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Easy Living/Wall Coverings is the Premium Home Wall Hanging shop in Mist Harbor. It is located one east and three north of the main entrance.

[Easy Living, Wall Coverings]
The rough sandstone walls of the room are alive with an array of various objects and artifacts strewn from nails and lined up along pine shelves. Sets of brightly-woven tapestries and wind-blown flags hang haphazardly from the ceiling, each displaying an ornate image. An old fisherman's net has been thrown across a tall bamboo counter, exposing an assortment of stuffed fish and dried sea creatures for purchase. You also see a sea glass sign and a wall covering sales clerk that is lying down.


      Price  Item
1.)   90000  a woven seagrass tapestry
2.)   95000  an intricate palm frond fan
3.)   65000  an oak-framed treasure map
4.)   85000  a colorful seashell display
5.)   95000  a layered coral-hued wall hanging
6.)   50000  a tattered black pirate flag
7.)  100000  an Isle of Four Winds crest
8.)  120000  a stuffed sea thrak head
9.)   90000  a detailed bloom-covered tapestry
10.)  60000  a salt-crusted fisherman's net
11.)  75000  a set of multicolored starfish
12.)  85000  a trio of carved native masks
13.) 100000  a whimsical tropical flower shadowbox
14.)  65000  an oversized rusted anchor
15.) 100000  a skull and crossbones crest
16.)  70000  a small pirate ship painting
17.) 110000  a fanciful beach scene mural
18.)  90000  an aqua silk wall hanging
19.)  80000  a large stuffed swordfish
20.)  45000  a sultry sea nymph portrait