Dendum and Great Spirits

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: Dendum and Great Spirits

Author: Dendum

Dendum's View on the Arkati

"We Walk Imaera's World, Zelia is our Guide" - Wendwillow Proverb

Every tree has a spirit. The wind has a spirit. We are connected to each other as we are all waves on one great body of Water. Water has a spirit. However, beyond these spirits there are others. We call them the Great Spirits among who Imaera stands supreme.

The Great Spirits

It is said in ancient times Imaera brought forth everything from the ashes of the end of another world. She shaped the lands and breathed life into them, she shaped the people and creatures who would walk the lands. Where before everything was on the brink of an eternal end, now the cycle of growth continues. Where before everything was on the edge of destruction, now the oceans and lands teem with life. Time was different then; it is not known how long she toiled away at this task. She made both the rabbit and the cougar. She made both the willow tree in which one can take shade as well as the aconite which will take a life. She is not alone.

Other Great Spirits flow and ebb around us, their gaze fierce and terrible, the Ocean vast beyond understanding is one such Great Spirit. Eonak, consort to Imaera, bone of the mountains is one such Great Spirit. The Sun, forever watchful, giving life and burning the unwary to death is one such Great Spirit.

Zelia who chose Wendwillows so long ago, before the Great Sundering, who guides us and ensures we do not forget that everything changes. Who has taken our Matriarchs into madness. Who protects us from falling into the trap of false knowledge. Whose will cannot be predicted. Who reminds us what is seen is not always what is. Zelia is one such Great Spirit.

The Great Spirits challenge us, this challenge strengthens us, we do well to listen and avoid their wraith.

...however there are other Great Spirits. Those who do not challenge but only destroy. While Imaera's claws may bite deep, and Phoen's light may blind the unwary...there are those that only ever destroy.

The Lornon Great Spirits.

It is unwise to think of any of these as lesser than the others as all can lead to damnation and destruction. They revel in touching the part of you that reaches out to them.

Fash'lo'nae may seem less dangerous than others, but ever he is inside of you attempting to tempt you from the way into minutia and useless circles of contemplation. It is a trickster that invokes discord disguised as talk. Seek you instead Lumnis who brings words of Wisdom that lead to greatness.

Andelas, the claw that strikes, may seem no more dangerous than any of other of Imaera's creations, but ever he is inside of you attempting to tempt you into a lust for blood. It attempts to make you forget the purpose of the hunt in the vigors of the hunt. It is very easy to fall for this temptation. Seek you instead Imaera who brings understanding that the hunt is with purpose.

Ivaas, the rot bringer...who you can see when a brother or sister covets and betrays. Ever this spirit is inside of you attempting to tempt you into wanting everything and ignoring the cost. It attempts to make you think your immediate desire is more important than anything, and more important than the life of others. Seek you instead Oleani who brings passion tempered with purpose.

Eorgina, leader of darkness...who you can see when a brother or sister seeks dominion over another. Ever this spirit is inside of you attempting to tempt you into using strength as a substitute for authority. It seeks to create discord disguised as advancement. Seek you instead the wisdom of the ancients, the ways of the tribe, and the knowledge that strength is an illusion of the now.

Darker still some Great Spirits are so repugnant few can view them with anything but disgust but one can not deny their strength. Marlu the world devourer, Mularos the suffering without cause.

There are other evil Great Spirits, including the one who brings back the dead into eternal stagnation and damnation. Luukos who ends all growth and binds the spirit to eternal repetition.

Other tribes and other peoples must deal with Sheru...the bringer of nightmares...but we walk with Zelia who seems jealous of who can cause nightmares in her people. It is said she creates discord by causing one to give in to fear. Truly it seems like all Great Spirits do this, The Sheru is confusing.

The Great Spirits are the ultimate form of the challenges Imaera has put before us. Walk warily and do not provoke them. Do not forget the price we paid in the past for doing so.

Dendum (prime)