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General Information

Discord Message Link: General Information
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 12/9/2022

2023 Duskruin Dates
* February 10th - 28th - Duskruin Arena
* August 11th - 31st - Duskruin Arena

Shop List

Discord Message Link: Shop list
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 08/06/2023

Reopening Shops Refreshed Shops New Shops Shops Closed This Run
A Pirate Looks at Four Teas All You Knead Paranormal Pages A Kraet Deal
Alchemical Attractions Be Still My Hops Tome Raiders Cut and Dried
Art of Lore, The Be Warez Volatile Storage Kraet Aim
At The Ready Beyond Barriers - Krate Lengths
Best Foot Forward Bundle Up - Madder Hats Tea Room
Best Tressed, The Fatal Afflares - Metrognomies
Blades of Glory Knifery, The - Peashirmen, The
Blood Red Rose, The Librarium, The (Study, Sanctuary, Laboratory) - Pinned and Pleated
Bloody Lotus, The Secretive Sips - Potation Parlor
Bloodbenders Trapper's Shack - Sable Quietus, The
Bloodriven Bowery - - Stay Vigilant
Bolt From The Blue - - Vambrace Yourself
Broken Coin, the - - You're So Vain
Burning Twilight - - -
Certifiable - - -
Currents and Safeguards - - -
Curved Cuts - - -
Deep Within Darkness - - -
Diskovery - - -
Dunh's Lab - - -
Eonak Arms - - -
Essencetials - - -
Fairy Ring, The - - -
Fireside Supplies - - -
First Rule, The - - -
Gamac's Goods - - -
Gilded Gladiator, The - - -
Good In-Tent-ions - - -
Heady Spirits - - -
Herbal Huntsman, The - - -
Hide and Fur Depot, The - - -
I See You - - -
Icy Disposition - - -
Just for Kicks - - -
Knit One, Punch Two - - -
Make Your Mark - - -
Mar and Scar, the - - -
Mind Your Manas - - -
Modern Morph, The - - -
Mystic Phrases - - -
Ode To Resistance - - -
On The Other Hand - - -
Preening Plover, The - - -
Rock Solid - - -
Scoria and Dross - - -
Shadowed Light - - -
Shield Thyself - - -
Sigil Shop - - -
Sparrow's Dance - - -
Spellbound - - -
Sprite Club - - -
Stay Awhile and Glisten - - -
Temple of Tentacles - - -
Tiles of Chance - - -
Twinkling Twilight - - -
Twist of Briars, A - - -
Untamed Spirit - - -
Vaalin Rose, The - - -
Wild Instinct - - -
Yarrrpee Shoppe, The - - -

There are a few shops this run that had a single item or update done to them. This doesn't technically fall into the "refresh" category. Once I have a full list, I'll add it here.

Duskruin Mania Replacement

Discord Message Link: Duskruin Mania Replacement
Author: GM Wyrom
Date: 08/10/2023

As mentioned last run, Mania would be coming to an end and we'd maybe try something new. Well we are trying something new and I'll be using this thread to announce details as we go. Just a bit to whet your appetite though.

The plan is to split what was once called Mania into two separate events.

The big attractive event, we'll just call it Mondo Shenanigans as a working title, will be an event where we'll randomly select people from the audience to participate. There will be a cost to play in bloodscrip relative to what can be won. We'll do an assortment of stuff here.

The second portion, we'll call it Moon Whopper as a working title, will be a periodic shop that appears that will have high end things for sale, beyond the scope of HESS. There won't be many gimmicks here, no auction, and no scaling pricing.

I'll post more details in this thread as we get closer to the events.

Event Box

Discord Message Link: Event Boxes
Author: GM Wyrom
Date: 08/10/2023

As a heads up, the SimuCoin Store will have Duskruin booklets on sale from August 11th at 6pm ET until August 30th at 11:55pm ET. However, the event will stretch into September for shopping, smithy, and using existing booklets that are out there. We'll be putting FIXSKILL, FIXSTAT, FIXCMAN, encumbrance items, and enhancive rechargers for sale during the same time booklets are on sale.

The GIFTBOX will start on August 18th for the duration of the event.

EVENT BOX will have the following schedule: - August 17th - August 24th - August 31st

The last day to claim will be September 3rd by 1am ET.

Bag of Holding Items

Discord Message Link: Bag of Holding
Author: GM Wyrom
Date: 08/10/2023

We will be selling the rods, swatches, dust, and threads moving forward in a shop. That way if you have a Bag of Holding, you can upgrade it a little more easily.

Duskruin Service Limit Per Item

Discord Message Link: Duskruin Service Limit Per Item
Author: GM Wyrom
Date: 08/10/2023

We will be increasing the service limit per item from 2 to 5 this run to see how it goes. If you wish to go beyond that, the surcharge will apply. If we missed any signage about this, we'll make sure it gets updated ASAP.

Spin Night Cancellation

Discord Message Link: Spin Night Cancellation
Author: GS Tivvy
Date: 08/08/2023

Spin Night at Duskruin is no longer necessary as all limited quantity items, with the exception of custom Fatal Afflares, will be offered in HESS in unlimited quantities. A plan for distribution of the limited Fatal Afflares slots will be announced soon.

Booklet Swapping NPC

Discord Message Link: Booklet Swapping NPC
Author: GS Wyrom
Date: 08/11/2023

This is Duskruin, an NPC will allow you to exchange 1 unused/fresh silver booklet (25 entries) for 7500 bloodscrip and a very (very) full head of exp. You can only do this unlimitedly and it will have a 30-minutes.

I saw some requests about changing how the NPC works for the booklet swapping to bloodscrip (and exp). Right now, the way it works is it needs to compare to a direct creation string from an item in the store, it cannot deviate whatsoever. When I debuted this for markers at Rumor Woods, it was mainly using markers because it was too late to add a new store item. The 25-count entries are virtually nonexistent with sales, so it was a perfect recycling of items. Duskruin has more 25-count sales than Rumor Woods, but it's still the lowest-performing booklet in the store.

In 2024, I can explore different options after I measure how this does, but it's a bit too late to make changes. Now that it's moved to a cooldown vs a one-per-account, I likely can explore some options, but I'd need to see the impact this NPC has before doing much. Using it at Rumor Woods wasn't too bad, Duskruin is an entirely different ecosystem.

You can find the NPC south of the main arena entry. He is a gladiator.

5 v 5

Discord Message Link: Arena 5 v 5
Author: GS Wyrom
Date: 08/11/2023

Team Arena has been updated to do 5 v 5. You can also do combinations of 4 v 4, 3 v 3, and 5 v 5.

Forums Post

Teaser 1

Discord Message Link: Portable Alcohol Still - New Update/Features!
Author: GM Avaluka
Date: 08/01/2023

Portable Alcohol Still - New Updates/Features!

Some new features are being released for the portable alcohol stills at Duskruin this August. This includes new recipes, new adjectives, new possible flavors, and a new ability to let you create chocolate liqueurs (yes, the edible candy kind). Please read the forum post for more details for what's on tap!

Forum Discussion: https://discord.com/channels/226045346399256576/1136079155021238342

Teaser 2

Discord Message Link: Trapper's Shack
Author: GM Quilic
Date: 08/03/2023

This run of Duskruin, the Trapper's Shack will have a new nook that sells somnis armor and armor accessories. These armor pieces will have a standard flare chance to put the attacker to sleep on a successful strike to an area that is covered by the armor. That is to say, a head shot to someone wearing a somnis helm will have the chance to put the attacker to sleep.

Full armor sets for the metal armors will be available (no leather armors or lower), as will helms, greathelms (neck & head), arm greaves, and leg greaves.

Greater somnis upgrades for armor may be made available, and a separate announcement will be sent if/when that occurs.

Forum Discussion: ⁠https://discord.com/channels/226045346399256576/1136710688128122971

Update: Somnis transmutes are not available for armor until Greater Somnis Armor is cleared through QC and released. At that point transmutes will be available for armor. We are trying to get that out this run, but can't guarantee it.

Teaser 3

Discord Message Link: Sporebows Come to The Fairy Ring!
Author: GM Casil
Date: 08/07/2023

The Inyexat have expanded their spore magic weaponry to bows and crossbows, available exclusively at The Fairy Ring on the outskirts of Bloodriven Village. These ranged weapons have all the same benefits as the Spore Staff. You will find some of your special attacks have appearances more fitting to a bow.

Additionally, they have tweaked some of the magic involved so that you can speed up the rate of the ambient spore behavior, as well as make it so the spores will no longer show up in your features, if you are so inclined to be more discreet. This will be an automatic update to existing weapons--no unlock required for these fluff changes.

raise yumi at kobold

 You aim your nightwillow yumi at an upward angle, an ethereal arrow dense with twilight purple motes materializing.  After launching into a spectaular arc, the intangible projectile plummets until its tip burrows into the ground before a kobold.  The arrow unfurls rapidly into a near-black violet webcap and swells to an eruption of explosive spores.

The twilight purple spores churning around a kobold simultaneously burst into an explosion of coruscating blue-black dust! [SMR result: 408 (Open d100: 31)] ... 40 points of damage! Well-focused strike generates a clean, round hole straight through the kobold! The kobold crumples to a heap on the ground and dies. Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Forum Discussion: https://discord.com/channels/226045346399256576/1138140023393366247

Teaser 4

Discord Message Link: Crafter’s Tomes! Available in the store Tome Raiders
Author: GM Ethereal
Date: 08/09/2023

Duskruin’s August 2023 run will be introducing a new item: Crafter’s Tomes! Available in the store Tome Raiders, Crafter’s Tomes allow for adventurers to improve their service skill bonus via totally safe and definitely not parasitic tomes and monocles! By binding themselves to the book and infusing it with some of their resources, owners gain access to the item’s knowledge that they can use to improve their odds of success when performing a service.

For example, at Tier 1, clerics receive +5 Wisdom and Influence along with +10 Magic Item Use and Arcane Symbols when performing a Sanctify. At the highest tier, tier 4, they receive +20 Wisdom and Influence, +25 Arcane Symbols and Magic Item Use, and +5 Cleric Spell Ranks and Spiritual Mana Control.

    • Important Notes**

The item must be bound to you to function. Tomes must be HELD and monocles must be WORN. Binding the item to you via INFUSE will lock it to that character for 30 days, after which the binding can be reset and the item to sold or moved to another character, if desired.


  • Can I hunt with this item?_ No. The bonus provided is only available when performing a player service.
  • What professions are supported?_ All current player services are supported by Crafter’s Tomes. The item will be adjusted as new services are released (Bard Luck, for example).
  • How much infusion does the item require?_ The item requires 5k, 10k, 15k, and 20k resources to move from affinity level 0 (just bound) to affinity level 4 (max).
  • What happens if I fixprof?_ The item is bound to you, not your profession. If you fixprof from one profession to another, the book will continue to work and provide bonuses applicable to your new profession.
  • How much bonus does each tier provide?_ The services differ in how much bonus is possible. However, the item is set to provide approximately 5%, 10%, 15%, and 25% of the maximum possible service bonus from enhancives at tiers 1-4, respectively.
  • Can I use more than one?_ Only one Crafter's Tome item will activate when performing a service. They are not intended to stack.
  • What are the prices?_ Tiers 1-3 are 5k bloodscrip while Tier 4 is 10k.

Teaser 5

Discord Message Link: Alcohol Bottle Contraption!
Author: GM Avaluka
Date: 08/9/2023

Already bored of those basic bottles you can get out of your alcohol still? Craving some more vessel variety? The Alcohol Bottle Contraption, debuting at Duskruin this August, may be the answer for you! Made by the creators of the Charm Contraption and working in a very similar manner, you can be sure to create a perfect bottle for your various brews.

What does it do exactly?

  • Insert a bottle of alcohol created by the alcohol-brewing stills.
  • Insert silver/iron wands OR cast lightning-based spells at it to charge it up.
  • Insert small pieces of fodder (metal, wood, or glass only), or keep the same material as the bottle.
  • Change settings to your liking (OTS contraptions can only adjust the overall bottle design, but you can unlock various features to expand what you can adjust.)
  • Apply the changes; you now can remove your updated bottle!

What sort of features can be unlocked?

  • Custom Bottle Designs (up to 10).
  • Custom Stoppers (up to 10) - the first unlock of one of these also unlocks 5 "default" stopper designs to turn to!
  • Custom Labels (up to 10) - the first unlock of one of these also unlocks 5 "default" label designs to turn to!
  • Custom Etchings (up to 10) - the first unlock of one of these also unlocks 5 "default" etchings to turn to!
  • Gem Bug stoppers; put gem versions of Bugs On Parade/Life Aquatic creatures as stoppers!
  • Candy Bug inserts; stick a non-chocolate candy version of Bugs On Parade/Life Aquatic creatures inside the bottle. The candy will pop out at the last sip and become alcoholic, absorbing flavors/effects from the alcohol in the bottle!

Teaser 6

Discord Message Link: Peek-A-Boo Hair - New Unlock!
Author: GM Wylloh
Date: 08/10/2023

I am pleased to announce that Peek-A-Boo hair pieces are receiving an additional tier this August DR 2023.

Few more verbs AND this .....

You catch the subtle scent of *perfume* lingering throughout your hair with every movement.

A soft scent of *perfume* wafts by on a gentle breeze.

As you bring your fiery orange hair to your nose, you detect the faint scent of lily-of-the-valley, violets, roses, white musk, vanilla, and sandalwood.

Enjoy friends!

Teaser 7

Discord Message Link: Forest Armor Unlocks & Updates!
Author: GM Haliste
Date: 08/10/2023

Forest Armor has some unlocks available to add to the enhancive boosts for each of the 4 enhancives (Perception, Hiding/Stalking, Survival, Climbing) to add +1 to each of those (individually) up to +5. Forest Gnomes still receive a +1 boost on whatever the value is. I believe these will be available in Certifiable.

In addition, each armor tier (1-4) has been adjusted to have Tier*25 max charges, so a Tier 4 Forest Armor will have 100 max charges. Charges are not added to the remaining charges, so you'll still need to get those added.

Teaser 8

Discord Message Link: [Duskruin Valence Gear 2.0!]
Author: GM Kenstrom
Date: 08/11/2023

In the shop Beyond Barriers, new types of Valence Gear has now been released!

You can now purchase an assortment of different Blunt Valence weapons, Ranged Valence weapons, and even Valence Runestaves! A BIG THANK YOU to GM Mestys for his continued coding brilliance and patience and a big shout out to GM's Estild, Isten and Flannihan for QC help and approvals!

OTS - 5k Bloodscrip
Tier 2 - 30k Bloodscrip
Tier 3 - 40k Bloodscrip
Tier 4 - 50k Bloodscrip

Valence Runestaff

Tier 1 Verbs: DROP, GET
Tier 1 Ability: Veil of Shien'tyr (WAVE) - An AoE SMR attack to debuff enemies.
Cooldown: 6 minutes (-1 per tier above 1, minimum 3 minutes).
Tier 2 Verbs: POKE, TOUCH
Tier 2 Ability: Mana Grab (RAISE) - An AoE SMR attack to extract mana from foes.
Cooldown: 60 minutes (-10 per tier above 2, minimum 40 minutes).
Tier 3 Verbs: PROD, RUB
Tier 3 Ability: Valence Mastery (PULL) - +15 CS/TD and +25 bolt AS/DS for 60 seconds.
Cooldown: 15 minutes (-5 per tier above 3, minimum 10 minutes).
Tier 4 Verbs: CLENCH, TAP
Tier 4 Ability: Dimensional Deflection (PUSH) - For 30 seconds, 25% chance to reflect incoming AS/DS attacks.
Cooldown: 30 minutes.
Extraplanar Bane Affinity - Increases potency of extraplanar bane by +10 AS.
Special Ability: Let it Rift (TURN) - Only available when used in conjunction with Valence Armor
An SMR attack with multiple waves of damage.
Cooldown: 30 minutes.

Valence Blunt Weapon

Tier 1 Verbs:    DROP, GET
Tier 1 Ability:  Veil of Shien'tyr (WAVE) - An AoE SMR attack to debuff enemies.
                 Cooldown: 6 minutes (-1 per tier above 1, minimum 3 minutes).
Tier 2 Verbs:    POKE, TOUCH
Tier 2 Ability:  Winds of Wrath (RAISE) - An AoE SMR attack to knock down foes.
                 Cooldown: 5 minutes (-1 per tier above 2, minimum 3 minutes).
Tier 3 Verbs:    PROD, RUB
Tier 3 Ability:  Wail of the Vishmiir (POINT) - An SMR attack to do cold damage and root a foe in place.
                 Cooldown: 5 minutes (-2 per tier above 3, minimum 3 minutes).
Tier 4 Verbs:    CLENCH, TAP
Tier 4 Ability:  Herald of Oblivion (PUSH) - Increase AS/CS per successful attack for 30 seconds, costing health.
                 Cooldown: 30 minutes.
                 Extraplanar Bane Affinity - Increases potency of extraplanar bane by +10 AS.
Special Ability: Onslaught of Grik'tyr (TURN) - Only available when used in conjunction with Valence Armor
                   An AoE SMR attack inflicting damage/knockdown.
                Cooldown: 30 minutes.

Valence Ranged Weapon

Tier 1 Verbs: DROP, GET
Tier 1 Ability: Shroud of Shien'tyr (WAVE) - An AoE SMR attack to debuff enemies.
Cooldown: 6 minutes (-1 per tier above 1, minimum 3 minutes).
Tier 2 Verbs: POKE, TOUCH
Tier 2 Ability: Winds of War (RAISE) - An AoE SMR attack to knock down foes.
Cooldown: 5 minutes (-1 per tier above 2, minimum 3 minutes).
Tier 3 Verbs: PROD, RUB
Tier 3 Ability: Grip of the Vishmiir (POINT) - An SMR attack to do cold damage and root a foe in place.
Cooldown: 5 minutes (-2 per tier above 3, minimum 3 minutes).
Tier 4 Verbs: CLENCH, TAP
Tier 4 Ability: The Bringer of Death (PUSH) - Increase AS/CS per successful attack for 30 seconds, costing health.
Cooldown: 30 minutes.
Extraplanar Bane Affinity - Increases potency of extraplanar bane by +10 AS.
Special Ability: Barbs of Lorae'tyr (TURN) - Only available when used in conjunction with Valence Armor
An SMR attack with multiple waves of damage.
Cooldown: 30 minutes.

Teaser 9

Discord Message Link: [Duskruin Junk Bombs]
Author: GM Quilic
Date: 08/15/2023

Volatile Storage will soon be open in all instances, and within you will find Junk Bombs for sale! These items allow you to weightlessly store 5 kinds of treasure system junk and use it as ammunition/shrapnel via a giant, perfectly safe explosion! The item may hold up to 30 of each item and each shot consumes up to 30 charges to deal damage to a target. For each item consumed, 1 cycle of damage is inflicted.

Volatile Storage is located in a driftwood shack on Copper Road.

Huge thanks to GM Ethereal for very timely and appreciated coding assistance on these.

Property Teaser 1

Discord Message Link: Cuddfan Hollow
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 08/23/2023

Located in the Northern Caravansary, the gaily painted yellow wagon was once a traveling merchant’s home but misfortune has caused him to sell his beloved wagon while he heads off to try his luck in the Landing.

Cuddfan Hollow is a five-room property that has a front and back door leading into and out of the two-room wagon. The front yard is covered with flowers and situated between the tents and other domiciles of the Northern Caravansary. A small alley is guarded by a blue-eyed halfling that will let guests into the backyard if they know the password.

The wagon’s two interior rooms include a full kitchen with a four-burner stove, cabinets, working lanterns, and windows. It connects to a sleeping space fitted with bronze scones, a large box bed that has drawers in it, and decorative rugs.

Heading out the back door, large potted plants do their best to disguise the tents and wagons that surround the space, while a large festival bonfire is tended by an older halfling woman. Stone slabs surround the conflagration to allow for social sitting, while a picnic table with benches sits back from the heat.

Above the wagon is a quiet rooftop that offers a panoramic view of the Caravansary, several cushions for reclining, and a telescope.

[Northern Caravansary, Cuddfan]
Departing through the surrounding tents and wagons, a sinuous gravel-lined track connects a gaily painted bright yellow wagon to the wider world. Laying forgotten in the nearby grass, a long oak tongue hangs off the front of the wagon, while large round stones are wedged around the high wheels. Red-eyed colorful gaillardias and blue-hued asters grow in clusters throughout the shaggy lawn, though they stay clear of the shadows of a small alley that disappears between the back of the wagon and nearby tents.

Property Teaser 2

Discord Message Link: Oleander House
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 08/23/2023

Oleander House

Located on Dondraek Lane next to the now famous Twilight Gallery, this is a seven-room, two-story estate located within the walls of Vornavis. Do not fear, the owner is happy to convey entry to those that do not have citizenship so that you can enter without any issues.

The entry is modest, providing egress from the domicile while also offering access to the second floor. Hooks for outerwear line the walls, while a small chest is designed to house shoes.

The living quarters are spacious and have a fireplace with a mantel above, armchairs and couches, as well as a low table. In one corner, a writing desk and chair rest beneath framed artwork.

A small scullery is filled with storage shelves, four stovetops, a soapstone basin, counters, and plenty of food. There is also a door that opens out onto the veranda of manicured grass and a stone patio that has a table and chairs to enjoy the night. Urns create a raised herb garden.

On the second floor, a display curio sits in an ocean-themed hallway that provides access to the master bedroom and guest room.

[Oleander House, Master Bedroom]
Large glass windows dominate the southern wall, providing the window seat that rests before it with an uninterrupted view of the streets below. Surrounded by doily-covered tables, a large doublewide bed covered in decorative quilts rests its headboard against the pale yellow walls of soft linen. Creating a focal point within the room, a large armoire with carved headers and footers stretches to the ceiling in full view of the open double-wide doors.

[Oleander House, Guest Room]
Tidy and compact, the narrow room has banded blue and green walls decorated with pale yellow oleander flowers. Facing the open door, a plump floral armchair occupies a space near a window, while a narrow four-poster bed with a carved mahogany washstand is arranged opposite. An oak-framed standing mirror of polished copper and mahogany rests beside a floral changing screen.

Property Teaser 3

Discord Message Link: Tara'sah Treehouse
Author: GM Xynwen
Date: 08/23/2023

[Duskruin] Private Property in Cysaegir: Tara'sah Treehouse

Let Tara'sah Treehouse be your safe haven away from the hustle and bustle of every day life! Located above Skyhigh Curiosities, this lofty and spacious structure will be an ideal location to collect your thoughts and spend time with your loved ones. This five-room property (with a landing!) features well-appointed designs throughout and a lovely quilt room to relax in.

[Tara'sah Treehouse, Landing] (2022226)
Climbing ever-higher from the shop below, a woven jute bridge ascends from an arched postern door to another semi-circular platform before a house with a steeply pitched roof and an octagonal turret.  Built within an opening in the branches, the shelter's backing is held upright by sturdy supports lashed onto the trunk of the tree and secured with complex knotwork.  Centered into the heart of the greeting area is a dark-ringed cherrywood hallway inset with rainbow-hued glass windows.

[Tara'sah Teehouse, Quilt Room]
Vividly colored and patterned scraps of countless different fabrics are festively strewn about the otherwise charming and well-kept sewing room.  Expertly stitched memory quilts are hung on the walls in an art gallery style, their sheer glass frames perfectly preserving the showy fabrics inside.  The front corners are set up with a fel-inlaid elm writing desk and an adjustable wooden drawing table, used respectively for taking measurements and sketching ideas. 

Property Teaser 4

Discord Message Link: Elaienaran Haven
Author: GM Xynwen
Date: 08/23/2023

[Duskruin] Private Property in Sylvaerrend: Elaienaran Haven

Tucked behind the backroom of Sylvarraend Herbals, Elaienaran Haven is a small apartment attached to a beautiful glaesineth glasshouse. A stunning garden with a fish pond leads to a two-room glasshouse where a wide variety of herbs, flowers, and plants grow. The perfect place for those with or wanting to develop a green thumb. Behind the glasshouse is a three room apartment with a bed chamber, salon, and study.

Relax in the garden, where you can feed the birds and the fishes, all while getting some lovely flowers!

[Elaienaran Haven, Garden]
Bordering one side of a small stone cottage, a stand of linden trees grows among a covering of painted ferns, their feathery foliage offering little shade from the sun above.  Along the other side, an ornate stone bird bath is placed by a thick hedgerow of honeyberry bushes.  Centered in the beautiful garden is a small grey stone pond flanked with twin wooden benches and surrounded by a light-pebbled walkway that branches off, leading up to a large glaesineth glasshouse.

You gaze at a cluster of honeyberry bushes with a practiced eye, noting that you could probably harvest a tiny ivory honeyberry blossom, an oblong dark blue honeyberry, and a curling pale green leaf. 

Not enough flowers for you? Well, step into the glasshouse and gather some more!

[Elaienaran Haven, Glasshouse]
Rattan baskets filled with colorful blooms hang from the bronze frame of the large glasshouse.  Large panes of glaesineth create the ceiling, door, and walls of the structure, allowing warm sunlight to shine through the abundant greenery.  Raised beds, overflowing with a wide variety of flowering plants, line pebble walkways that wind throughout the building around a central counter strewn with various gardening tools.  Potted rose bushes are scattered about, adding to the kaleidoscope of color. 

Yes, the raised beds, rattan baskets, and potted rose bushes are stuffed to overflowing with pluckable goodness!

And don't worry, there are other places for gathering and repose as well, each lovelier than the last.

Property Teaser 5

Discord Message Link: Emberthorn Refuge
Author: GM Thandiwe
Date: 08/23/2023

Situated in the Black Weald of Kraken’s Fall, Emberthorn Refuge is built within a glade that provides entry to a secluded woodland sanctuary constructed of airy canopies and sturdy platforms. In harmony with nature, the refuge is far too beautiful to describe... Instead, I’ll share three rooms.

[Emberthorn Refuge, Glade]
Sunlight filters through upturned, twisting branches of ancient, moss-covered trees casting a diffused glow over the lush verdure of the glade. Fragrant wildflowers mixed with a comforting earthy redolence permeates the air, while a waterfall sounds in the distance, the tinkling melody of rushing water adding to the tranquility. A pathway of smooth stepping stones leads to a secluded woodland sanctuary constructed of airy canopies and sturdy platforms.

[Emberthorn Refuge, Threshold]
Connected by a series of raised, lantern-lit walkways, wooden platforms at varying heights are cloistered beneath native leafy canopies of liana-draped boughs. Tubular, bronze-dipped wind chimes sway above a lacquered lacewood desk and matching chair, which are cleverly bowered amongst graceful branches. An occasional butterfly drifts in and out, fluttering through patches of diffused sunlight. You also see a door.
Obvious exits: east

[Emberthorn Refuge, Bowery]
Suspended from lofty, spreading branches overhead, great pendulous nests have been repurposed into comfortable seating, each lined with down-filled, silken pillows. A firebowl carved from a half moon of rock is positioned in the center of the open air parlor. Beyond the corner of the octagonal wooden platform, an arched passageway of intertwining lianas frames a picturesque waterfall fringed with bracken. You also see a low table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west, up

Property Teaser 6

Discord Message Link: [1]
Author: GM Elysani
Date: 08/23/2023

Located in the still thriving orchards of the Rambling Meadows in Ta'Vaalor, Amaranth Farmstead is a rustic barn reconstructed into an expansive country home, perfect for entertaining throughout the seasons.

Just a quick peek of three (out of six) rooms:

[Amaranth Farmstead, Orchard]
Neatly ordered rows of emerald-leafed trees flank the sides of the wide dirt-packed road, the budding orchard sectioned away from the residence by a stacked fence of heavy modwir logs. A brood of plump chickens peck their way across the grassy floor, the hens hopping across the iron-framed baskets set beneath the fruit-laden trees. A mountless wagon sits close to the bronze gate, its bed lowered and covered in a variety of cotton-stitched cushions. Obvious paths: northwest

[Amaranth Farmstead, Foyer]
The barn door slides to reveal the expansive amaranth-tiled foyer, the structure's high wooden beams wrapped in thick ropes, each length draping an iron-caged lantern of frosted glass. An open brick fireplace splits the duo of archways leading further into the dwelling, the display set before a circle of soft navy suede chairs spread upon the fringed wool rug. Greenery-draped cases are affixed along the ladder-framed staircase, the bannisters decorated in colorful dried herbs. Obvious exits: none

[Amaranth Farmstead, Chamber]
A rectangular hayloft creates an iron-framed skylight across the chamber's slanted roof, the translucent glass revealing a flock of colorful birds soaring high above the barn. Several crate-built wardrobes flank the blanket-layered niche beside the staircase entwined with curtains of rose-colored amaranth. A mahogany writing desk sits beneath a duo of firefly-etched lanterns, its matching chair turned to face the canopy-draped bed nestled against the far wall. Obvious exits: none