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Current Shop Listing

a rotund little shop, [Map Room 59], Room# 8083161, Lich# L31680, go little shop

Ember Ridge Candy Apple Shoppe

[Ember Ridge Candy Apple Shoppe - 8084601]
Polished wooden floors meet the convex walls that rise to a ceiling that gently flattens at the top to form a rotund little shop with old-fashioned charm. Aged parchment posters line the walls, curling at the corners, while clear jars of sweets adorn the shelves between. In the rear is a lengthy table set with a trio of deep slat wood baskets and a dark ivory parchment sign. In the middle of the shop are a glass-topped counter and a long canopy-covered cart, standing back to back, immediately identifiable as the source of the sugary sweet scents in the air. You also see a simple wooden doorway.
Obvious exits: out
a dark ivory parchment sign
In the Common language, it reads:

Welcome to Ember Ridge Orchards and the Candy Apple Shoppe!

Grab one of our delicious APPLES from the BASKETS, DIP them into your favorite tasty goo on the COUNTER, then DIP them in your favorite topping on the CART!

Then all you have to do is munch and enjoy!

We hope y'all come back!

In the slat wood baskets you see: a tart green apple.

Item Type Info Details Price
a tart green apple food < 1 lb
Bites Remaining: 5 2

On the glass-topped counter you see: a deep bowl of warm caramel, a small pot of milk chocolate, a deep bowl of white chocolate, a wide-mouthed jar of honey, a bowl of ivory marzipan, a deep dish of syrupy cinnamon, a copper pot of amber rum sauce, a bowl of sticky peanut butter, and a tub of fluffy marshmallow.

On the canopy-covered cart you see: a bowl of crushed cookie bits, a dish of hard-coated candy, a canister of white sugar, a saucer of mixed crunchies, a squat jar of golden raisins, a dish of roasted sunflower seeds, a canister of sweet granola, a dish of coarse sea salt, a bowl of chopped nuts, and a teacup of insect legs.

Candy Apple Shoppe, Backroom

[Candy Apple Shoppe, Backroom - 8084602]
This exceptionally small room is stacked high with small, wooden slat-walled baskets, some stained and others pristine, obviously meant to be used for picking apples and other bounties found within the orchard. A small sign hangs above a narrow opening on the wall between two stacks.
Obvious exits: out
a small sign
In the Common language, it reads:

Please take a basket and pick all you like from the orchard!

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