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The disheveled resident is an NPC in the town of Mist Harbor on the Isle of the Four Winds. A person must ask her about titles if they would like the premium-specific titles for the title system.


The resident is clad in an gown that is at least several years out of fashion, a pair of stockings with runs in them, and mismatched shoes.  She has a rather distracted look in her eyes and mumbles to herself constantly.  She has a large, ratty bright pink carry-all slung over her shoulder, bulging to near the bursting point.  Several faded flowers are tucked into her blonde tresses.


>ask resident about points
The disheveled resident whispers, "You currently have 900 points."

>ask resident about premium
The disheveled resident whispers, "Aren't you glad you are? So many wonderful options!"

>ask resident about rates
The disheveled resident whispers, "Dearie, you couldn't afford the flower girl, let alone me."

>ask resident about wilds
The disheveled resident whispers, "Rumour has it, some of the wildlife outside the gates is very dangerous indeed.

>ask resident about titles
The disheveled resident whispers, "Are you sure you want to get the Premium titles for 900 points? If so, please CONFIRM again within the next 30 seconds."

Room Messaging

The disheveled resident pulls a scheduling book from her bag and scans it. She says, "My word, I have a great deal of work to do today. I need to see several important officials, and speak with the manager of the bank. Oh well, it will wait till I get my hair done." She closes the book and returns it to her bag.

The disheveled resident looks around at her surroundings with a look of wonder in her eyes. "How did I get here? Where exactly is here anyways?" She pulls a map out of her bag and stares at it intently, oblivious to the fact that its upside down.

The disheveled resident sighs forlornly. She mumbles something incoherently, and for no apparent reason begins rummaging in her bag.

The disheveled resident stares up at the sky while chewing on her fingernails.

The disheveled resident wanders a bit in a circle, looking at nothing in particular.

A disheveled resident strolls west, moving briskly.

Behind the Scenes

When first released, the NPC was titled "a bemused bureaucrat." Her messy appearance (designed to make fashionistas bristle) combined with the fact that she does nothing bureaucratic caused the gurus of Mist Harbor to change her name to a disheveled resident in June 2008.