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The Watchfire Pact started in March 2023 and is an ongoing storyline running in the area around Icemule Trace.

Cast of Characters

  • Gorga - Half-Krolvin survivor of the Crawling Shores, she pushes for better conditions for her people in Icemule Trace. She is sought after by Talliver as an ally in the new northern nation.
  • Hazelnut Honeybrook - Former Mayor candidate and trained as a bard in Ta'Loenthra. He is known as an emissary to the giant tribes of the north.
  • Mellian - Human abbess of Oleani's Temple, she has agreed to provide guidance in the formation of a new northern nation. She has expressed concern about the Dusk Coven.
  • Rammael - Clerk in Icemule Trace and considered a likely member of the Dusk Coven.
  • Talliver Dabbings - Mayor of Icemule trace and veteran of the Griffin Sword Saga, he desires to strengthen relations in the north to protect Icemule from the dangers ahead.
  • Valfald - Ice giant emissary sought after by Talliver as a possible means of communicating with the northern giants.
  • The Dusk Coven - Followers of Lornon who are rumored to have been causing havoc across the continent, they are allegedly seeking "The Knowledge".

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