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Easy Living/Seating is a Premium Home Furniture shop in Mist Harbor. It is located two north of the main entrance.

[Easy Living, Seating]
Stacks of wooden benches and driftwood chairs line the side walls, rising up toward the sea grass ceiling. Along the back wall, a makeshift beach scene display has been created, complete with sand and seashells. Placed along the display are various beach chairs and loungers, each covered in a bright-colored fabric. In the center of the room is a row of sofas and armchairs, browsing customers seated in each to test its plushness. You also see a seating sales clerk that is lying down and a sea glass sign.


      Price  Item
1.)   20000  a simple plankboard bench (set of 1)
2.)   30000  a salt-crusted lounge chair (set of 2)
3.)   60000  an ebon-hued leather chair (set of 4)
4.)   40000  a woven palm frond beach lounger (set of 1)
5.)   35000  a stained canvas beach chair (set of 2)
6.)   75000  an aqua silk-covered chair (set of 4)
7.)   50000  a sand-hued rough leather armchair (set of 1)
8.)   40000  a bleached driftwood bench (set of 2)
9.)   50000  a bamboo and canvas chair (set of 4)
10.)  70000  a multicolored beach lounger (set of 4)
11.)  75000  a plush red silk armchair (set of 2)
12.)  45000  a carved driftwood chair (set of 4)
13.)  55000  a blue-hued crushed silk settee (set of 1)
14.)  45000  a woven seagrass lounger (set of 2)
15.)  60000  a sand-covered bright yellow chaise (set of 1)