Dwarven Lineage

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Dwarven Lineage is a specialty shop in Zul Logoth. It is located through a simple stone arch in the Sapphire Tunnel in the east side of town. It sells a variety of dwarven crests.

[Dwarven Lineage]
Detailed emblems from the dwarven clans are displayed prominently upon the drab stone walls, while a miniature model of Kalaza rests upon a table in the middle of the shop. The faint odor of ale permeates the air, though its exact source isn't visible. Residing in the corners are large stone pots, illuminating the chamber with a cheerful white and amber light.


Welcome to Dwarven Lineage!

Oorla offers her catalog to browse.
Oorla exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a rainbow glaes Borthuum clan crest   13. a mithril Mithrenek clan crest
  2. a silver Egrentek clan crest          14. an invar Mordrakam clan crest
  3. a grey stone Gotronek clan crest      15. a gem-encrusted Oltregek clan crest
  4. a bejeweled Greetok clan crest        16. an iron Parkshnuum clan crest
  5. a hollow Grenroa clan crest           17. a riveted Ragnak clan crest
  6. a burnished Grevnek clan crest        18. a fungus-shaped Ralgrenek clan crest
  7. a translucent Gulroten clan crest     19. a leather-edged Reznek clan crest
  8. a sharp-edged Kazunel clan crest      20. a coin-inset Roramnoak clan crest
  9. a dark Khanshael crest                21. a gold-tooled Schneckgren crest
  10. an azure Kikthuum clan crest         22. a silver-tooled Sharznekgren crest
  11. a wooden Krenlumtrek crest           23. a flame-etched Smaelton clan crest
  12. a wool-edged Krethuum clan crest     24. a dusty brown Toktrog clan crest