Drazaa (prime)

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Drazaa the Desert Nomad
"By blood and water, I would spill mine to hold yours."
Race Sylvankind
Culture Tehir
Lassaran D'ahranal
Class Ranger
Profession Naturalistic Wayfarer
Religion primitive spiritualism
Affiliation(s) Guardians of Sunfist
In-a-Word Consummate Wanderer
Demeanor Laconic, Respectful

Drazaa is a Sylvan wilderness guide who roams Elanthia in search of personal insight and to hone his survival skills. While there is no place he truly calls home, the high desert region within the Sea of Fire is where he feels most in the rhythm of life. When Drazaa is not utilizing his time to address life necessities such as hunting and harvesting food for sustenance, building shelter from the elements, or navigating high mountain passes to reach a distant destination, he is often communing with the natural world, improving his combat prowess, or attuning with local spirits to augment his magical skillset.

Due to spending 340 years, the majority of his life, living amongst a Tehiri tribe, he has taken on many of the beliefs, traditions, style of dress, and spiritual practices associated with the Tehir. It is common for Drazaa to be seen resupplying provisions and conducting trade in cities and towns before retiring to some quiet refugee outside the walls and palisades of civilization. While Drazaa lives in relative austerity, he has rich interpersonal relationships with those that are close to him and he is fiercely loyal to these individuals.


You see Drazaa.
He appears to be a Sylvankind.
He is shorter than average and has a broad-shouldered slender frame.  He appears to be in the prime of life.  He has piercing steel grey eyes and sun-bronzed, coppery skin.  He has raggedly cut, untamed grey-brown hair.  He has a chiseled, angular face.
He has an elaborate Tehiri glyph in dark ink on his forearm, some boldly inked flowing script covering the nape of his neck, and a small dark shard-shaped mark on his neck.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a carved ruic longbow inset with circular faenor medallions along its limbs slung over his shoulder, a sand-colored leather quiver, a deeply hooded muslin burnoose, a carved bone relic, some chain, a faded leather bag stamped with intricate designs, a pair of coarsely woven pants, and some braided goat skin sandals lined with ahmdir blue cotton.



Animal Companion

Few people have reported seeing Drazaa with a golden brown coyote by his side and even fewer seem to understand what his relationship is with this animal. For those who has caught a glimpse of this sylvan-animal bond, they report a deep warmth in their connection with one another.