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Easy Living/Bedding is a Premium Home Furniture shop in Mist Harbor. It is located one east and two north of the main entrance.

[Easy Living, Bedding] RNUM: 16374
The surrounding air is heavy and thick, permeated with the salty scent of the ocean. The far wall has been used as a large display, highlighting the assortment of native woods and barks available for bedding purchases. Hanging from the silk-draped ceiling is an assortment of colorful sea stars, each dangling at various lengths from a cord of dried sea grass. You also see a blood red cloth-covered altar, a bedding sales clerk that is lying down and a sea glass sign.


      Price  Item
1.)   35000  a shabby brown stick cot
2.)  100000  a ship-shaped driftwood bed
3.)  140000  a satin-covered raised featherbed
4.)   90000  a chiseled grey slate bed
5.)   80000  a simple whitewashed bed
6.)  125000  a dark bamboo featherbed
7.)   55000  some puffed aqua silk pillows
8.)  150000  a silk-draped four poster bed
9.)  135000  a blood red cloth-covered altar
10.)  65000  a simple white hammock
11.)  60000  a stained fishnet hammock
12.) 120000  a large birch canopy bed
13.)  50000  some fluffy tropical-hued pillows
14.)  70000  a comfy pale blue hammock
15.)  35000  a padded bamboo sleeping mat
16.) 120000  a marble-based canopy bed