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Easy Living/Doors is a Premium Home Door shop in Mist Harbor. It is located just east of the main entrance.

[Easy Living, Doors]
A variety of doors have been set into the thick whitewashed walls, each created from a different material. Several of the doors stand open, customers examining their doorknobs and craftsmanship. Along one of the walls stands an expansive saltwater lobster tank, the googly eyes of the creatures staring out into the room. You also see a door sales clerk that is lying down and a sea glass sign.


      Price  Item
1.)   75000  a smooth sandstone door
2.)  100000  a shell-adorned whitewashed door
3.)   45000  a simple oak door
4.)   50000  an uneven plankwood door
5.)   70000  a glazed ebonwood door
6.)   70000  a carved mistwood door
7.)   60000  a knotted white pine door
8.)   65000  a round driftwood door
9.)   80000  a bloom-carved driftwood door
10.) 100000  a flecked marble door