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Current Shop Listing

The 2018 run of Ebon Gate was the final run of this shop.
a yawning sinkhole, [Map Room 21], Lich #26433, go sinkhole

DD entry

[Deluge Debris] RNUM: 26434
Some type of tectonic or volcanic activity has formed this natural opening in the earth, a wide depression ending deep in the sticky sand of Caligos Isle. The sinkhole is sloped and somewhat conical, albeit downward-facing in shape, with a smaller opening toward the center leading deeper into the ground. Several petrified logs have been set out to display wares, while some sand has been formed into a mound in one corner, all serving as makeshift showcases for goods scavenged from around the island.
Obvious exits: up, down
I found all this debris on the beach.
I'm not sure what it does.
Try it out!
The Caligos conch shell is
quite special indeed.
It's a zesty souvenir
that I can unlock for you
if you want to remember
your adventures fondly
(and you prove you are worthy
of the service)!
 -- The Beachcomber Damp

On the petrified logs you see:

a small shadowy black velvet pouch Invisibility (916) bombs
Pocketed: Medium (20-39), any number of items
a broken dagger hilt Prismatic Guard (905) 15000
an oxidized trident prong Mass Blur (911) 12000
a round clump of sand Grasp of the Grave (709) 10 charges 14000
a square clump of sand Elemental Wave (410) 19000
a misshapen clump of sand Invisibility (916) 15000

On the mound you see:

a swirling black and grey potion Adrenal Surge (1107) 9000
a thick brackish potion Heal II (806) 15000
a speckled seaglass flask Elemental Defense III (414) 10000
a rough indigo seaglass flask Elemental Defense II (406) 11000
a slender deep brown ampoule Spirit Warding II (107) 12000
a seaweed-wrapped ampoule Spirit Defense (103) 8000
a bluish-green ampoule Spirit Barrier (102) 7000

On the rickety stand you see:

a small pitch black Caligos conch shell The Caligos conch shell has a sharply pointed apex at the tip of its twirled, elongated spire and a wide, curved aperture along its base. It is solid black in color on every inch of its surface. Multiple, sharp ridges and other spiny protrusions jut out from the shell in a downward-patterned whorl from its otherwise smooth, lackluster surface. Unlockable souvenir 10000

On the long dead tree limb you see:

a striated sandsilver Blink (1215) 12000
a mist grey sandsilver Dragonclaw (1209) 28000
a chipped sandsilver Foresight (1204) 9000
a rough pinkish mollusk shell Bravery (211) 20000
a tiny beige mollusk shell Tend Lore (206) 14000
a fractured black mollusk shell Spirit Shield (202) 9000

DD down

[Deluge Debris] RNUM: 26435
The sticky sand walls are sopping wet with the constant drip-drip-drip of pungent ocean water. A small, still tidal pool, likely left over from a recent high tide, remains at the bottom of the depression with tiny, clear crabs crawling slowly around it, making their way toward a soft unevenly formed sandbar. The putrid stench of decaying fish pervades the area, and soft sloshing and squishing sounds can be heard from nearby. A large crack in one wall looks wide enough to pass through.
Obvious exits: up

On the soft unevenly formed sandbar you see:

a split siren scale Floating Disk (511) 10000
a cracked and twisted siren scale Strength (509) 27000
a translucent siren scale Thurfel's Ward (503) 10000
a giant brittle crab pincer Remove Curse (315) 12000
a faded blue crab pincer Preservation (305) 4000

In the huge open shell you see:

a discolored fish spine Resist Elements (602) 11000
a headless fish spine Foraging (603) 10000
a bloodstained fish spine Skinning (604) 9000
a long blackened fish spine Sun Burst (609) 11000
a dark seahorse skeleton Mass Colors (611) 18000

On the corroded brass treasure chest lid you see:

a solid white shark eye Mystic Focus (1711) 18000
a goo-covered shark eye Martial Prowess (1705) 30000
a curved shark fin Arcane Decoy (1701) 4000
a pointy shark fin Mantle of Faith (1601) 9000

You need to purchase a service pass to enter the crack.

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