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Bloodscrip is the currency of Duskruin Arena, a pay event for which entry is purchased with SimuCoins. Bloodscrip comes in a paper form that can be transferred, but must be applied to a character before being used. To do this, one must REDEEM the bloodscrip. Multiple scrips can be BUNDLEd into one for convenient trading. Use TICKET to manage a character's bloodscrip, including withdrawing scrip as desired.

LOOK Bloodscrip to see its value.

>l bloo
It is worth 401 bloodscrip.

Bloodscrip Pouch

As of May 2019 this item is no longer required to manage the applicable alternative currency, it is recommended you do not use one as maintaining the various alternative currencies on your character will prevent any loss via various item loss means. See TICKET (verb) about managing these currencies.

Pouches are available in the form of a soft leather scrip pouch to organize bloodscrip. They are available in the threshold of the Mar and Scar in Bloodriven Village for 500 bloodscrip. The pouch will collect and combine all bloodscrip and allow the user to remove any amount desired from the collected scrip. RUMMAGing while wearing a pouch will search hands and all open, non-nested containers and add any loose bloodscrip to the pouch.

Analyze and Usage

You analyze your leather scrip pouch and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:

This is a scrip pouch designed to combine and hold your bloodscrip.  You can remove a specific number as well.

    LOOK [in] MY pouch                          - Get the scrip total inside.
    PUT {scrip} [in] MY pouch                   - Place and combine your scrip inside the pouch.
    GET {#} MY pouch                            - Get a specific number of scrip from inside.
    TURN MY pouch                               - Remove all remaining scrip inside.

>l in my pouch
The leather scrip pouch contains 252 bloodscrip.

>get 50 my pouch
You reach inside your leather scrip pouch and pull out 50 bloodscrip.

>put bloo in my pouch
You tuck some creased parchment bloodscrip into your leather scrip pouch, bringing the total to 252 bloodscrip.

You remove a soft leather scrip pouch from your belt.
>turn my pou
You turn your leather scrip pouch upside down and empty out 252 bloodscrip.