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New items, shops, services, and features are released often at Duskruin Arena, sometimes only for Duskruin. The TownCrier Team will be keeping track of these teasers and their release dates here for posterity, all in one place.

Because ... sometimes you just want to know!

Most Recent Teasers

A giant iron automaton advances on a halfling wizard taking shelter within their protective magical shield, while his daggering wielding partners prepares to jump into the fray.

The February 2024 (Feb 16th-Mar 10th) Duskruin Event includes:

Quick Links

New for 2024 Duskruin


  • Booklet Sales Begin: Friday, February 16th at 6 PM
Booklet Sales End: Sunday, March 10th at 11:55pm **you read that correctly.
  • Opening: Friday, February 16th at 9 PM
  • HESS Opening: Friday, February 16 at 6pm
HESS Closing: Sunday, March 10 at 11:44pm
Teaser: Wiki
  • Closing: Sunday, March 10th at 11:55 PM

Shop Listing

Column definitions, per GM Thandiwe:

Reopen - This means that the shop is being reopened with no changes in designs or inventory.

Refresh - This means that the shop is being opened with either new offering, changes in designs, or additions.

New - This means that the shop is new this run.

Final Run - This means it is the LAST time that the shop will be open to sell its inventory and that the offerings will not be available in August.

Reopening Refreshed ** New ** Final Run
Alchemical Attraction All You Knead Amalgamations Art of Lore
Art of Lore Be Warez Balance and Frenzy Best Tressed
At The Ready Blood Red Rose Clockwerke Solutions Blades of Glory
Be Still My Hops Just For Kicks Daily Grind Eonak Arms
Best Foot Forward Daily Grind Accents Shadowed Light
Best Tressed In the Shadows of the Sparrow Tiles of Chance
Beyond Barriers Right to Flare Arms All You Knead
Blades of Glory Skayl Mix
Bloodriven Bowery
Bloody Lotus
Bolt From The Blue
The Broken Coin
Bundle Up
Burning Twilight
Currents and Safeguards
Curved Cuts
Dunh's Lab
Eonak Arms
The Fairy Ring
Fatal Afflares
Fireside Supplies
Gamac's Goods
Good In-Tent-ions
Heady Spirits
The Herbal Huntsman
The Hide and Fur Depot
I See You
Icy Disposition
The Knifery
Knit One, Punch Two
The Librarium
Make Your Mark
Mar and Scar
Mind Your Manas
The Modern Morph
Mystic Phrases
Ode To Resistance
On the Other Hand
Paranormal Pages
A Pirate Looks at Four Teas
The Preening Plover
Rock Solid
Scoria and Dross
Secretive Sips
Shadowed Light
Shield Thyself
Sigil Shop
Sparrow's Dance
Sprite Club
Stay Awhile and Glisten
Temple of Tentacles
Tiles of Chance
Tome Raiders
Trapper's Shack
Twinkling Twilight
A Twist of Briars
Untamed Spirit
The Vaalin Rose
Volatile Storage
Wild Instinct
Yarrrpee Shoppe

February 2024 Item Teasers

  1. Feb 3: GM Thandiwe - In the Shadows of the Sparrow (new shop) Direct Discord Link to Announcement Post
    Non-weapon Sparrow's Dance/Fighting Fans in the style of the Sparrows of the Night Queen will be sold, allowing use of the zests of the script without combat features.
    2,500 bloodscrip to purchase
    1,000 bloodscrip for each unlock
    See pricing for the weapon fan version at the Sparrow's Dance Shop
  2. Feb 3: GM Naiken - Obskruul, New metal for armaments, sold in Skayl Mix (new shop) Direct Discord Link to Announcement Post
    Impact Flares, +15, and AvD bonus of 5, magical metal
    Background on Mellar's Metal.
  3. Feb 3: GM Valyrka - Fancy Stancing, a certificate to add awesome fluff messaging to your weapon, which does not take up the script slot! Direct Discord Link to Announcement Post
    Uses the new FLUFF SCRIPT slot!
  4. Feb 6: GM Elidi - New Cobbling Settings Maker Box at Just For Kicks ~ Direct Discord Link to Announcement Post
    Load in 4 gems, turn the knob, and dial to the available settings to create beads, buttons, studs, or inserts for your next cobbling masterpiece.
    The box has room for 10 custom settings
  5. Feb 12: GM Naiken - Right to Flare Arms (new shop) Direct Discord Link to Announcement Post
    Initial teasers for flare-related gloves. Mysterious!
    More info on these from GM Naiken Direct Discord Link to Announcement Post
    Not UCS gloves
    Sold off the shelf without any flares
    Swappable flares for your combat weapons
    Unlock and store as many of the available flares as you want
    Flares to include: Acuity (+5), Air, cold, Crush, Disintegration, Dispel (+1), Disruption, Fire, Grapple, Impact, Lightning, Magma, Mana (+1), Plasma, Puncture, Slash, Steam, Unblance, Vacuum, Water
    Various other. unlocks for Unliked, Pound, Ambients, Greater Flares, and Pockets
  6. Feb 13: GM Thandiwe - Clockwerke Solutions Pocketwatches from Clockwerke Solutions (new shop) Direct Discord Link to Announcement Post
    Highly customizable pocketwatches, interact with worn items with the nouns bodice, corset, or vest.
    Pocketwatch and related nouns still restricted for other alters.
    Base pocketwatch is 1250, tier 2 is 750, and tier 3 is 1000.
  7. Feb 13: GM Retser - Balance and Frenzy weapons - Saved Posts - Announcement 7
    Three-tiered weapons which offer both offensive and defensive flares.
  8. Feb 13: GM Avaluka - Meat Grinders from The Daily Grind (new shop) Direct Discord Link to Announcement Post
    Convert a variety of meats, fillers, and flavors, plus intestines, into cookable sausage links.
  9. Feb 14: GM Thandiwe - There are all new weapon bases for Iasha weapons in The Blood Red Rose, along with two new unlock certificates. Tier 3! Direct Discord Link to Announcement
  10. Feb 14: PM Wyrom - Teases us with a name, and nothing else: BATTLE VAULT. There will be details on Thursday. Watch this space for that! Direct Discord Link to Announcement
  11. Feb 15: GM Tivvy - Shares information regarding new Private property Clocks. Direct Discord Link to Announcement Post
  12. Feb 16: GM Marstreforn announced the new shop, Amalgamations, home to the newly previewed Twisted Shields with OTS acid flares and Cat-D scripted abilities via unlocks. Cousins of Twisted Weapons. Direct Discord Link to Announcement Post

News and Updates

  1. Feb 3, 2024: This Duskruin will be the LAST CALL for these items at Duskruin. These main items from the following shops will not be there in August:
    Eonak Arms (debuted Feb 2023 in the shop, Eonak Arms)
    Magic Slings (debuted June 2018 in the shop Art of Lore)
    Hair Flowers, Wig Powders, and Wigs from Best Tressed (debuted Feb 2018)
    Ice Patch skates (debuted Feb 2022 at Blades of Glory)
    Cursed Armor (debuted Feb 2021 at the shop Shadowed Light)
    Tiles of Chance Boxes/slot machines (debuted Feb 2021 at Tiles of Chance
    The Confection Creator devices at All You Knead will also be unavailable after this run (debuted Feb 2022)
  2. Feb 6, 2024: Updates to Crafter's Tome/Monocle going live when Duskruin Opens: Direct Discord Link to Announcement Post
    Crafter's Tomes/Monocles will support Bard Luck Service
    Warriors will no longer see difficulty assessment when applying Grit
    New certificate available from Tome Raiders will be a black voucher. It allows you to PONDER your tome or monocle to assess your service bonus with both IC range as well as the numerical value.
  3. Feb 10, 2024: Tivvy issues LAST CALL on Intermediate Transmutes at the HESS Direct Discord Link to Post
    "The slate of intermediate transmutes that were released in August 2023 will not be available in August 2024. I can't speak to beyond that, but this is the last run for those this year." ~ GM Tivvy.
  4. Feb 12, 2024: Duskruin entries will be sold in the SimuCoin Shop until the last day of Duskruin, Sunday, March 10 at 11:55pm, Eastern.
  5. Feb 13, 2024: GM Tivvy posted on Discord that there is no Spin Night or Auction this run. The HESS will open when the event begins. Direct Discord Link to Post
  6. Feb 13, 2024: Announcement:Duskruin HESS Additions February 2024
  7. Feb 14, 2024: At the end of the day, Wyrom gave a teaser: Direct Discord Link to Post
    "BATTLE VAULT announcement comes tomorrow. You only get the name for right now."
  8. Feb 15, 2024: Wyrom's Duskruin Updates Direct Discord Link to Post
    Arena gets new clockwork golem which might replace a automaton, with a special drop if you defeat it, golem parts to collect for your chassis.
    Sewers will have more caches of bloodscrip, and golem parts will be found in searches. Bloodrunes are still in there, and the Legendary Bloodrune is back!
    GIFTBOX and EVENT BOXes are gone. Finis. Over
    CLAIM added with a FREE and an EVENT option. There will be 25 count booklets, no price as yet, wait for them after opening a few days
    BATTLE VAULT will be a package sold in the SimuCoin shop for 6500 SimuCoins. It include 2 25-count booklets, 30 advanced spellup pills, and two special attuned (character) items: the Golem Chassis (build yer own Golem) and a golden scroll for a 30-day 2x base exeperience absorption boon.
  9. Feb 15, 2024: There will be attuned Pricing for Shieldcapes at Shield Thyself, and for Chakrams at Curved Cuts.
  10. Feb 16, 2024: Flare Affinity won't work with any flares that are scripted. Bane Flares should be compatible, per GM Tivvy.
  11. Feb 16, 2024: GM Tivvy - For any scripted weapon you're trying to reforge, the weapon profile you change to needs to be supported by the script.
  12. Feb 16, 2024: GM Tivvy - For Ethereal strings, they only work on a dagger, handaxe, war hammer, quoit, discus, javelin, throwing dagger, throwing axe, and spear. You'd have to reforge into one of those weapons.
  13. Feb 16, 2024: Popular Duskruin Needfuls on sale in SimuCoin Shop for 50% discount
  14. Feb 16, 2024: PM Wyrom explains more about the Create-a-Golem. Direct Discord Link to Post
    Add to Golem Chassis (in Battle Vault Bundle from SimuCoin shop) with Duskruin-found Golem parts.
    Cannot be finished until August, with the special motor/engine/something.
    If not building a Golem, you can BREAK the chassis for a violet experience orb. But you only get the one chance to build a Golem, and you won't be able to do it if you break it. Ever.
  15. Feb 16, 2024: The old gladiator who exchanges your 25-count Duskruin booklet for bloodscip and a lot of experience had the timer lowered to only 10 minutes before you can exchange another booklet.
  16. Feb 17, 2024: GM Thandiwe lists common questions and answers about the new Battle Vault SimuCoin Shop Bundle on Discord. Direct Discord Link to Post
    They attune to the character that opens it
    You can purchase more than one, they do not attune until opened
    You can only open/claim one Battle Vault per character.
    The special 30 day 2x experience boon scroll must be activated between February 16 and March 10, inside of Duskruin.
    Only one scroll per character
  17. Feb 17, 2024: GM Thandiwe answered questions about Attunement prices on Discord. Direct Discord Link to Post
    Attunement is a 25% discount
    Attunement makes the item account bound
    Applying a certificate purchased at attuned pricing makes the item attuned, no matter what you paid for it.
    There's no passing of attuned items to another character on another account
  18. Feb 19, 2024: New Message Post at the Duskruin Arena Foyer!
  19. Feb 19, 2024: PM Wyrom announced change to saturated exp after multiple booklet turn ins to the NPC at pay events. Direct Discord Link to Post
    AFTER MARCH 10, for all events where there is an NPC you turn booklets into for scrip and exp, that if you are already saturated with EXP, the extra EXP will be instantly absorbed, and not added to your field exp. Note, there is no change this Duskruin, this applies to exchanges after this Duskruin is over.
  20. Feb 19,2024: PM Wyrom Announced changes for the Battle Vault for August 2024. Direct Discord Link to Post
    In August, the Battle Vault will contain a chassis, too, and the motor for the golem will be available some other way. Only one golem can be with you at a time, but this means you could complete a second one. The scroll (next time) will be +50% exp for 30 days, not 2x. The 2x expires March 10, 2024.
  21. Feb 19, 2024: GM Thandiwe reveals the two new Legendary Bloodrunes that can be found in the sewers: Direct Discord Link to Post
    Golem Legendary Bloodrune: Constructed entirely of mismatched metal armaments and pieces, (player) towers over those nearby. Large copper pauldrons are fused in place and incised with glowing (complexion) glyphs, while a barrel-shaped torso with an iron grate in front of it displays a burning fire of (hair color). Each of (his/her) joints has a series of pistons surrounded by bolts that aid in movement, while gears at the incredibly short neck allow the inverted kettle-shaped head to rotate. Nothing more than thin slits within the bronze metal, (his/her) eyes radiate a (eyecolor) glow.
    Automaton Legendary Bloodrune: Tall and blocky, (player) stands before you, an enormous automaton comprised of steel and bronze plates. An inverted bucket, complete with glowing (eye color) eyes, creates the head, the strap hanging loose at the back, while a ladle-shaped jaw is bolted in place next to massive screw-shaped ears. Squared shoulders descend from either side of a pot-bellied stove that serves as the torso, the glow of a (hair color) fire burning fitfully inside.
  22. Feb 19, 2024: GM Tivvy announced Fullmetal mold additions for the Fullmetal Crucibles: key blanks, locksmithing clasps, and snap-on heels (cobbling) now for sale in Scoria and Dross in Duskruin.

High End Shop's Wheelbarrow

The Clockwerke Wheelbarrow will be set out the evening of March 1 in front of the High End Shop (usually that is the location). It includes many even higher-end items. Here's the tentative list Wyrom announced for it.

  • Create spell knowledge tattoo or self mana Item: 1,000,000 bloodscrip
    No 506 this run.
  • Add Death flares: 2,000,000 bloodscrip
    This is to add flares to a weapon, bow, or runestaff. No shields, armor, or UCS equipment
  • Add Mind Wrack flares: 500,000 bloodscrip
    This is to add flares to a weapon, bow, or runestaff. No shields, armor, or UCS equipment.
  • +5 enchant up to 12x: 500,000 bloodscrip
    Does not include DB, OB, or any other fanciness.
  • Perfectly forged weapon: 1,500,000 bloodscrip
  • Coraesine relic: 1,000,000 bloodscrip
  • Add Splitter: 1,000,000 bloodscrip
    Weapon cannot have enhancives or any subscripting.
    Can remove enhancives and subscripting at no extra cost.
    Cannot move properties, they will be lost if you wish to remove them.
  • Create Offense Bonus/Defensive Bonus item: 3,500,000 bloodscrip
    Item will be either +3/+2 or +2/+3.
    Item will be crafted from zelnorn.
    Item must be leg greaves, arm greaves, neck guard, or shoulder guard (can alter the description somewhat).
  • Create Martial Knowledge: 1,000,000 bloodscrip
    No berserk.
    MK item will be rank 5.
    This is not the highest rank in some cases.
  • Enhancive combining: 1,000,000 bloodscrip
    ll items will be destroyed outside parent item.
    No moving enhancives around or persisting anything to other items.
    Enhancive being transferred cannot come from fodder, they must be enhancives that are currently in use.
    This means no buying anything from pawnshops, player shops, etc. They must be items that have been in use since before Duskruin started.
    The goal for this service was to consolidate your current items into one item. Not create new gear. Wyrom said he was "tentatively scratching this from the list."

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