Diamond-edged slender eahnor longsword etched along the blade with ancient Nalfein runes

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This item was a prize from the Hunt for History.


a diamond-edged slender eahnor longsword etched along the blade with ancient Nalfein runes


This slender sword is wrought of the finest eahnor and is the silvery hue of moonlight reflected off tranquil water.  Well-balanced and beautifully crafted, the slender blade is inlaid with faceted diamond and honed to a razor-sharp edge.  The hilt and pommel are wrought of fine silver and the handle is wrapped with soft leather to ensure a sturdy grip.  The ancient runes etched upon the longsword's blade read, "Bound by honor, bound by duty, bound by love.  Strength, Peace, and Long Life to the elves of Ta'Nalfein!"



RAISE: You raise your slender eahnor longsword high above your head and shout, "Long Live Ta'Nalfein!"


+18 longsword, somewhat damage weighted


As you sing, you feel a faint resonating vibration from the slender eahnor longsword in your hand...

You sense that this weapon has been passed down through the ages, from father to son, mother to daughter, for so long that it is a wonder the blade has not rusted away to nothing. Though there is not a single nick or scratch along the entire length of the slender eahnor blade, it seems almost surrounded by an air of antiquity.

As you continue to sing, a faint image takes shape before your eyes. You see a slender elf slowly stalking a colorful wooden wagon, seemingly the property of a wealthy merchant or lesser noble. The ease with which she clings to the shadows is simply astounding. In her hand is a slender eahnor dirk and a slender eahnor longsword is belted to her waist. Almost too quick to follow, the elf leaps from her place of hiding and draws the sword. The wagon's guards jump back in surprise and quickly reach for weapons of their own. Slowly, however, recognition dawns on their faces. Guards and elf alike sheath weapons and the elf lass's melodic laugh is answered by uncomfortable smiles. She pats one of the guards on the back and takes a seat atop the wagon. The runes etched along the length of her sword momentarily glow with a pale blue light.

As you sing, more images take form before your eyes, each switching to the next in rapid succession. You see the slender eahnor longsword resting atop a large table, an elven magistrate placing one hand upon the pommel as he passes sentence for treason. You see the longsword mounted upon a wall beside dozens of similar swords, each more elaborately gilted and bejewelled than the next. The blade is held by warriors and princes, merchants and thieves...

The images continue to form, switching faster and faster. The blade is held by dozens of hands, then hundreds. You see it being raised in more battles than you can count.

Gasping, you barely manage to hold onto the longsword. An ancient, but melodic elven voice wispers from somewhere nearby, "Bound by honor, bound by duty, bound by love. Strength, Peace, and Long Life to the Elven People of Ta'Nalfein."

Note: The stats of the longsword were mixed in with the loresong so they were removed for clarity.