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Easy Living/Warmth is the Premium Home Fireplace shop in Mist Harbor. Is is located one west and two north from the entrance.

[Easy Living, Warmth]
Heat radiates fiercely from the numerous fireplaces and stoves displayed along the far wall. An open bay window above the display allows for smoke and heat to escape to the outside air. In the center of the room, a large fire pit has been built, surrounded by samples of the rock and stones available as purchase options. The crackling sound of burning wood echoes through the room as the smoky scent from the fires blends with the salty smells of the sea. You also see a sea glass sign and a fireplace sales clerk that is lying down.


      Price  Item
1.)  125000  a large bamboo-trimmed fireplace
2.)   90000  a bone-edged black sand firepit
3.)  145000  a coral-mantel sandstone fireplace
4.)   65000  a deep stone-set sand firepit
5.)  140000  a fanciful shell-lined fireplace
6.)  110000  a salt-crusted black iron stove
7.)   80000  a shallow brick-lined firepit
8.)   60000  a simple red stone-lined fireplace
9.)   85000  a short seaweed-draped fireplace
10.) 160000  a sand-covered marble stove