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The Ebon Gate Auction 2006 was located on Tower Hill in the village of Velathae.


Presented October 28-29, 2006

The auction lasted two days and had a tent with items sold for silvers and a tent for items that were raffled using tokens.


Token Room, Saturday

1 an amber-inlaid mesille short bow ranged, short bow base, 40/200, can load wands into bow to give arrows elemental flares, said to flare on every shot Phyrn
2 an ancient glowbark runestaff one of a series of runestaves
40/310, just over 4x, holds a number of charges, can be used to cast Major Cold, recharges ten charges a day, part of a set that will grow in power when others are near (supposed to have effect similar to Mana Focus)
3 a black silk gown morphing gown, chestworn Venrath
4 a black twill sack stitched with colorful silk wildflowers Contains six red leatherbound foilios and a multilayered ebonwood press - flower press and folios passed, sent to token room on Sunday, won by Kyriele
5 a blackened iron collar 5/10, 2x DB item, has a few “quirks,” neckworn, no pockets, gives a neck wound when worn, no experience for empath who heals the wound Antalya
6 a brass and gold disk inset with a swirling aetherstone generates 1 Chronomage ticket per week to any destination (1 ticket per week total), does not affect Chronomage ticket prices, no information given on keeping and saving tickets Glathial
7 a bright faenor earcuff allows wearer to understand Dwarven passed
8 a bright faenor earcuff allows wearer to understand Giantkin passed, sent to Sunday, won by Stay
9 a bright faenor earcuff allows wearer to understand Dhe’nar-si Merjinia
10 a brilliant silver pavis pin pinworn, no pockets, casts 414 3x/day Samhainne
11 a brittle yellowed finger bone casts 130 1x/day, requires MIU Thraxxis
12 a curse doll wave to set target (up to 3x/day), poke it for target to feel the pain, no wounds caused Alondyrnyl
13 some eahnor-studded brigandine crafted from supple sueded manticore skin brigandine armor, 73/375, +18, enchantable, bonus to stamina recovery and strength, can’t be worn by wizards, clerics, empaths, sorcerers and paladins, bonus will wear away over time, but are quite strong when auctioned Whispern
14 some enruned metal breastplate metal breastplate, 60/475, 6x, can shift between all plate class armors, changes color when tapped Inana
15 an enruned witchwood box contains an enruned black ora bracelet, said to have been “created by a madman during some sort of exotic summoning ritual,” said that no one bothered to investigate further, hinted to be attuned Corwynd
16 an ensigiled dark leather pouch creates 4 inter-realm chalks for 740 per week, beltworn, holds small for any umber of items Edgeleaf
17 an etched dusky grey runestone usable only by empaths, allows to summon a unique spirit servant that fully heals everyone in the area when 1125 is cast at it, requires knowledge in arcane symbols Washee
18 an etched rolaren pin summons spectral lysard to play, not of master quality, unlimited charges Rubytears
19 an etched silver pin summons a spectral silver-chased flute to play, normal quality Rendena
20 a flame-etched ebonwood wand creates fireworks to be seen all over a particular realm, can also create smaller fireworks, larger fireworks 10x/week, intimate fireworks cost 5 mana per, no limit, requires 20 ranks MIU to choose color and shape of display Elysabeth
2 a gleaming vaalorn kilij with a deeply engraved handguard 70/180, scimitar base, just under 5x, very heavily crit weighted Marionetta
22 a glossy black fel bracer allows wearer to cast Darkness as if they had studied the spell, magic of knowledge wears away with use, current charge is “vast,” said to originate from a pair obtained from a Turamzzyrian temple, loresong passed
23 some gold-threaded silver robes embroidered with tiny black lightning bolts robe armor, 10/230, 6x, offensive and defensive lightning flares Vrairdrick
24 a haon-hilted blued steel broadsword edged, broadsword base, 75/160, seems to be erratic and causes victims to fall asleep, fluctuating bonus, does not require MIU Mytmo
25 a highly polished kelyn pin expertly crafted in the likeness of a small lockpick casts locklore 3x/day passed
26 an intricately engraved gold locket neckworn, enhances strength, large number of charges, rechargeable, has “odd scents” to release when prodded Jeeves
27 a jet black adamantine bastard sword set with a large ruby pommel 99/999, +17, said only able to be used by around level 65 can comfortably use it, 62 cannot hold it, can attempt to disarm opponent when parrying with it, estimated every 9 parries or so, weighs 15, blessable, enchantable Ryhn
28 some jet black obsidian dice usable 5x/day, each roll has “magical effects,” possibly no magic training needed, rolling 1 and 1 gives a disk, Stone Fist for another roll, other rolls call lightning bolts on everyone in the room Aimless
29 a jet-inlaid raven crossbow 50/285, can load wands into bow to give elemental flares to arrows, works with crafted arrows, just over 5x, has “quirks,” light crossbow, said to flare on each hit, inspects as made from yew Myrisa
30 a long deep black box contains a set of “holy clothing” including a circlet, a mantle, a symbol, and some robes, has holy “quirks” depending on wearer’s faith, mantle holds 100 pounds for any number of items Usage
31 a magnificent glowbark aegis banded with two strips of faenor 65/210, just over 5x, weighs 11, bonus to shield use, large shield, further enchantable but not by most wizards Temairak
32 a matte black kelyn hook-knife 45/155, 6x, heavy crit weighting, brawling, hook-knife base Jesp
33 a midnight blue mithril claidhmore 95/240, possibly scripted Stephivie
34 a battered case containing a scored and notched rolaren main gauche and a scuffed and battered badelaire badelaire 95/225, 5x, weighs 5, heavy crit weighting, main gauche 38/255, 4x/2x, weighs 2, case beltworn and holds medium for any number of items Daggahl
35 an onyx-set ebon rolaren dagger 6x, very heavy crit weighting, loresong, 38/260, edged, dagger base Rhys
36 some opalescent vaalin-framed spectacles decent bonus to arcane symbols and very nice bonus to perception, scripted Jendaarah
37 an orb-inset fel talisman seems to respond best to those who are devout in their beliefs, manipulating will show wearer’s religious allegiance, seems scripted for rub, push, raise and turn, best for Lornon or Gosaena followers, to be customized by merchant Heddy to include a bit of history catered to the bidder, as well as a more intricate description and engraving Mikoguchi
38 an ornately gilded rolaren gorget 65/365, reactive lightning flares, garrote defense, self-mana Song of Mirrors for everyone in the group, requires MIU and twice mana cost, has history for a Bard to find, crit padded Uniana
39 a pair of gold-framed spectacles with half-moon lenses pinworn, no pockets, allows wearer to read Halfling passed to token room on Sunday, won by Malikh
40 a perfectly cut violet feystone headworn, forehead gem Shiva
41 a pink-speckled alabaster mushroom creates spores 3x/day.Verdana says, “But whether your foe has a face once you’re done with them... that’s a different matter.” Pithy
42 a property deed deed, good for Pinefar - the Crystal Dome Ziayiel
43 some pure white chain mail armor chain mail armor, 55/350, changes through the chain class armors, changes color, further enchantable, but hinted that there are no potions to enchant it further Whyssper
44 a seared and corroded vultite bastard sword Ntere
45 a silk and wool tapestry music case holds an onyx-inlaid mistwood zither, master quality, case has a few other “quirks,” case is beltworn and holds very small for one item Tharken
46 a silvery grey dwarven moon axe 5x, permabless, holy water flares, 85/200, edged, handaxe base Kellerie
47 a sleek night black goat garbed in a tiny ebony cape embroidered with a golden key many scripts, most available to a goat; It appears to be a mechanical toy goat. passed to token room on Sunday, won by Tatiyanna
48 a slender witchwood runestaff THW, rune staff base, 25/280, +22, bonus to spell aim Sheelanagig
49 a small black marble altar appears to be heavily scripted for devotions, not alterable Frorin
50 a small puma hide-covered case piercing kit, all piercing jewelry flippable, kit can produce multiple copies of items inside, said to be unlimited Burian
51 a small silver slide whistle pinworn, weighs less than 2, summons “a battered antique faewood crate” to hold things for you, holds 10 items of any size or weight, will replace a disk, but can be called at any time, can be closed or flipped, random idle scripts, holds items after logging off (unsure on period of time it will wait), does not disintegrate upon death, attunes to first user Lucos
52 a stylized silver wave pin pinworn, no pockets, casts 107, 3x/day Bloodthorn
53 a suit of finely crafted zelnorn chain hauberk inlaid with deep black dreamstones chain hauberk armor, 59/495, 3x to AS and DS
Vasteele says, “You will need to be able to tangle with a troll king, or close to it, to be able to use this piece of armor.”
54 a suit of fluted golvern plate full plate, 93/764, 5x, further enchantable Sarnaak
55 some svelte suede-laced casting leathers decorated with multihued gemstones double leather armor, 35/290, 6x, female only Raindove
56 a thick obsidian band marked with a single glyph ring of lightning, can be used to call balls of lightning, recharged by lightning spells, small knowledge of MIU needed to call lightning Stadia
57 a thin silver ring set with a polished blue sapphire bonus to wisdom and mana recovery, scripted, fingerworn, no pockets, may be recharged Carelock
58 a twisted dark fireleaf runestaff 35/305, just over 5x, aids mana and spirit regen, THW, rune staff base, great number of charges, rechargeable Xyelin
59 a twisted vaalorn circlet set with an azure blazestar only Wizard can wear, bonus to air lore and mana recovery, great number of charges, has a history for bards to uncover Oniros
60 a wavering elemental circlet gives knowledge of fire lore, consistency may be "dangerous" until wearer becomes accustomed to its “quirks” Kastor
61 a white satin Bride’s box contains entire outfit for a bride
an ecru lace veil beaded with tiny pearls and black diamonds
a fitted ecru satin gown with an overskirt of sheer dove grey lace
a black diamond pendant suspended from a twisted platinum necklace
a pair of dove grey lace gloves
a dove grey velvet pouch gathered with a twisted ecru braid
a pair of sheer ecru lace stockings
a pair of ecru satin slippers swirl-beaded with pearls and black diamonds
an ecru velvet cloak edged with dove grey lace along the hems (holds very large, weighs 8)
a sheer ecru lace robe cinched with a satin ecru belt
passed, sent to token room on Sunday
62 a wrought iron-hafted mithril morning star 80/185, blunt, morning star base, 6x, switchable cold and vacuum flares Chantreuse
63 a wyrwood rattle user can cast an illusion over any demon which lasts as long as the demon is summoned Beramun

Silver Room, Saturday

1 an ancient glowbark runestaff one of a series of runestaves
40/310, just over 4x, said only to respond to a mage attuned to fire, holds a number of charges, part of a set that will grow in power when others are near (Plat staff described as supposed to have effect similar to Mana Focus)
Ligne for 1.65 mil
2 a black leather Groom’s box contains a set of clothing for a groom, cloak holds 100 pounds, pouch holds five small items, waistcoat holds two small items
a storm grey velvet waistcoat
an onyx black satin vest with brushed silver buttons
a pale grey linen shirt, pinworn
a pair of black wool trousers
a storm grey leather pouch
a pair of black leather boots fastened with hammered silver buckles
a raven black stagskin cloak
a storm grey silk robe traced with swirls of silver and black
passed, sent to token room on Sunday
3 a blue-speckled alabaster mushroom creates spores 3x/day, not said what the spores do Yarx for 5.5 mil
4 a brass and gold disk inset with a violet feystone miscellaneous item, pulled from Plat to be replaced, generates chronomage tickets to Ta’Illistim and Ta’Vaalor 6x/week Xanith for 4.95 mil
5 a bright faenor earcuff allows wearer to understand Faendryl Evarin for 1 mil
6 a bright faenor earcuff allows winner to understand Sylvankind Stunseed for 20 silvers


This data was compiled from a number of sources, including player-run websites only available via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

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