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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Letter to the Emissary

Author: Dendum

Dendum grumbles about the cost of postage while putting a copy of the letter in the mailroom, he walks over and puts a copy in the Thrak for anyone to reads

A Letter to the Emissary Samfelt

A Letter to the Emissary Samfelt

Imagine you are in Vornavis, you have just rescued some Lord's lost children or secured some Emissaries' lost heirloom...imagine you get word that the Krolvin come with a peaceful settlement of "refugees" and promise that later the rest of the Krolvin are going to come and increase local prosperity....imagine you might not want that kind of do you respond?

Do you ignore this settlement of "refugees" or see it as a crack from which future horrors will eventually flow in? Perhaps they have a very nice talking Krolvin as the Czag of the settlement who says all the right things and can point to her Koar following mate as proof that she is not like the other Krolvin.

Now imagine from the first moment they arrive your home is turned into waste and battlegrounds as the locals demonstrate their own desire not to have the Krolvin settlement.

Can the Emissary imagine this? Welcome to the North and the Human Empire settlement.

Now imagine that you are told to ignore the wisdom of the past, and the very blood your eyes can see spilling from your town in the present because these Krolvin are "refugees". You are told to ignore your own ears every time these "refugees" and their Czag, who you are reminded is a good person, mention the coming army behind them and the new cities and castles they will build on your land...but do not worry it will be some empty field so it really does not belong to Vornavis. Regardless they do not care what you think only that you spill your towns blood over and over in defense of THEIR new settlement for to do otherwise is somehow twisted into an act of evil.

Refugees do NOT bring a new form of government, that is the dominion of invaders.

There is no difference between this imaginary settlement of Krolvin and what the Empire brings to the north...the Darkstone Barony. We have assisted you.......we have fed you in your time of hunger and guided you when you were lost but do not mistake this kindness as desire for what you represent, for no one went to Jovery and bought the trouble you bring or bartered for the threat you represent, you come unwanted and unasked for as the tyrant from the south.

Do not seek to recreate that which you flee. The Landing is always open to those in need.

~ The Wind in the Willow