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Easy Living/Floor Coverings is the Premium Home Floor Covering shop in Mist Harbor. It is located three north of the entrance.

[Easy Living, Floor Coverings]
A colorful ocean scene wallpaper draws the eye up to the bright walls and seashell-adorned ceiling of the shop. Strung across the room from west wall to east wall are thick-braided sea grass ropes, knotted at each end to a rusted grappling hook. Laid across the expanses of the ropes is an array of large colorful rugs and mats, each woven into a different design. From the speckled sea glass ceiling hang smaller rugs cut into whimsical shapes and creatures. You also see a sea glass sign and a coverings sales clerk that is lying down.


      Price  Item
1.)   15000  a braided palm frond mat
2.)   12000  a soft sand-hued rug
3.)   18000  a plush octopus-shaped rug
4.)   30000  a gold-threaded white cotton mat
5.)   10000  a basic twig-tied mat
6.)   24000  a sand-covered cotton beach mat
7.)   24000  a salt-crusted seaweed mat
8.)   26000  an intricate skull-shaped rug
9.)   14000  a thin multicolored rug
10.)  20000  a green palm tree-shaped rug
11.)  30000  a bright pink shell-shaped rug
12.)  25000  a tropical island-painted mat
13.)  22000  a plush black wool rug
14.)  15000  a simple waxed bamboo mat
15.)  20000  a colorful woven seagrass mat