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The Horned Cabal were five powerful liches who dwelled in the Southron Wastes and possess a fiercesome artifact capable of creating undead, the Sphere of Sorrows.

Since 4953, the Horned Cabal has repeatedly attacked the southern region of the Turamzzyrian Empire. There have been three notable battles between Imperial forces and the Horned Cabal, two in 5020, the Battle of Tyllan and the Battle of Skyreach. The third, near the end of the Fifty-first century, was the Battle of Elstreth. Instrumental in the empire's success in defeating the Horned Cabal have been the Order of Voln. As a result, the Order of Voln has grown and spread significantly across the empire and gained strong adherence in the Duchy of Aldora. The Temple of the Paladin is among the largest temples dedicated to Voln and monastery of the Order.

Of the five liches, two have been confirmed destroyed:

  • Thollett, destroyed at the Battle of Elstreth in the year 5074 by Grandmaster Allasander with the greataxe Spiritcry
  • Raukturga, destroyed in the Chamber of Horns under Gattrof Mountain on the 18th day of Charlatos in the year 5112 by adventurers working with Magister Remuliad

Another lich is rumored to have been destroyed by Grandmaster Fineval in the Southron Wastes, some time prior to the invasion of Aldora. Since all five of the known liches were later present at the Battle of Elstreth, it is presumed that the Cabal originally had at least six members.

Connection to Barnom Slim

Storyline: All the Lich King's Men

Keep in mind that in the history of Voln, there have only ever been three liches of such power released/destroyed to my knowledge.

The first was one of the five liches of The Horned Cabal, released by Grandmaster Allasander using the greataxe known as Spiritcry. Allasander died from a mortal wound during this battle near Elstreth in the year 5074 during this charge against the undead horde.

The second was another lich of The Horned Cabal, Raukturga, who was released by a group of adventurers assisted by Magister Remuliad. This occurred in the Gattrof Mountains near Elstreth. Using incredibly powerful elemental magic, Remuliad was able to petrify the lich's body. Adventurers destroyed the petrified remains of the lich, yielding an ancient artifact called "The Heart of Jaston" which was later used to bring the Felstorm threatening River's Rest to a halt and ultimately the destruction of Luukos' avatar in the Felstorm's eye. A price was paid for this victory, however, when Emlorr was abducted and sacrificed to Luukos by Grevisth (a gnome who was trying to become a sort of troll/lich abomination and was leading a cult of Luukosians). Hey, wasn't Barnom in River's Rest, alive and well around this time? (wink wink).

And finally, there was Barnom Slim himself. A man who moved from town to town, using those around him to further his power and goals and eventually becoming a lich that could rival any of those in The Horned Cabal. Given the history of such events, Vordilian knew that there was a price to pay in defeating beings of such great power. Perhaps his sacrifice was not in vain after all. The very same power that was used to curse Vordilian and destroy his soul was also the end of Barnom Slim. Vordilian's final charge into the Citadel was very reminiscent of Allasander's final charge against the liches of The Horned Cabal (to me at least!), and while it did not yield the same results, I do hope that the players enjoyed being a part of it.

— GM Marstreforn

Return of Barnom Slim

Barnom Slim was apparently returned to the living (undead?) after a blood ritual led by Vlashandra near Eonak Lake, the last day of Ivastaen in the year 5120.

Upon his return, one old dwarf noted "This be what happens when ye let blood by Eonak Lake".