Bannon Chandrennin

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Bannon Chandrennin
Storyline Requiem and Renewal
Gender Male
Race Human
Culture Aldora
Status deceased
Relationship(s) Gerjonn Chandrennin, son
Kasendra Malwind, daughter
Duncarr Chandrennin, son
Alias/Title Southern Sentinel, Duke
Affiliation(s) House of Chandrennin

Duke Bannon Chandrennin of Aldora was both Duke and Southern Sentinel of the Turamzzyrian Empire for many decades. He died of old age on Lumnea 7, 5122, at an age of at least seventy. He had six children, including eldest son and heir Gerjonn Chandrennin, daughter Kasendra Malwind, and younger son Duncarr Chandrennin. He was uncle to Emperor Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles, to whom he also provided counsel. He had at least one sister, Ayibma.

Bannon was named Duke at age sixteen when his father died. Just a few years later, the Horned Cabal attacked the southern territories of the Empire, and the Southern Sentinel was assassinated. Duke Bannon stepped forward to lead the remaining troops to repel the Horned Cabal, driving them back into the Southron Wastes. He was appointed Southern Sentinel for his actions and held that position for nearly fifty years. During his time as Sentinel, Duke Bannon oversaw the expansion of the Demonwall as well as a long period of peace and prosperity.

In an announcement of Duke Bannon's death, Emperor Aurmont honored him and his many years of service to the Empire as well as sharing some more information about their family connection.