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2017 & 2018

a smooth teak door, [Map Room 5], Lich #26603, go door

[The Protected Coif, Salon] RNUM: 26604
Small, but cozy, this modest cabin offers little in the way of comfortable home amenities. A small window rests above a neatly made bed, and a claw-footed dresser fits snugly against the wall beneath a teak-framed portrait. Thin streamers of yellow silk have been hung from the ceiling in an obvious attempt to add some colorful decor to this otherwise crude dwelling.
~~ Protect your Coif! ~~
Need to spruce yourself up for an evening out?  Hesitant to do so because of having to find a hairdresser to return your hair to your favored hairstyle?  Fret no more!  Like a personal hairstyler, your image will be burned into the mirror's reflection so that you can easily "do your do" when you're in need of a quick hairstyle change.

It's possible that this cabin's resident will be around at some point to allow for greater storage capacity.

Prices in Ebon Gate seashells except where noted

On the claw-footed dresser you see:

Hair Quirk Mirrors         Teaser
an invar-strung dark alder mirror 100
an oval white birch mirror on strands of braided twine
an elegant filigreed mirror on a thin silver chain
a square mahogany mirror
a delicately carved mesille mirror
a small rowan mirror inset with black coral shards
a circular pewter and silver mirror
a gold teak-handled mirror
a silver braid-edged mirror
The gloves in this dresser are magical and will create an illusion around your hands.  Due to its magical nature, the gloves will hide themself upon wearing.

In the claw-footed dresser you see:

Illusion props show above "hands" line, and can also be purchased for 10,000 general tickets or bloodscrip
some tattered muddy brown gloves A thick layer of dried mud covers his/her hands. hand-worn 10000
some icy blue gloves A ring of icy orbs encircles his/her hands.
some fiery crimson gloves A ring of flaming orbs encircles his/her hands.
a pair of wart-encrusted gloves His/Her hands are covered with clusters of warts.
some flour-covered gloves His/Her hands are covered in a light dusting of flour.
some bloodstained gloves His/Her hands are covered in a thin layer of bright red blood.

In a small basket you see: The same gloves available for general tickets

In a leather case you see: The same gloves available for bloodscrip