Dildelgun (prime)/Vignette: The Greatest Proposal

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This is a creative work set in the world of Elanthia, attributed to its original author(s). It does not necessarily represent the official lore of GemStone IV.

Title: The Greatest Proposal

Author: Dildelgun

This is a proposal written by Dildelgun during a scribe session with Aliashyrah purchased for him by Dendum during the great Icemule charity auction of 5123. Inspired by the civic pride recently expressed by so many other citizens of Icemule Trace, Diddle felt compelled to add his thoughts and proposal to the mix. After many hours of thought and careful planning, the following masterpiece is submitted to the great people of Icemule for their immediate adoption and ratification.

On the message board, you see:

   a doodle-edged burnished gold manifesto posted by Dildelgun
Constitution of Northwatch: The Diddle Doctrine

Preamble: For too long we been dealing with outsiders meddling in our business! If your spirit ain't Truefolk, then you a gots'to'go folk!

Article I: The Right of Diddle

1. Diddle, being the epitome of greatness and grandeur, shall have the exclusive right to do whatever he wants and deems best for Northwatch.

2. All citizens of Northwatch shall recognize and defer to the exceptional genius and unmatched charm of Diddle, lest they incur his displeasure and face swift retribution.

Article II: The Ministry of Diddle

1. A Ministry of Diddle shall be established to cater to the every whim and fancy of our esteemed leader, providing him with lavish accommodations, sumptuous feasts, and an entourage of sycophants to shower him with adulation.

2. This Ministry shall be tasked with ensuring that Diddle's every desire is promptly and enthusiastically fulfilled, for he is the shining beacon of greatness in the dark sea of despair that is Northwatch.

Article III: The Defense of Diddle

1. The walls of Icemule and all other defensive structures shall be further fortified not only to protect the citizens of Northwatch but also to safeguard the illustrious personage of Diddle from any potential threats or inconveniences.

2. Any attempts to breach these walls or harm Diddle in any way shall be met with the full force of Northwatch's formidable defenses, for he is the jewel in the crown of our great nation.

Article IV: The Ministry of Adoration

1. A Ministry of Adoration shall be established to perpetually sing the praises of Diddle, extolling his virtues and accomplishments to the heavens and ensuring that his legend lives on for all eternity.

2. This Ministry shall be responsible for commissioning statues, monuments, and epic poems in honor of Diddle's magnificence, so that future generations may bask in the glory of his granduer.

Article V: The Right to Impress Aliashyrah

1. Diddle shall have the exclusive right to engage in grand gestures and extravagant displays of affection in an effort to impress and win the favor of the illustrious Aliashyrah Ilthaerhys, Town Councillor of Icemule and the High Priestess of Northwatch.

2. All citizens of Northwatch shall be required to assist Diddle in his endeavors to woo Aliashyrah, for her approval is paramount to the continued prosperity and prestige of our great nation.

Article VI: The Pursuit of Diddleness

1. Northwatch shall forever be dedicated to the pursuit of all things Diddle, for he is the embodiment of perfection and the ultimate arbiter of greatness.

2. Let all efforts and resources be directed toward the glorification and exaltation of Diddle, for in his magnificence lies the salvation of our proud nation.