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The DISARM verb will allow a character to attempt to locate or disarm a trap on a closed and locked container or door. The roundtime for this use of the verb (and not other uses) can be reduced with Celerity (506).

It is also used by members of the Warrior Guild to trigger their Disarm Weapon guild skill.

Only closed and locked containers and doors may be disarmed. If a trap has already been found on the item, and on no other item since, there is a window of opportunity of several minutes in which to attempt removal of the trap. Some traps are dangerous to bystanders if detonated, so care should be taken when attempting this, especially within legal jurisdiction, as local law enforcement will arrest those who kill others, even unintentionally.

Some traps require a special kit filled with various helpful items to be used. These kits can be purchased at various locksmithing shops. As the toolkit empties of some items one can refill it by buying another toolkit and bundling the two. Hold the kit you wish to keep in your right hand. Keep in mind that one does not need to handle the toolkit when disarming traps - leaving it open and in an open container is all that is necessary.


    DISARM {object}     - Attempt to find or disarm a trap on {object}
    DISARM {LEFT|RIGHT} - Attempt to find or disarm a trap on the object in the specified hand
    DISARM {target}     - Attempt to knock a weapon from a player's or creature's hand (Warriors only)
    DISARM QUIET        - Use short, demeanor-based messaging when disarming a trap
    DISARM FULL         - Use detailed messaging when disarming a trap


Locksmith looks up with a big grin on his face!
Locksmith appears pleased.
Locksmith nods with satisfaction.
Locksmith goes about disarming an engraved maoral coffer, methodically achieving success.
Locksmith smirks triumphantly at the strongbox.