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Easy Living/Flooring is the Premium Home Floor shop in Mist Harbor. It is located one west and one north of the main entrance.

[Easy Living, Flooring]
A set of ornate palm frond chairs have been set along the side wall of the shop, beneath them, a thin woven sea grass mat. Along the opposite wall, a striking mural has been created of a sinking pirate ship, its billowing masts painted a shimmering white hue. Tall palm trees inhabit the corners of the room, each placed in a shell-trimmed terra cotta pot. You also see a flooring sales clerk that is lying down and a sea glass sign.


      Price  Item
1.)  125000  a chipped granite floor
2.)   80000  a plush seagrass floor
3.)  150000  a smooth carved marble floor
4.)  120000  a brightly tiled floor
5.)   85000  a sturdy bamboo floor
6.)  110000  a rough sandstone floor
7.)   65000  a warped plank floor
8.)   90000  a sand-covered driftwood floor
9.)  100000  a soft white sand floor
10.) 140000  a swirled sea glass floor