Ayana leaf

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Ayana leaf
Uses Alchemy
Found on magical nodes.
Climate Terrain
 ? Arid
 ? Arid Temperate
 ? Cold Damp
 ? Cold Dry
 ? Freshwater
 ? Hot Damp
 ? Humid
 ? Moist
 ? Saltwater
 ? Snowy Arctic
✓ Temperate
 ? Barren Scrub
 ? Coniferous
✓ Cultivated
 ? Deciduous
✓ Grassland
✓ Hard Flat
 ? Hilly
✓ Mountainous
 ? Muddy Wetlands
✓ Plain Dirt
 ? Riparian
 ? Rough
 ? Sandy
✓ Subterranean
 ? Tropical

Ayana leaf is a herb that is commonly used in various alchemy recipes. There are five varieties that can be found in various terrains and climates throughout Elanthia, such as ayana berry, ayana lichen, ayana root, and ayana weed, all of which are interchangeable in recipes that require ayana leaf. Ayana plants only grow on natural nodes (and in the Wildflower Field in Ta'Vaalor) and may concentrate magical energy into a plant form. Ayana plants are used in all of the mana regeneration and enchanting potions.

Ayana'al plants and ayanad, t'ayanad, and n'ayanad crystals are believed to be related to the ayana plants, but may only be related in that they are all concentrations of mana.

Ayana leaf can be foraged on Teras Isle as of February 2016 in the following locations:

  • Stormbrow, Abandoned Mine Dock
  • Ghorsa Isle, Under The Bridge
  • Ghorsa Isle, Plaza Southeast
  • Welkin Hall, Back Lawn (Premium Hall)

Recipes requiring ayana leaf

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