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Dendum - Wind in The Willow, Archdruid, Forest Walker
created by the player of Dendum
Race Forest Gnome
Culture Wendwillow
Hometown Nomadic
Class Ranger
Religion Animism Imaera Zelia Ancestor Worship Dendum and Great Spirits
Affiliation(s) Member of Willow Hall

Claws of the Drake

Black Thorn Resistance

Flaw Obtuse
Dislikes Chocolate, Tyranny, Blood Magic
Dendum /den.dəm/ is a Forest Gnome of the Wendwillow Blood Line, however he is considered conservative by his own people. He follows Imaera but still pays homage to Zelia as a patron and guide to his people.
He has a difficult time understanding all the cultural norm's of other more complex societies and is dismissive of almost all of their achievements but he has come to understand not everyone can be a forest gnome and survive in the woods. He does think books are an interesting invention but he thinks the habit of writing everything down, of trying to capture a dynamic event in a static format, is partially to explain for all the problems of elves and humans.
Coming from a mostly egalitarian society he does not understand why so many humans are dismissive of others and often takes up for the underdog in any situation....even when it is painfully obvious the underdog is wrong.
Dendum was once a master of the Guardians of Sunfist but after a slight crisis of faith he has found shelter in the teachings of the Order of Voln and now tries to carry forth what he sees as a blessed mission from the greater spirits of Elanthia.
Dendum first made his apperance in "civilized" society in Icemule but over time his natural wanderlust has taken through most the lands and even down into the dangerous city of Wehnimer's Landing


Twisting vines writhe around Dendum, obscuring him in an ever-shifting barrier of thorns.

You see Dendum the Arbiter of the Frontier.
He appears to be a Forest Gnome of the Wendwillow Bloodline.
Drawn up over his head is a warg leather hood, the edges lined in fur. Etched into the surface of the hood are subtle gnomish glyphs, their overlapping pattern obscured and difficult to follow. He is average height. He appears to be of full age. He has aubergine-flecked dark blue eyes and sun-kissed, light brown skin. He has raggedly cut, thick grey-brown hair braided into and partially concealed by a tangle of moss and acorns draped in ebon drake claw roots. He has a broad nose and a grey-brown beard worn in multiple braids.

He has a curved virescent rose thorn in the upper ridge of his left ear, a carved gnomish pipe clenched between his teeth, and a Wendwillow bloodmark tattoo on his neck.
He is in good shape. There is a small moss green sprite flying above his shoulder. He is holding an asymmetrical yumi in his left hand. He is wearing a dark emerald wool cloak draped in thick animal pelts, an armcuff with a warcat-etched black thorn encased in faenor willow branches, a buckskin jacket with warg fur cuffs over some glowing brigandine armor, a krodera botanist kit, a matte black golvern quiver containing a bundle of urglaes-tipped arrows, and some dark rawhide shoes tied in strands of sinew.


Dendum's companion is known as Bird or sometimes Second Bird in common. His first companion, a great horned owl, perished in an explosion in the landing many years ago.
Bird's name in gnomish changes often but is normally: Bird-Who-Hunts-The-Bear-And-Who-is-Wise-Enough-to-Avoid-Explosions-Which-Hunts-In-The-Night-Who-Also-Cuts-The-Trolls
a resplendent obsidian black raven
Not much more than a black silhouette, the large raven alternates between soaring with the breeze and flapping his glossy wings. While content to soar, the occasional mid air maneuver gives testimony to the aerial agility the species is known for. Ever watchful of the ground, the obsidian black raven moves quietly in the air, only occasionally giving out his characteristic call.

Noted Events/ Timeline

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Charlatos 5114

Year Event Notes/Info
5111 Dendum stalks a murderer north but is injured
He is healed by a ranger who teached him the common language (badly) and directs him to the only settlement nearby the town of Ice Mule
Personal Backstory
5112 Dendum travels to River's Rest to see the shrine of the huntress, while there he hunts with the locals and sees a troll invasion
He is fascinated by the collapsed ruins of humans and trolls nearby
He would eventually gain citizenship
During this time he would begin to have frequent run ins with Krolvin
Charlatos 5114 Dendum is cursed with magical specks in his eyes by Grishom Stone while traveling though the landing between Icemule and River's Rest Cross Into Shadows storyline
Ivastaen 5114 Dendum is granted a vision by the cursed eyes...he finds this unnerving and all his efforts are on finding a cure Cross Into Shadows storyline
Olaesta 5114 Dendum sees the horror of human war for the first time. Talador attacks the landing and the adventurers defend an abomination.
Dendum argues to turn over the abomination but is rebuffed by the local adventurers.
Cross Into Shadows
Lumnea 5114 "Many in town begin to call Dendum the Wind in the Willow" Cross Into Shadows
Koaratos-Phoenatos 5114 Dendum pulls back from the landing after the war with Talador but hears rumors of Walkar attacking everywhere
Dendum fights in Mestanir and on the Demon Wall as a member of the landing's assistance to the human empire he also visits Idolone
Cross Into Shadows
5121 Dendum helps track the metal manticore and fights it in Icemule, The Landing, and River's Rest.
He has ongoing arguments with the two Burghal Builders but does learn about compound interest
After the manticore is destroyed Dendum advocates for Icemule to be where the Burghal are punished, because everywhere else seems to want to kill them.
Global Story
Lumnea 5121 Dendum assisted in defending Mist Harbor from invading Krolvins
Dendum kills hundred of Krolvin during the attack and is shaken by the amount of Krolvin left dead
This event would influence his decision to leave the Guardians of Sunfist and join Voln as he felt he had killed enough of the living and sought spiritual guidance
Mist Harbor Inevitable Storyline
Koaratos 5121 Dendum assists the Icemule locals in helping rebuild the Firebird, a process complicated by a Lich blowing it up just as work was nearing completion
A large amount of materials are collected and eventually he helps take down a mountain sized elemental for a power source
The Uncertain Times
Ivastaen 5122 Dendum Rides the Firebird North into the Hinterwilds, becoming the first known Wendwillow to travel so far North.
He also watches and aids in the birth of a Disir
He would later see the lich Zeban destroyed by vengeful Disir
Icemule Trace Storyline
Eorgaen 5122 In response to another Human Empire aggresion Dendum joins with other's in the landing to form what would eventually be known as the Black Thorn Resistance
an organization dedicated to freedom and equality in the North
North by Northwest
Fashanos 5123 Dendum is present for the simmering conflict between Ta'Vaalor and Icemule attempted to chart a peaceful path that still maintains a Free Icemule
Dendum is present when the White Wyrm is revealed, and captains the ship on a flight from Icemule to Pinefar until the crew recognizes he is not authorized and kicks him off the ship
Icemule: The Winter War
Imaeresta 5123 Dendum joins in the quest to rid Crystal Hall of an ancient darkness and watches as the giants pledge to assist the as yet unnamed nation of the north being formed with Icemule Icemule Trace Storyline: The Watchfire Pact(storyline)/2023-09-27 - The Opening of Crystalhall (log)
Eorgaen 5123 In an attempt to presuade the people of Icemule to reject Blood Magic Dendum releases a partial history on the subject which is distributed with assistance by Jastalyn of Fenog Icemule Trace Storyline

The Written Words

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