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The December 2018 Duskruin Event included:

  • Duskruin Arena
  • Duskruin Sewers
  • Duskruin Heist
  • The Shops of Duskruin Village
  • and introduced the Duskruin Treasure Trove

December 2018 Duskruin Teasers


Just For Kicks

7 Dec 2018: GM Elidi has a whole new way to show off your heels for you cobblers out there - and you know who you are! These ready made insta-heels will let you stack your pretty cobbled shoes on top of incredible heels and are all new for Duskruin. Now, they don't say they are high heels, but if you have to STACK something, that's a proper high heel to me! There's more to read at the Officials from Elidi.

Sigil Staves

6 December 2018: GM Estild shows us all about those Sigil Staves at the brand new Sigil Shop in Bloodriven Village this time. The all-new Sigil Staff was previewed to us in October in this post at the officials. They are sold off the shelf at Tier 1. He includes the Tiers in his recent post at the Official Forums


  1. unique actions
  2. allows spells to be TRANSFERred from scrolls onto itself, starting at 1 spell, but the tickets in the display case allows additional spells, up to 6
  3. can be waved at a target to dispel 1-3 spells (must be energized and has a cooldown) and alters your appearance when held
  4. can be raised to lower the mana cost of all spells by 50% for 30 seconds or 10 casts (must be energized and has a cooldown) and adds ambient messaging
  5. unlocks the ability for the staff to multi-cast one spell as a flare

Certificates for tier unlocking are sold in the Sigil Shop.

See the Sigil Staff wiki page for more information.

White Leather Stork Mask

5 Dec 2018: GM Thandiwe has the first Duskruin Peek – it’s a white leather stork mask with ventilation shafts along the nose piece, and a cartridge and some cotton are involved. Read all the details at the Official Forums.

The News

  • 6 Dec 2018: GM Haliste unveils the new Treasure Trove aspect of Duskruin - 5 things will rotate on a display for sale, one will be for sale.
    • When an item is sold, one of the other 4 will go up for sale, and a new item will fill the vacancy.
    • You can buy 1 Treasure Trove item every 24 hours, per account.
    • After 12 hours if an item was not sold, it will be rotated out.
    • Here's her first post at the officials.
    • 7 Dec 2018: More treasure trove information from Officials
      • F2P characters will not be eligible to purchase from the Treasure Trove this year
      • The things for sale are not attuned
      • The items for sale are the actual items
      • Sewers remain primary distribution for Bag of Holding components
      • But there will be some Bag of Holding components for sale, this is the new way
  • 3 Dec 2018: Duskruin: The Bloodgames Return! The email arrived with the official graphics and a tease of a summary about Duskruin. Featuring these tidbits:
    • New System to Earn Loot
    • New Champions in the arena
    • Collect expanion pieces for your Bank Heist reward in a new way.
    • more details to come...
  • 30 Nov 2018: Head Warden Wyrom pins the December event to the wall above the water cooler so everyone can stop speculating. DUSKRUIN starts December 14th at 9pm with Arena, Sewers, Heist, plus something new! Post at the officials.

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