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Duskruin Arena will begin Friday, August 13th at 9pm Eastern.

SHOP LISTING MOVED TO Bloodriven Village.

Duskruin News & Teasers, Duskruin Primer, August Treasure Trove Information and High End Scrip Shop Listings

Without End...

Test your strength and wits in the new endless mode of the renowned Duskruin Arena. Wave after wave, until you can take no more!


Beginning Friday, August 13th and continuing through Tuesday, August 31st!

Duskruin Begins on August 13th at 9:00PM (ET)!


Duskruin Arena premiered in 2015 as the first "unattended" pay quest, meaning no GM intervention was required to start the quest. Players purchased entry from the SimuCoin Store for 100 SimuCoins. The event is free to watch.

During the quest players accumulate "bloodscrip" (similar to blackscrip) to redeem from a list of prizes.

Release Announcement

Tucked away in seclusion near the Locksmehr River is place known as Bloodriven Village. Notorious to bandits, outlaws, and ruffians to congregate and do business. Located underground from the village, the infamous Duskruin Arena is a place of blood sports among the brave. Earn special scrip to buy a wealth of prizes. Many new items will be debuted at Bloodriven Village, such as scarring razors, pet rats, whisper cloaks, garrote knives, nerve staves, and much more! Be sure to stop out and view the interesting locales and people of Bloodriven Village!

Rumor has it, some couriers who smuggled goods and combatants into the village were ransacked. They were carrying coin pouches with bloodscrip and dueling slips, as well as simple handbills, to deliver to known fences around Elanthia. Be on the look out to find them in treasure chests while you hunt!



To access Bloodriven Village use QUEST TRANSPORT DUSKRUIN

High End Prize Lists

High End Scrip Shop (HESS) listing

Event Schedule and Teasers

Date Offerings Saved posts
August 13-31, 2021 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
Previous runs:
Dates Offerings Saved posts
February 12-28, 2021 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
August 14-30, 2020 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
February 8-25, 2020 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
August 9-25, 2019 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
February 15-March 3, 2019 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
December 14-25, 2018 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
June 15-July 4, 2018 Arena, sewers, heist Saved posts
February 16-25, 2018 Digging & sewers Saved posts
August 18-30, 2017 Saved posts
April 21-30, 2017 Saved posts
December 2-11, 2016 Digging Saved posts
August 26-September 5, 2016 Saved posts
June 17-26, 2016 Digging Saved posts
April 22-May 1, 2016 Saved posts
August 21-30, 2015 Saved posts
July 24-August 2, 2015 Saved posts
May 1-15, 2015 Saved posts
March 20-31, 2015 (Inaugural) Saved posts

Areas to Play


The arena is located on the eastern side of Bloodriven Village, in the middle of the northwest-southeast road (room 12 on the map). Each arena entry gives the contestant eight minutes to kill 25 creatures. Every 5 creatures there is a champion to face. Bloodscrip earned will depend on how many creatures are killed, the time it takes, and if certain actions are done in response to creature actions. PRAY for stamina and mana recovery, but that will cost time. You can fight solo or in teams of 2 or 3. The more team members, the more bloodscrip each person earns.

Intro Speech

An announcer shouts, "Introducing our new challenger, XXXX, hailing from Wehnimer's Landing!"

An announcer shouts, "XXXX, you will have roughly eight minutes to slay as many beasts as you can.  There will be a total of 25 opponents that you will face one-on-one!"

An announcer shouts, "There are a total of five champions you will face during the match, each at the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th rounds!"

An announcer shouts, "You may use whatever means possible to do so.  Some beasts may feign death and give the assumptions they have dropped dead, so be sure to keep a watchful eye on them!"

An announcer shouts, "You may want to watch your opponents' actions, it could just help you prepare to defend against some of their tactics!"

An announcer shouts, "You will earn more bloodscrip the more you vanquish, but with each opponent slain, the harder it will become!"

An announcer shouts, "You can draw on the ancient magic of the arena to restore lost mana and stamina, but it will cost you time, speeding up the match!  Just PRAY during combat!"

An announcer shouts, "Prepare yourself for battle, XXXX!  Good luck and Godspeed.  At any point you can surrender, but I would not recommend it if you want to be a champion!"

Watching a Match

One can watch any arena match from the arc area using the WATCH verb.

    WATCH LIST     - Shows all the combatant of Duskruin Arena.
    WATCH STOP     - Stop watching a combatant of Duskruin Arena.
    WATCH {person} - Watches the actions of this combatant of Duskruin Arena.
    WATCH LOOK     - Looks at the arena of the combatant you're watching.


The entry for the sewers is through the alley east of the gate. Each sewer entry gives 1 hour or 10 SEARCHes, whichever comes first. Bloodscrip earned here will be less than what is possible in the arena, but it can be done much faster. Sewer rats and MoonShards can also be found in the sewers.

SEARCH around for the new stones in the sewers and READ them to learn their patterns. CARVE into an ur-barath totem with one of the chisels for sale in the village and harness the new powers of the bloodrunes for your completed MoonShard pendants! There are several tiers of bloodrunes to be found, classic, divine, and legendary.

Bandits have been hiding large caches of bloodscrip in the sewers. Sewers searchers have a very rare chance to uncover these caches and find up to 1000 times the normal amount! So for example, on your seventh search, instead of finding another 8 bloodscrip, you might find 8000 bloodscrip. Be warned, bandits don't take too kindly to stealing their treasure. If you are lucky enough to find these grand amounts, it's best to be paying attention to avoid any confrontations and loss of said cache!

The Celestial Temple

Become Champion of the Arkati by digging for MoonShards, pendants, and other treasures. Similar to digging at Ebon Gate, players buy pickaxes in the SimuCoin Store and get to work digging up treasures.

The Bank Heist

The Bank Heist is split into three factions, the Silent Investors (SI), the Poisoned Heretics (PH), and the Ophidian Cabal (OC). Each have their own tasks they are set to do in the bank. You have roughly 5 minutes to complete the your mission. There is combat and some minor puzzles in each that are similar, but different. Each have their own set of skill checks. The SI also has a stat check. These will make your time easier in the bank, but aren't required. Each group is trying to make it to the vault. To enter the bank, you'll need a stamped voucher (from the SimuCoin Store) and you'll want to GO with the various faction members in the hideouts.

The SI are a hired militia/vigilantes that are tasked to stop the bank heist from happening. They're targeting the OC, but they also have to deal with the PH. Their job is to find and track the threats inside the bank. Once they complete their mission (or maybe failed), they will be awarded with a prize pouch.

The PH are a band of assassins that are working to stop the SI. They aren't allied with the OC, and their motives are unknown. Their job is to watch and sneak around the bank and assassinate the SI marauders. Like above, they will be rewarded with a prize pouch.

The OC are bandits who just want one thing. The riches inside the vault. They observe their surroundings, looking for things to steal. Unlike the above, they aren't awarded a prize pouch, but whatever they steal they keep.

Each of the factions also give special awards that can make things easier for activities throughout Duskruin. They aren't too common, so keep an eye out for these trinkets.

There is a new collectible for the heist, which you'll want to talk with the OC's ringleader about to get started. The collectibles needed are found only inside the bank.

Improvements to the final quest reward can be found in the sewers.

Treasure Trove 2.0

August 2019 Treasure Trove Page

February 2020 Treasure Trove Page

August 2020 Treasure Trove Page

February 2021 Treasure Trove Page

August 2021 Treasure Trove Page

The Treasure Trove was reworked into a token raffle for August 2019 Duskruin, where it made a debut, with remarks from Wyrom and Haliste that sounded as if it may be at Ebon Gate or possibly other events. The announcement about it came from GM Haliste in this post from the Officials.

The Treasure Trove Warehouse is located in a sap-covered pine and brick building on Faida Lane, next to the Shield Thyself shop, it is lich room number 26005.

Haliste released a preview of the Treasure Trove Items on the Forums.

Two elements of Trove 2.0 will be the same as the first one: The shelf (primary display, which holds the current raffle item). The item for raffle on the shelf is selected at random from the 4 items on the 'next up' tray once a raffle winner has been chosen for the item previously on the primary display.

A tray, the secondary display, holds four "next up for raffle" items in preview.

Raffles will take place between Noon, eastern time, and midnight, eastern time. Raffle the duration was initially set around 2 hours.

>look cabinet
This carved cabinet has been masterfully constructed to showcase a number of items along a display shelf and a circular tray, the former having a prominent placement at the front of the cabinet. An iron-knobbed drawer with a thin slot is directly above a long rack that rests at the bottom of the entire piece. Along the edge of the slot is a metal plate with "Duskruin Arena" etched into its face.

>look drawer
This wooden drawer fits snugly within the cabinet, so much so that it's nearly impossible to see its borders. A metal plate with "Duskruin Arena" etched into its face is positioned directly beneath a thin slot which appears to be the perfect size for a raffle token.

Sign in Treasure Trove:

  • The item on the shelf is the current raffle item. Items on the tray will be raffled next, selected randomly after the current raffle ends. Items with no raffle entrants will be removed from raffle circulation and will not return.
  • You may enter a raffle as many times as you like, provided you have eligible tokens. (Raffle tokens obtained from Duskruin Arena may not be used for the Treasure Trove at other events like Ebon Gate.)
  • Raffle wins will block the entire household from winning another raffle for a 36-hour time period.
  • You must claim any existing tokens with remaining charges (not for the current raffle) by typing RETURN before entering another raffle. This will cause the token to attune to the recipient.
  • You must claim a won raffle item off the rack before you can participate in another raffle. Failure to pick up won raffle items before the next raffle is drawn will result in a forfeiture of this item. Pick up your wins as soon as you are notified to avoid item loss.
  • Raffles will only allow (up to) 50 entrants.
  • Entrants living in free homes (F2P) cannot participate in these raffles.
  • [Type HELP for more information.]

Treasure Trove Help

Typing HELP gives you this 5 point detailed help list about the Treasure Trove Raffles:

Welcome to The Treasure Trove!


  • Find a raffle token somewhere in this realm. In many cases, these tokens will drop from games and/or event activities. In other cases, these tokens may be purchasable. Refer to information provided about the particular event for further details.
  • Look on the display shelf. This is the current item up for raffle. Raffles will not run between midnight and noon, Eastern time, so if the shelf is empty, it is because the Treasure Trove is currently inactive and will "wake up" outside of those designated times. (Please note: the "wake up" time may vary by as much as 30 minutes from day-to-day.)
  • Look on the circular tray. This holds the next item(s) up for raffle. The "next" selection is random.
  • If you are interested in being included in the raffle for the item on the tray, insert (DROP) your token in the wooden drawer for a chance to win the raffle.
  • You can LOOK at the cabinet and the drawer to get information about the Treasure Trove.


  • All raffle tokens have a max of three (3) uses, but will be destroyed after one of the following occurs:

** three (3) uses ** a raffle win (regardless of how many uses were left)

  • DROP your raffle token into a token drawer. You can enter a raffle as many times as you want but each entry will cost a "use" on your token(s).


  • If you win a raffle, you (and only you) will be messaged that you won (if you're online), noting the item that you won. This item MUST be picked up before the next raffle item draws. If you fail to pick up the item, both the item and the token used for the raffle will be forfeit.
  • Winning accounts will be locked from raffle participation for 36 hours.


  • RETURN will check to see if you have any valid tokens available to be returned. You must be in the room with the Treasure Trove in order to check.
  • Returned tokens become character-attuned.


  • When the Treasure Trove is awake (not between the hours of midnight and noon, Eastern time,) raffles will draw every 120 minutes (2 hours). A raffle will not start (ie: no item moved to the shelf) if its draw time would be between the sleep hours.

Treasure Trove Raffle Summary

  • A raffle is for a specific amount of time, probably the same for the entire event! - read all the signage. This Duskruin, it appears to be 2 hours, except for the opening weekend, which is 1 hour.
  • Raffles can only have 50 entries.
  • Each raffle entry will use up one 'use' on your raffle token.
  • You can have more than one entry in a raffle if you have more than one token.
  • A monsterbold message will tell you if you win a raffle - several times.
  • A message will go out to anyone in Duskruin when a new item has gone up for raffle - but it does not tell what the item is.
  • When you win a raffle, the token is taken, and any remaining use/s on it.
  • You cannot enter a raffle if you have tokens that need to be returned.
  • You cannot enter a raffle if you have a winning item on the retrieval rack.
  • You cannot enter a raffle if you are on a F2P account.
  • If you fail to pick up your winning item before the next raffle is drawn, your item and associated raffle token will be forfeited.
  • Tokens which are used once and do not win become character-attuned.
  • If you win a raffle, your account must wait 36 hours! to enter another raffle.
  • Outside of the raffle token, there is no additional cost to receive your winning item.

! These values are subject to change at management's discretion.

Treasure Trove 1.0

Released at the December 2018, The Treasure Trove was a rotating set of items you can purchase with bloodscrip. 1 Item was for sale at a time and the next four were avaiable for previewing on a different container surface. if the item for sale remained 12 hours, it was be knocked out and one of the next items rotated will be for sale. See the list of items offered on the Duskruin_Arena/Treasure Trove Prize List December 2018 page.

The Trove closed early, on Thursday night. It was not active at the February 2019 event.


The DUSKRUIN verb provides a character's individual stats on sewer runs and arena battles starting with the April 2017 run. It will also indicate if the character has earned an invite to the smithy.

              Duskruin Data
  Arena Entries:                     #
  Arena Kills:                       #
  Arena Wins:                        #
  Arena Perfect Wins:                #
  Arena Surrenders:                  #
  Arena Deaths:                      #
  Last Solo Time:            N/A or #s
  Fastest Solo Time:         N/A or #s

  Team Matches:                      #
  Team Wins:                         #
  Last Team Time:            N/A or #s
  Fastest Team Time:         N/A or #s

  Sewer Entries:                     #
  Sewer Rats Found:                  #
  Bandit Caches Found:               #

  Smithy Invite Acquired:    Yes or No

  Silent Investor Entries:           #
  Arena Bonuses Remaining:           #
  Poisoned Heretics Entries:         #
  Heist Bonuses Remaining:           #
  Ophidian Cabal Entries:            #
  Sewer Bonuses Remaining:           #

Notable NPCS


See the Bloodriven Village page For individual shops, see



by PM Wyrom

Duskruin has piqued a lot of questions since it was first mentioned at SimuCon 2014. It was originally slated for the spring time last year, but we decided to change up the venue on the event and try something new. So let me explain what this event is.

The event is free to be a spectator. You can come and go as much as you please. There are some sights and places to rest should you just like a place to roleplay. About 99.9% of all things for sale are priced with bloodscrip. To earn bloodscrip you can compete in the arena or search for loot in the sewers. To enter either of these, you will need a dueling slip or gold rat token. Both of these items will be in the SimuCoin store for 100 SimuCoins.

You can go as much as you'd like, but will need a new dueling slip or gold rat token for each trip in. We have a large number of newly created items for sale. Brand new scripts and some really interesting things. Currently, we don't have any ways to upgrade gear or unlock anything, but it will likely be something down the road that we do. So you can either spend your bloodscrip or save it for a later use.

The arena is a PvE combat sequence with 5 levels of combat. You start off fighting beasts until you make it to the last round where you fight a champion. You have 5 minutes per round to defeat each level. As the timer ticks away, you will run into more environmental hazards in the arena, such as being slammed into a spiked wall or having arrows shot at you. Defeating the beast in a timely fashion will earn you bonus bloodscrip to your prize cache. Should you defeat the champion, you'll also earn a temporary title of Champion until you log out. If you're defeated, you'll lose half the bloodscrip you earned. If you merely run out of time, you'll just earn the bloodscrip that you were credited for until then. You can WATCH combatants as a spectator much like you could at Droughtman's Maze Challenge. You can WATCH LIST to see a list of people in the arena at any time, and even CHEER them on. You can also YELL to those fighting!

The sewers are like a large-scaled Deserted Cottage from Ebon Gate. You go inside and just have to search around. You get 10 to 12 searches before you'll be washed out. You have a time limit of one hour to do this. You mostly find bloodscrip, but can find random loot, or if you're lucky enough, a rat. You can only catch one rat per time Duskruin Arena is around, which currently is a weekend at a time. The rats are amazing little pets created by GM Keios. The catch is, the rat is in a random location inside the sewers, and there are about 100 rooms. To add to the hunt, the sewers are constantly shifting, so it will be difficult to find it running around aimlessly. There are clues to know which way to go or if you're in the correct spot. That's up to you to figure out.

Bloodscrip will be a physical item you can REDEEM. But if you are defeated in the arena, the bloodscrip are added to your total, much like Troubled Waters. You can trade the physical bloodscrip you find, but you cannot trade after they are redeemed or applied to you. You will need to REDEEM them to be able to make purchased at the shops, they do not work like a promissory note.

The original design concept was created by GM Scrimge and arena/sewer mechanics were by GM Wyrom. GMs Haliste, Keios, Liia, Luneth, Scrimge, Reidyn, Valyrka, and Wyrom all created shops. GMs Haliste, Liia, Mazreth, Scrimge, and Wyrom all had a hand in painting the area. GMs Aulis, Haliste, Kaikala, Krellis, Sherlise, Spalt, and Vanah were huge helps with QC and testing, as well as various last minute needs to help get this out.

We will likely be beta testing this event in Platinum, with free dueling slips and gold rat tokens, next week. More details will be posted in Platinum in the coming days. Feel free to post your questions, concerns, or excitement in this topic.

~Wyrom, APM

May 2015 Major Update

I'm excited to say I've spent the remaining amount of my sanity on some Duskruin Arena updates! HOORAY!

Just kidding, I never had sanity.

The arena matches are much more action packed now. No more herb munching and waiting an obnoxiously long time to maximize your bloodscrip. Matches will be roughly 6 to 7 minutes long where you face 25 creatures one-on-one. Every 5 matches you'll face a champion similar to the champions in the previous version of the arena. There are over 20 new creatures in the arena to face. Most creatures can perish to a critical blow, outside the champions. You earn bloodscrip for each creature you kill. You also earn a bonus if you defeat all 25 creatures in the time limit. Dying no longer incurs a bloodscrip penalty, but surrendering still does.

I've also introduced new hazards. I removed the darts, arrows, spiked ball-and-chain, and boulders. Hazards can now be avoided in a small mini-game during arena matches. I will leave it to you to figure it out. It's not terribly hard, and the term "mini-game" probably is an exaggeration of what it is. But it adds flavor. Hazards are a little more deadly though.

You can now earn a time bonus too that works in a more favorable way. The quicker you make it through, the higher the bonus. You can earn a max of 225 bloodscrip plus the time bonus.

The Ratacombs have also had a minor update. It seems more wildlife has escaped into the sewers, as well as some other sort of rats. So you may find something different this time around. There are also some minor obstacles in the sewers when you SEARCH to add some flavor.

We'll be relaunching this Friday and staying open for a week.

~Wyrom, APM

July 2015 Major Update

I'd like to discuss the plans for Duskruin on the next run. Outside anything new added to the grounds, this is the last overhaul planned for the bloodscrip earnings structure.

Arena Updates

There will be a 250 cap on earnings. That cap will be achievable. Earning bloodscrip won't be about massacring everything as quick as possible. Time will still be an important element to being a top earner, but there will be more things at play when earning bloodscrip. Dodging the traps will play a minor role. Dying and surrendering will no longer have any penalties to your bloodscrip earnings, but will still result in no chance of a randomly created item in your prize package. Prize packages are also getting a small revamp to offer a little more variety. Losing will now earn a good showmanship bonus to bloodscrip, meaning people who can't always win will still have a chance to earn more depending on how long they last on their final opponent. For example, if you can't defeat the your 12th opponent and you had 3 minutes to defeat them, you'll earn for making it to the 12 opponent, for dodging any traps, and a bonus for lasting 3 minutes (dying/surrendering won't get you that bonus). The spells haste and rapid fire will be dispelled during the combat sequence of the arena matches. While they both offer an advantage, the reason is due to the crashes many of you experienced in the arena.

  • The arena is slower by about a second per "round" that is being cycled throughout your placement. This means you have about ten minutes to get through the arena instead of eight minutes.
    • This does mean that creature clean up will be a second slower as well.
  • There are a couple new creatures in the arena. Hobgoblins have moved to becoming champions where kiramon moved to being regular foes.
  • Creatures have less bolt and ranged DS equivalent to a negative modifier of your level / 2. This means at cap, you'll see a reduction of 50 DS.
  • Creature health has had a reduction across the board. Characters under level 10 still get the biggest bonus to health reduction.
  • Hazards go off about twice as fast now, and there is no immunity for the first 30 seconds. Creatures will not use hazards until they are established as your enemy.
  • Dodging a hazard will now injure the creature, giving players who might not be able to overcome an opponent a chance.
  • Scoring is based on winning, killing, speed, and dodging hazards. If you don't win, your speed bonus changes to what I've named the showman bonus, which awards you bloodscrip based on how long you lasted. All four categories have a hard cap of how high you can score. I'll leave it up to you to figure out the range you score for each. The only way to score 250 is by winning. The temporary titles and item prize have been adjusted to be distributed at specific bloodscrip won. Exp and silver awards are equivalent (in some manner) to the bloodscrip you've earned. Prior to this, silver was randomized.

Ratacombs Updates

Bloodscrips earned while searching the Ratacombs will have a higher range of their value. It will still not compare to the arena, but it will be closer to the hopeful median. The random directions in the Ratacombs will be lessened with some more static areas to walk through.

  • There are 25 less rooms in the Ratacombs and the maze layout shifts less often.
  • Bloodscrip amounts are now displayed when you search, eliminating the need to LOOK to see what you got.
  • Survival ranks will help you stay on your feet when entering and exiting the sewers.
  • A small handful of new descriptors have been added to the rats.

Shop Updates

I will be going through the shops to try to make some items more appealing for purchase. The limited release items will be discussed as we get closer to the first run under these revamped conditions.

April 2016 Update

There is going to be a certain element to be discovered here. Not so much inventory. Most shops either have signs or things are obvious this time around. Lots of new inventory (or updated with new properties). The new collectible system has gone over very well in Platinum, but a lot of it is going to be for you to find out. The collectible system is a new layer to the arena and (mostly) sewers. There is no additional cost, nothing is lost or sacrificed to have this new system.

There are some new arena mechanics to help with resource (mana/stamina) management. The announcer has some new dialogue about this. We have 3 new champions, an orc, a tattooed maniac, and hallowed zealot (in game descriptions don't quite match these descriptions) -- the hobgoblin, mezic, and bendith have been retired. The goblin and stone troll in the regular matches have been replaced with a troll slaver and a vor'taz. Some descriptions have been updated. Stealth builds don't get the double whammy on being pulled from hiding with the dodge mechanics. You'll still get pulled when performing most the moves. Just not the actual dodge.

Two new NPCs are included with some history and questions they can answer. One NPC, a dwarven archaeologist, buys the new MoonShards that you can find in the sewers. This will make more sense once people start getting involved. The other is a rat catcher in the sewers that will buy your rats, should you not want them anymore. Both of these pay in bloodscrip that gets added directly to your character's TICKET amount.

There is a new area, the underground temple, which is across from the actual arena entrance where you use a slip to fight. It is part of the background of the area and houses the dwarf NPC. The temple has a direct tie in to the new collectible system.

There were a plethora of fixes on the GM side that helps with better tracking, better messaging, and more options for a wider variety of players to enjoy both the arena and sewers.

April 2017 Update

Bloodriven Village

We went ahead and updated the majority of shops this run. You'll need to explore for shop lists, but there are many new things available for purchase.


There are a few big things happening inside the Ratacombs this time around. The big thing is, there are two new legendary bloodrunes in their runic stone form to be found. A cave troll and a troll king. Only one of each will go out, and like the minotaur, it will be pretty rare. There are still moonshards and additional bloodrunes in the sewers like before. The rat catcher will likely be buying rats for a little more due to the scarcity of these rodents.

Rats are going to have a few new additional descriptors this run, and they are going to be much more rare. If a rat is important to you, be sure to chase it if you catch one wandering around, as that is a rare occurrence now. When entering the sewers, you will have a CHANCE to see the trail of a rat. It will no longer be guaranteed if you haven't found a rat this run. You will no longer be limited to just one a run, but you won't always be able to chase the trail of a rat. The chance to find a rat happens when entering the sewers, it will not change once inside.

As the Bank Heist nears closer to a release (not this time, unfortunately), bandits have been hiding large caches of bloodscrip in the sewers. Sewers searchers have a very rare chance to uncover these caches and find up to 1000 times the normal amount! So for example, on your seventh search, instead of finding another 8 bloodscrip, you might find 8000 bloodscrip. Be warned, bandits don't take too kindly to stealing their treasure. If you are lucky enough to find these grand amounts, it's best to be paying attention to avoid any confrontations and loss of said cache!

Celestial Temple and Bloodforge

After the cold winter, a new area of the temple was discovered, the BLOODFORGE. All the secrets haven't been identified just yet, but it is believed that you can transmute a completed pendant with enough special ore and a ritual. There is plenty more to be discovered, which may be revealed at a future run of Duskruin.

When moonshards were introduced, the ability to combine them and create a pendant was possible anywhere in Elanthia, however, their magic has since waned outside the Celestial Temple, and you must be inside to bundle the moonshards and place them inside a pendant.


The arena has had a number of changes this time around. When the BLOODFORGE was discovered, so were dozens ancient metal automatons. These metallic golems were created with the special material needed for the ritual for transmutation of the pendants. The golems will now be a very rare boss battle, and if defeated, will drop a small bit of ore of the type of metal it was created from. So an eahnor automaton will drop an ore of eahnor. After collecting five of these ores, you will be able to start the process of transmuting your pendant. Not all of the metal possibilities for pendants were found in golem form, but it is possible that more will be released at a future run!

With the new ores, the winnings package has been updated. Finding a pendant or rare treasure item will no longer take the place of a promissory note. Notes have been slightly reduced, as silver will always be a prize if you do not die in the arena, instead of only being awarded when winning. Arena packages will have bloodscrip depending on your score, a promissory note, an ore if you slay a golem/automaton, random loot if you win or score high enough, and a pendant if you're lucky enough to find one!

Data Harvesting

Starting this run, everything you do at Duskruin will be recorded and tracked to your character specifically. This won't mean much this time around, but at future runs, this can unlock special features, achievements, and more!

August 2017 Update


  • 3 vs 3 matches.
    • Can also do 2 vs 2 matches.
    • Prizes are individual, but group benefits from winning.
    • New drop will be available for certain service (vague on purpose).
  • The messaging you receive after a match will reflect the level of reward a bit better. Perfect wins will now boast about your achievements, if you have one of the champion post name titles unlocked.


  • Two new bloodrunes: ARCANE and MYSTIC
  • Upped rate of caches (still very rare)
  • The bandit caches now announce every cache that is found. Prior to this update, it was random whether or not it would announce a cache. Typically, only the bigger caches were announced. The smaller ones will also announce now.


  • New permanent titles unlocked at certain levels of play. Tracking started April 2017. Some of you will have a lot of them going into this run.

The Smelter

The smelter has a dwarven miner who sells ore that can be smelted into rare forging slabs

The Smithy: Weighting, Padding, and Sighting

The new weighting, padding, and sighting updates will be debuting at Duskruin. Our Development team will talk more about that when it gets launched. Due to it being brand new, it's going to be slightly delayed after the opening of Duskruin. Don't worry though, there are no time-based limits involved with how we're offering this service. You will be limited to having an item worked on 25 times under the new system.
You will earn an invite by participating and winning in the arena. Having a perfect run will also greatly improve your odds of getting an invite. Invitations do not stack, but you can earn another invite after using one. Invites are not a tangible item nor can they be traded.
We plan on having a way to appraise costs before going into the smithy so you know exactly what you're getting yourself involved with.
  • The way invites are rewarded has been changed a bit. Invites now have a chance to be rewarded if you score high enough to get a piece of gear or jewelry, but do not fully win. The messaging update above will help indicate this as well. Your odds are greatly improved if you win though. And perfect wins are the best odds. You still have to live and not surrender.
  • Once the smithy goes live and you use your invites, I've added in some checks where over time, your odds will improve to get additional ones. Once you find one, it resets.


The bloodforge will be temporarily closed until the weighting, padding, and sighting updates are live.

Earning Bloodscrip and Level Differences

Information in blue applicable to the May 2015 run and provided by PM Wyrom.

Champions spawned by characters 25 and under had 1/3rd the amount of blood as a capped character. Characters level 10 or under always got an extra bonus of making every creature that spawned in the arena with 100 less blood (that's on top of that 1/3rd for champions).

Creature level is always determined by progression in the arena, but the first 5 rounds creatures are between -3 to 1 level higher than the player. It slowly scales up until the last 5 rounds, where it's between 5 and 10 levels.

Earning 200 bloodscrip means a player managed to kill all 25 creatures. Anyone scoring 192, managed to kill 24.

Each creature was worth 8 bloodscrip. This is changing in the next variation of the arena to add more emphasis on a few different factors of the challenge. The time bonus is going to be greatly reduced, but you'll have chances to earn other bonuses. The cap will still remain 250, but this time it will be achievable. The reason the arena's figurative 250 isn't able to happen is because you're losing on average 35 seconds for creature clean ups and the new creature entering.

I think those that felt underwhelmed because they couldn't complete the arena or struggled with defeating all 25 will feel a little more confident in the next edition.

Searching the sewers will usually reap around 80-100 bloodscrip per token. The secondary market for bloodscrip will sell for between 950-1400 silvers per scrip (based on May 2015 observations).

Arena v. Sewers (and Scripting)

Information in blue provided in August 2015 by PM Wyrom.

I realize the sewers are a controversial subject, since you can move much faster to gain bloodscrip. From a pricing standpoint, I wanted the arena to be twice as effective as the sewers, and last run I hit that mark. That means in order to earn as much as you can in the arena, it would cost you twice as much in the sewers. Money is a very big factor here. I'm contemplated what to do to slow down the sewers over and over. I feel hard roundtime is the wrong way to go. When I added the washout effect, I had emails, posts, and messages on how awful that was, so I dropped it down to a "fumble" type search. The only real measure that is feasible is a cooldown, and that is going to come with some serious ramifications. It's not something I have the time to deal with right now, and it's going to need to be something that will get deliberated on next time.

Scripting, by itself, is allowed in GS. If it wasn't, we'd also have to enforce no third-party overlays like Lich. The people in the sewers are there or have really good ways to make sure they can be there. I'm a no nonsense staff member when it comes to script checks. I don't worry about if I was clear on my check because I'm usually pretty upfront. You miss one of my checks, you're not there. As a big time warning though, you and ALL OF YOUR LINKED ACCOUNTS get their bloodscrip confiscated and you become banned from the sewers for 30 days. That means if you transferred a character to someone else, you're still responsible for whoever takes control of that character. Any history follows that character. You can ride, but you can't hide, etc etc. But again, everyone has been pretty good at being at the keys when I check.


Duskruin arena banner.jpg

Duskruin moonshard hunters.jpg