Larton's Lockpicks

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Larton's Lockpicks is the locksmith shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located on Valeria St. next to the Engraver's Shop.

[Locksmith, Backroom]
The backroom of the locksmith's shop is stark, and lit by a single tallow candle. A blob of wax secures the candle atop a locked case that provides the only seating in the uncomfortable room. A tall cabinet secured with a sturdy padlock occupies the far wall. You also see a wax-stained counter with some stuff on it, a battered casket, Larton and a dimly lit doorway.


  1. a crystal-inset red copper lockpick    8. a sapphire brushed rolaren lockpick
  2. a quartz-inlaid blued steel lockpick   9. a kelyn-tipped myklian scale lockpick
  3. a garnet-inset rose gold lockpick      10. a bone-handled dark invar lockpick
  4. an opalescent ora lockpick             11. a dark leather locksmith's toolkit
  5. a ruby-edged dark mithril lockpick     12. a set of professional calipers
  6. a cerulean-hued wavy glaes lockpick    13. a gold lockpick
  7. a pearl-etched thin alum lockpick