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Easy Living/Windows is the Premium Home Window shop in Mist Harbor. It is located east and north of the entrance.

[Easy Living, Windows]
The interior of this shop is alive with the sunlight streaming in from the multitude of windows set into the surrounding walls. Round windows, square windows, and bay windows have all been placed next to each other, creating walls of frosted and various-hued glass for light to shine through. Several of the windows have been opened, letting the sounds and scents from the ocean beyond drift into the room. You also see a window sales clerk that is lying down and a sea glass sign.


      Price  Item
1.)  150000  a starfish-set bay window
2.)  250000  an expansive bay window
3.)  120000  a square shell-framed window
4.)  180000  a pair of coral-set windows
5.)   90000  a tiny rounded window
6.)  160000  a trio of aqua-hued windows
7.)  200000  a frosted shell-shaped window
8.)   80000  a simple glass-paned window
9.)  210000  a large marble-trimmed window
10.) 150000  an opaque ebon-hued window