry blonde hair 500
some deep chestnut hair cascading downward in soft ringlets 1000
some aubergine red hair cascading downward in a riotous mass of loose curls 1000
some lustrous strawberry blonde hair flowing downward in a shimmering cascade 1000
some lightly oiled ebon black hair bound in a single three-stranded braid 1000
some lightly oiled salt and pepper hair bound in a single five-stranded braid 1000
some frizzy salt and pepper black hair 1000
a tonsure of ragged brown hair 1000
a crown-braided circlet of white hair 1000
some tightly braided ebon hair 1000
some pristinely ringleted red hair 1000

Dollhouse Armory

[Dollhouse, Armory]
Burgundy and ivory paints create an alternating striped pattern upon the smooth stucco walls of the tidy room, while thick drapes of ebon stand guard around a pair of small windows. A long wooden stand filled with leg greaves is displayed beneath a row of lanterns, while a small lacquered table houses a variety of matching arm pieces. Balls of yarn and spools of twine surround a rectangular slatted box filled with mittens, gloves, and gauntlets near a rocking chair that occupies one corner of the small space.
Obvious exits: southwest
On the small lacquered table you see:
some sturdy linen arm wraps 500
some studded leather arm guards 100
some twisted rolaren arm greaves 100
a pair of ironwood-slated arm greaves 100
a pair of ironwood-slatted arm greaves 100
some quilted leather arm greaves 100
a pair of copper-plated arm greaves 100
a pair of gryphon-crested arm greaves 100
some leather arm greaves 100
a pair of twisted driftwood arm greaves 500
some tree-filigreed faenor arm greaves 500
some drakar-studded rolaren arm greaves 500
a pair of rose-etched faenor arm greaves 500
some ornate eahnor arm greaves 1000
some sigil-incised inky black vambraces 100
some segmented iron vambraces 100
some matching lion-crested vambraces 1000
some fur-lined blue suede bracers 100
a suede-laced archer's bracer 100
a thick leather bracer 100
a suede-wrapped forest green bracer 500
a leather archer's bracer 1000
a wing-edged eahnor vambrace 100
On the long wooden stand you see:
some ora leg greaves 100
some studded leg greaves 100
a pair of gryphon-crested leg greaves 100
some ornate eahnor leg greaves 100
some drakar-studded rolaren leg greaves 100
some quilted leather leg greaves 100
some suede-wrapped leg greaves 100
some twisted sigil-incised leg greaves 100
a pair of dented and worn leg greaves 100
some fur-lined dark blue leg greaves 100
a pair of copper-plated leg greaves 100
a pair of rose-etched faenor leg greaves 500
some sigil-incised inky black leg greaves 500
some twisted rolaren leg greaves 500
a pair of scaled ironwood shin guards 100
some studded leather shin guards 100
a pair of slatted driftwood shin guards 100
some linen-wrapped black leather shin guards 500
a pair of tree-embossed leather tassets 100
some segmented iron cuisses 100
a decorative iron poleyn 100
some sturdy linen leg wraps 500

In the rectangular slatted box you see:

a pair of thick mittens 100
some studded fingerless gloves 100
a pair of black leather gloves 100
a pair of knitted fingerless gloves 100
a pair of elegant elbow-length silk gloves 100
some flare-cuffed aubergine silk gloves 100
a pair of berry-stained brown gloves 100
a pair of silver silk gloves 100
a pair of silver silk gloves 100
a pair of thick suede gloves lined with fur 500
a pair of elbow-length elkhide hawking gloves 500
a pair of pristine white cotton gloves 100
a pair of chocolate-stained white cotton gloves 500
some suede-palmed leather gloves 500
a delicate pair of lace fingerless gloves 1000
iron-knuckled steel gauntlets 500
some sturdy mitten gauntlets 500
a silver and amethyst handflower 100
a left-hand falconry glove 100
a suede-palmed glove with one leather finger 500
a quilted dark blue cotton baking mitt 1000
a checkered cotton baking mitt 1000

Dollhouse Kitchen

[Dollhouse, Kitchen]
Bright white cabinets hang upon the walls above polished granite countertops, their tiny faces fitted with brass and ivory handles. Red checkered curtains flank a window that presides over a tiny stonework sink that is filled with miniature cobalt blue and white dishes. Pantry shelves display a large glass jar filled with eyes, several large cooking pots filled with ears, and a wide porcelain ewer filled with noses.
Obvious exits: southeast, up, out
In the several large cooking pots you see:
some freckled ears 100
some droopy-lobed ears 100
some widely ridged ears 100
some deeply folded ears 100
some narrow ears 100
some slender ears 100
some thick-lobed ears 100
some diminutive ears 100
some low-set ears 100
a doll-sized pair of teddy bear ears 500
a doll-sized pair of black cat ears 500
some narrow-tipped ears 500
some elongated ears 500
some unremarkable ears 500
some prominently veined ears 500
some uneven ears 500
some monstrously wide ears 500
some petite ears 500
some plump and floppy ears 1000
some mole-speckled ears 1000
some floppy-tipped ears 1000
some scar-notched ears 1000
In the large glass jar you see:
some long-lashed violet eyes 100
some long-lashed amber eyes 100
some wide blue eyes 100
some wide hazel eyes 100
some glassy silver-sheened eyes 100
some vibrant bright blue eyes 100
some beady black eyes 100
some sun-streaked hazel green eyes 500
some green-flecked agate blue eyes 500
some gold-flecked forest green eyes 500
some violet-haloed dark blue eyes 500
some silver-haloed sea blue eyes 1000
some yellow-haloed inky black eyes 1000
some wide chocolate brown eyes 1000
some vacant milky white eyes 1000
some mismatched blue and green eyes 1000
some striated cornflower blue eyes 1000
some glowing yellow eyes 1000
some glowing red eyes 1000
some glowing viridian eyes 1000

In the wide porcelain ewer you see:

a curved nose 100
a concave nose 100
a wide and flat nose 100
a wavy nose 100
a sloping nose 100
a swollen nose 100
a flaring nose 100
a squat nose 100
a classical nose 100
a wide nose 100
a bulbous nose 100
a broken nose 100
a slender nose 100
a wart-ridden nose 500
a wide-nostriled nose 500
an aristocratic nose 500
a bright red nose 500
a button nose 500
an equine nose 500
a tiny nose pierced with a diamond stud 1000
a bulbous nose adorned with a bone toggle 1000
a delicate nose pierced with an elegant silver hoop 1000
a veiny bulbous nose 1000

Dollhouse Corridor

[Dollhouse, Corridor]
Butterflies and daisies paint the white walls with vibrant hues, their tiny designs illuminated by a pair of brightly burning glass globes set at either end of the long corridor. Sashes laden with pins flank a polished bronze mirror that is hung upon the northern wall, while a small table beneath holds a jeweler's display rack and a cobalt blue blown glass bowl. A small rug of verdant green muffles the sound of passage leading to a narrow staircase.
Obvious exits: up

On the jeweler's display rack you see:

a silver-strung frosted glass orb 100
a cord-strung faceless silver coin 100
a twine-strung bright silver coin 100
a simple blue sapphire pendant 100
an emerald-inset pendant 100
a seaglass and hemp necklace 100
a narrow herringbone necklace 100
a simple necklace of alternating black and white pearls 1000
a silk-strung lapis lazuli dagger symbol 1000
a cord-strung red glass ampoule 1000
a little round mirror 100
a rainbow-painted bauble 100
a threadbare off-white wool scarf 100
a leaf-etched steel aventail 100
a filigree-ringed ivory cameo 100
a leaf-twined leather collar 100
a filigreed portrait locket 100
a choker fashioned of multiple threadbare cords 500
some white-veined rose quartz beads 500
a shriveled troll heart amulet 1000
a griffon-faced eahnor medallion 1000
In the cobalt blue blown glass bowl you see:
a pair of sea urchin ear spikes 100
a crimson-enameled steel ear spike 100
a thin porcupine quill ear spike 100
a series of onyx and silver hoops 100
a pair of simple steel hoops 100
a delicate pair of black pearl earbobs 100
some pink pearl earbobs 100
a pair of monkeyfist earbobs 100
a rainbow-splashed glaes earcuff 100
an amber stick bug earcuff 100
a coiled eahnor dragon earcuff 100
a solid gold earcuff 100
a steel earcuff fashioned into clutching claws 500
some delicate rose-shaped earrings 100
a pair of sterling silver earrings 100
a pair of sapphire teardrop earrings 100
a pair of diamond stud earrings 100
a pair of tri-tiered chandelier earrings 500
some dangling parrot feather earrings 500
a pair of dangling butterfly earrings 500
a small silver hoop 100
a tarnished fishing hook earring 100
On the Sashes you see:
a sapphire and pearl brooch 100
an agate-studded green frog brooch 100
a carved amber wren brooch 100
an amethyst-inlaid hummingbird brooch 100
an ebon and ivory ouroboros brooch 100
a sword-pierced pennacular brooch 100
a silver-veined copper quill pin 100
a brass treble clef pin 100
a silver padlock pin 100
a gem-encrusted rolaren eyemask pin 100
a carved wooden turtle pin 100
a ruby-eyed dragon pin 100
a lapis-inlaid silver mermaid pin 100
a grinning yellow topaz goblin pin 100
an obsidian tower pin 100
a silver-leafed lapis lazuli rose pin 100
a copper and amber sheaf of wheat pin 100
a filigree-painted pearly white mask pin 500
a filigree-laced polished white pearl pin 500
a green-eyed azure peacock feather pin 500
an aventurine-winged silver dragonfly pin 500
some silver-bound glasses 100
a round polychromatic trinket 100
a bronze-embellished Adventurer's Guild badge 1000
a rat pelt-bound Adventurer's Guild badge 1000
a silver-bound Adventurer's Guild badge 1000

Dollhouse Bedroom

[Dollhouse, Bedroom]
Flanked by round tables topped in vases, a four-poster bed fitted with a gauzy canopy occupies one corner of the seafoam green-painted room. A steel-edged storage locker at its foot is filled to overflowing with shoes, while a painted oak wardrobe opposite it stands open displaying belts, aprons, and girdles for all to see. Near the entry, a chest of drawers holds a motley variety of pouches, quivers, kits, and tankards.
Obvious exits: east, out
In the painted oak wardrobe you see:
a silver-ringed chatelaine dangling copper keys 1000
a tarnished chatelaine with empty jewelry sockets 500
a gauzy hip-scarf of blue and purple silks 100
a chainsil hip-scarf decorated with fake coins 500
a leaf-patterned cinnamon red sash 100
a many-folded crimson silk sash 100
a wide gold-plated girdle 100
a flat girdle trailing autumn leaves 100
a gem-studded girdle of hardened leather 100
a fitted girdle of platinum and gold plates 100
a low-slung polished gold hip-chain 100
a tri-strapped leather kidney belt 100
a silver-linked belt 100
a wrapped narrow brown belt 100
a simple off-white rope belt 100
a braided jute and twine belt 100
a bronze-buckled leather belt 100
an autumnal tapestry weave belt 1000
a wide leather swordbelt 100
a chocolate-splattered cotton apron 500
an amber and amethyst cincture 1000
In the steel-edged storage locker you see:
a pair of pink silk dancing shoes 100
a pair of polished black leather shoes 100
some flour-splattered suede shoes 500
a peridot and silver-chained footflower 500
a bell-edged aventurine footflower 500
a pair of gold damask slippers 100
a pair of turquoise slippers 100
a pair of high-heeled ruby slippers 100
some ankle-tied red and white ribbon slippers 500
some dust-covered leather sandals 100
a pair of double-thonged sandals 100
a pair of grimy thrak hide sandals 100
a pair of river reed sandals 100
a pair of suede-laced riding boots 100
some slouched gold-buckled boots 100
some thigh-high black suede boots 100
some beige boots with rawhide laces 100
some black leather boots with deteriorated heels 500
some blue haon-heeled clogs 100
a pair of sturdy suede buskins 100
a pair of sienna ankle-boots 100
a pair of sharply curled poulaines 100
some fringed suede moccasins 100
a pair of polished brown leather brogues 500
a pair of cork-soled yatanes 500

In the chest of drawers you see:

a compartmented leather vasculum 500
a bone-reinforced suede reticule 100
a white-striped green suede quiver 100
a silver-capped narrow sheath 100
a suede-wrapped blue linen dagger sheath 500
a rations kit 100
a black lockpick kit 100
a plump velvet gem pouch 100
a bulging blue velvet gem pouch 100
a small linen kitten pouch 100
a fringed tambourine pouch 100
a fur-lined instrument pouch 100
a flour-splattered cotton pouch 100
a tiny gnomic rune pouch 1000
a white birch envelope pouch 1000
a petite square leather case 100
a cylindrical oak-slatted scroll case 500
a boiled leather compass case 1000
a large iron keyring dangling skeleton keys 100
a carved wooden censer 100
a fur-wreathed green sporran 100
a tiny wicker rat cage 100
a glaesine starfly cylinder 100
an expose-stitched suede waterskin 500

Dollhouse Vault

[Dollhouse, The Vault]
Floor length mirrors decorate the paneled walls, which are illuminated by candelabras set in each of the room's four quarters. At the heart of the room, a round-armed divan fashioned of bright red velvet sits unattended, while a trio of humanoid forms fashioned of wood display rings, bracelets, and anklets.
Obvious exits: west
On the fuzzy gnome mannequin you see:
a trio of delicate silver anklets 100
a series of alternating ruby and emerald anklets 500
a pair of linked iron shackles 100
a single broken-chained shackle 100
a lilac and rosebud anklet 100
a fancy anklet of gold bells and green beads 500
a ribbon-strung ivory disk anklet 100
a bell-adorned silver anklet 100
a raven-charmed rolaren anklet 100
a peridot and gold anklet 100
a charm-riddled copper anklet 100
a white gold triquetra anklet 100
a silver quaternary anklet 100
a twisted gold anklet 100
a beaded silver anklet 100
a woven dried leaf anklet 100
a burnished gold charm anklet 100
a braided anklet of daisies and lady's breath 500
a lapis lazuli anklet with silver bells 500
a crystal-woven silver anklet trailing copper bells 500
a chainmail anklet dangling rainbow quartz crystals 500
an anklet of twisted blue and red ribbons 100
a woven anklecuff of larkspur and lavender 500
On the shrouded dwarven mannequin you see:
an ivy and larkspur wristlet 100
a ruby-studded gold wristlet 100
a wristlet fashioned of curling birch and autumn leaves 500
a silk pomander riddled with tiny rose buds 500
some zebrawood bangles 100
a series of alternating copper and birch bangles 500
a hammered copper wristcuff 100
a cabochon-inset eahnor wristcuff 100
a pair of delicate ankle bracelets 100
a trio of slender sterling silver bracelets 500
a pair of heavy steel manacles 100
a woven daisy bracelet 100
a silver and amethyst charm bracelet 100
an interlocking knotwork bracelet 100
a delicate faenor rose bracelet 100
a woven daisy and buttercup bracelet 100
a ribbon-strung beaded bracelet 100
a simple cotton bracelet of braided string 100
a thin white string bracelet 100
a thin bracelet of braided hair tied with blue ribbons 500
a wide ebonwood bangle inlaid with mother-of-pearl 500

On the faceless halfling mannequin you see:

a thorny rose stem ring 100
a gold feather-etched ring 100
a braided rolaren ring 500
a simple ring of tied twine 100
a hammered copper thumb ring 100
a princess-cut diamond ring 100
a filigree tree cameo ring 100
a wave-etched veniom ring 100
a filigree cabochon-inset ring 100
a delicate cloisonne pinky ring 100
a faenor and silver ring 100
a braided red and blue cotton string ring 500
a peridot-inset steel thumb ring 500
a black rose cameo poison ring 500
a polished gold wedding ring 1000
a peridot-inset rose gold ring 2
an emerald-inset daisy band 100
a wave-crested spinner band 100
a filigreed rose gold band 100
a wyvern-etched eahnor band 500
a starstone-inset obsidian band 500
a polished gold wedding band 1000

Dollhouse Attic

[Dollhouse, Attic]
Dust and cobwebs fashioned of spun cotton and bits of string decorate the rafters of the attic, while pale light trickles in through slats that board-up the space's only window. A pair of painted toy boxes pin an enormous rug of gold, teal, and pink to the dark floorboards, their lids flown wide and their toys on display.
Obvious exits: down
In the left-handed toy chest you see:
a lopsided sailcloth rag doll 500
a spotted dragon egg toy 1000
a tiny white crystal 100
a tiny black crystal 100
a tiny blue crystal 100
a doll-sized tiny blue-eyed kitten 1000
a doll-sized green-eyed orange tabby kitten 1000
a doll-sized mangy grey flea-bitten kitten 1000
a doll-sized grey-eyed black and white kitten 1000
an oak-handled broom 100
a round leather-sided tankard 100
a shiny hide-framed tamborine 100
a smudged silver piccolo 100
a slender gut-strung mandolin 100
a tiny ayveneh potion 100
a tiny zorveneh potion 100
a hoarbeam buckler 100
a pewter tankard of ale 100
a leather-bound tome 100
a lace-edged parasol 100
a slender vaalin lockpick 100
a curved witchwood pipe 100
a large mixing bowl 100
a deep-bowled mahogany spoon 100
a large white mournbloom 100
a sprig of ribbon-wrapped larkspur 100
a stone-tipped arrow with eagle feather fletchings 100
a gold chest 100
a doll-sized iceberry tart 100
a frosted chocolate cupcake 100
a powdered blueberry tart 100
a tiny raspberry tart 100
a doll-sized yabathilium fruit 100
a streusel-topped pumpkin muffin 100
a heavy quartz orb 100
a spherical flawless glass orb 100
a tiny solid moonstone cube 100
a paint-splattered unfinished canvas 500
a candleless stained glass lantern 500
a large black-eyed susan 500
a minuscule mithril Juggernaut 1000
a tiny Wavedancer in a hazy glass bottle 1000
a pair of painted tarot cards 1000
a sigil-painted ebon shan skull 1000
an intricately carved pumpkin 1000
a tiny mirtokh potion 1000
a fistful of fake bloodscrip 1000
In the right-handed toy chest you see:
a silver-hilted rolaren dagger 100
a triple-strung ipantor short bow 1000
a doll-sized adamantine fist-scythe 1000
a tiny etched black alloy broadsword 1000
a Raging Thrak-etched broadsword 1000
a hoarbeam runestaff 100
a slender maoral runestaff 100
a gnarled glowbark runestaff carved with erratic symbols 100
a tiny discolored bone lockpick 1000
a tiny hooked laje lockpick 1000
an intricately carved key 100
a crimson-edged iron tigerclaw 100
a wavy silver kris 100
a pair of oak-handled snips 100
a bright blue glaesine vial 100
a paint-splattered oak brush 100
a bear-incised sgian dubh 100
a dark wood longbow 100
a silver battle-axe 100
a tiny trapped oak chest 100
a small enruned fel coffer 100
a minuscule maoral box 100
a small modwir strongbox 100
a crystal-tipped sceptre 500
a bone-hilted steel hunting knife 500
an ironwood-hafted silver bardiche 500
a doll-sized veil iron maul 1000
a tiny treasure chest 1000
an eahnor claidhmore with a wrapped leather hilt 1000
a doll-sized ki-lin horn 1000

Dollhouse Backyard

[Dollhouse, Backyard]
High bushes encircle the quaint backyard that has a fanciful border of paper flowers in a variety of hues. Wooden birds are propped in decorative cloth and wrought iron trees, their wings painted in brilliant blues and greens. A long cotton clothesline houses a variety of clothing items supported by clothespins, while a woven wicker hamper beneath is filled with a collection of matched and unmatched socks. Sitting alone, a deep steel wash basin overflows with miscellaneous armor pieces and props the dollhouse's whitewashed back door wide open.
On the long cotton clothesline you see:
a kerchief-sleeved russet bodice 100
an emerald satin bodice 100
a high-collared dark cotton shirt 100
a taupe silk shirt 100
a flame-sleeved scarlet spidersilk cotehardie 500
a pair of wide-cuffed burgundy pantaloons 100
some paisley-patterned teal pantaloons 500
a pair of baggy brown breeches 100
some bedraggled dusty brown pants 100
some faded blue pants 100
a blousy sky blue tunic 100
a silver and gold satin gown 100
an ankle-length niveous gown with tapered sleeves 1000
some patched sailcloth trousers 100
a pair of cuffed black trousers 100
a pair of crisp black linen trousers 100
a pair of navy blue trousers with yellow stripes on the outer seam 500
some striped black and white trousers 500
a red and black tartan kilt 500
a green and blue tartan kilt 500
a sleek black leather skirt 100
a kerchief-hemmed gauzy red skirt 100
a full-length blue tartan skirt 100
a side-slit black silk skirt 100
a ruffled saffron chainsil skirt with crimson petticoats 500
a simple ebon cotton shift 100
a fitted crushed velvet vest 100
a long-sleeved grey cotton blouse 100
a threadbare brown cotton dress 100
a simple loincloth of suede and fur 500
a feather-patterned suede loincloth 500
a tawny brown linen bliaut with cinnamon-banded funnel sleeves 500
a deep green lamb's wool kirtle 500
a threadbare mouse brown cassock 500
a steel-tipped black leather pteruge 1000
a gold-threaded bright white chasuble 1000
In the woven wicker hamper you see:
some lace-edged rosy silk stockings 100
a pair of black silk stockings 100
a pair of silk rose-embroidered stockings 500
some white cotton socks 100
some blue cotton socks 100
some green cotton socks 100
a pair of moth-eaten cotton socks 100
a mismatched pair of red and blue socks 100
a pair of fuzzy black socks 100
some grey socks 100
some quilted cotton socks 100
some knee-high black socks 100
some threadbare cotton socks 100
a pair of soft lamb's wool socks 100
a pair of coarse grey wool socks 100
some blue tart-embroidered socks 100
a pair of opaque white socks 100
a pair of red socks with bright white tassles 500
some frill-cuffed bright pink socks 500
some white linen divit-toed socks 500
some thigh-high stone grey socks 1000
a pair of dainty white ankle-socks with pink bows 500

In the deep steel wash basin you see:

a suit of gleaming mithril armor 100
a quilted dirty cotton gambeson 100
a suit of mithglin hauberk 100
a golden mithril cuirass 100
a set of golvern plate 1000
a gleaming suit of polished platemail 100
some studded vultite brigandine 100
some scuffed tawny leathers 100
some forest green brigandine 1000
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