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An illusion prop is an item that triggers a number of magical effects (elemental magic, for instance) that surround a character (e.g. a vortex of scarlet flames) when the item is worn. The effect becomes part of the description when the character is LOOKed at, appearing below features, Teras ash (if applicable), or tattoos/piercings (if applicable), and above the injuries section. There is no mechanical benefit provided by an illusion prop's magical effect; it is for aesthetic purposes only.

A custom illusion prop is a rare, delayed service that must be approved by QC. Event specifics, the offering GM, and any number of other variables, will determine whether only some or all of the messaging (wear message, remove message, and LOOK description) can be customized. Some releases may have more restrictions than others, and there is no guarantee that all of these options will be available for a single customization.

Illusion props premiered in 2017 as prizes found in the magical cubes at Summit Academy. Redeemable elemental certificates were used for custom props, and other items were used for pre-made props.

Character Description Placement

Character features
Teras ash (if applicable)
Tattoo and piercings (if applicable)
Illusion prop magical effect
Injuries or "in good shape"


Braces indicate an example of customizable messaging; releases of other props may allow different options for customization.


1P You carefully {put item on body part}, and {wisps of scarlet flames} begin to coil around you.
3P As Person {puts item on body part}, {wisps of scarlet flames} begin to coil around him/her.


1P You delicately remove {item}, and {a vortex of scarlet flames} coiling around you disappears.
3P Person delicately removes {item), and {a vortex of scarlet flames} coiling around him/her disappears.