DreamSpinner's Haven

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DreamSpinner's Haven is a Premium Home Furniture shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located in Courtyard Furniture Emporium through the elaborate cast-iron gate, then one north and one east, in Courtyard East. It also sells wall hangings.

[DreamSpinner's Haven]
A multitude of ancient beds, from the delicate to the sturdy and the simple to the ostentatious are set between several objects de art displayed on the walls. Several comforters lie off to the side, ready to show alternative touches that can be added to the beds with just a bit of work. A faint, dusty odor is partially masked by a brazier burning lilac-scented incense. You also see the merchant DreamSpinner and some braided wall hangings.


      Price  Item
1.)   45000  a plain white pine bed
3.)   45000  a plain sanded poplar bed
4.)   45000  a plain modwir bed
8.)   45000  a plain sanded ash bed
11.)  45000  a plain knotty pine bed
12.)  45000  a plain dark fel bed
14.)  45000  a plain golden oak bed

Wall Hangings

2.)   40000  a braided yellow silk hanging
5.)   40000  a braided white silk hanging
6.)   40000  a braided amethyst silk hanging
7.)   40000  a braided red silk hanging
9.)   40000  a braided green satin hanging
10.)  40000  a braided black velvet hanging
13.)  40000  a braided blue cotton hanging