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Ebon Gate 2010 is a festival held at the end of October.


Platinum will run 10/22 - 10/29

Prime will run 10/29 - 11/7

Platinum grounds will stay open for digging, shopping, and RP throughout the entire Prime run.

The last weekend will not be considered part of normal merchanting/shopping time, but the grounds will stay open for further RP.

The grounds will close on 11/7 in both instances.

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The following is a list of shop locations for the Ebon Gate 2010 festival. Initially it was setup with shop locations for Platinum. If shops are in a different place, you should note both locations and specify which is which.

Shop Name Map Room Lich Room Portal Description
unknown 23 12875 a decrepit cottage
unknown 19 12879 a fence with a swinging gate surrounding a large yard and a modest stone cottage within the yard
unknown 28 12686 a marooned riverboat
unknown 52 12919 a small alleyway
unknown 24 12874 an elegant grey-timbered house set back in the thorn bushes
A Catawampus Cottage 23 12875 a catawampus cottage
A Certain Affliction 1 12867 a rickety black building
A Dark Cellar 44 12927 a squat stone building
A Dark Room 3 12865 a stone building
A Distinguished Presence 58 12953 a large ivy-covered stone building
A Matter of Time 29 12916 a round mahogany building with several large windows
A Neglected House 4 12864 an old neglected house
A Passing Fancy 40 12931 a dark vine-covered building
A Pious Habit 42 12901 a small granite-walled chapel
A Pristine Shop 13 12906 a pristine shop
A Slate-roofed Stone Cottage 40 12931 a slate-paved walk
A Small Cottage 3 12865 a small cottage
A Tile-Roofed Shop 31 12941 a small wooden gate
A Tiny Wooden Shack 14 12905 a tiny wooden shack
Above and Below 25 12871 a deep purple-trimmed ebonwood cottage with a black-shingled roof
Adramel's 23 12875 a jagged gash in the wall of a ruined home
Aevant's Folly 57 12940 a tall stone building
Alternative Arkati 18 12900 a low dark wood structure
Armorer 45 12925 a wrought iron gate
Aspirations of Expiration 12 12907 a crude stone and yew house spotted with mold
Bath From Beyond 13 12906 a tidy wooden shop
Beggar's Alley 54 12917 a dark alley squeezed between two shops
Beguiling Selections 33 12938 a dark stone bungalow
Bejeweled 25 12871 a brightly painted maoral shed
Berla's Cloaks and Things 18 12900 a half-timbered shopfront
Blunt Instruments 45 12925 an open air stall
Boniface Inn 35 12936 a neglected inn
Bound for Fashion 60 12951 a large ebonwood building with candle-lit stained glass windows
Charmed 29 12916 a small green-painted shop
Classical Couture 60 12951 a crimson-roofed boutique
Creidne's Charms 6 12914 an open doorway leading into a small shop wedged between two of the other buildings
Creidne's Creations 64 12947 a small store with an open red door
Crossroads of the Gods 20 12878 an austere stone edifice
Dark Rose Cottage 18 12900 a riverstone wall with a series of briars and vines on it (vines to get in, roses to get out)
Dark Rose Cottage 18 12900 a rose-covered riverstone cottage
Dislocated Bones 49 12922 a white plastered storefront
Ebon Crypt 32 12939 a stout ebon-hued building with a deep black door
Eclectorium 45 12925 a small wooden building
Engaged in Elegance, Additions 60 12951 a small iris-painted cottage
Engaged in Elegance, For Her 60 12951 a rose-painted small white building
Engaged in Elegance, For Him 60 12951 a rose-covered pale green shop
Enotselaved Abode 62 12950 a loganberry covered gate
Epitaphs of Love 65 12945 a small shop with a clear crystal doorknob
Faded Away 48 12873 a tall wooden gate painted with pink blooms
Feed the Beast 14 12905 a wide thick-timbered shop
Fickle Fancies 43 12928 an oak-trimmed stone shop
Field Gear 12 12907 a two-story fel home
Forest 16 12903 a winding dirt path leading into the woods
Forest Fashions 9 12911 a large log cabin
Frost Cottage 65 12945 a cozy thatched cottage
Funeral Fashions 47 12923 a narrow granite shop
Fusion Sanctum 4 12864 an old domed building
Gravegard (Digging) 39 12932 a narrow rutted muddy road
Grey House 31 12941 a grey slate-shingled house
Here Piggy Piggy 23 12875 a large brick red barn
Hidden Hand 63 12926 a small bay-windowed shop
Idolatry 47 12923 a tall white stone tower
Impressions 49 12922 a tall and narrow house
Intentsity 13 12906 a rough-hewn wooden building
Iron It Out 49 12922 an arched doorway
Ironwright 46 12924 a blacksmith's stall
Items of Flare 1 12867 a small wooden shop
Klide's Hides 34 12937 a small discolored shop
Knick's Knacks 35 12936 a large wooden antique shop
Leftovers 8 12912 a compact brick structure
Lock and Key 15 12904 a shrouded hut
Lofty Aspirations 11 12908 a gold-trimmed vibrant orchid shop with peaked gables
Magic Wards 3 12865 a small house
Malapert Magus 61 12933 a tidy storefront with an arched entry
Malleable Majicks 56 12954 a pair of brass-trimmed doors
Mallowyr Grounds 55 12920 a spindly wrought iron gate
Moonlight and Shadow 57 12940 a small stone hut with a red tile roof
Mournful Melodies 43 12928 a dark blue doorway
Mourning Glories 14 12905 a cramped vine-choked storefront
Mourning Mist 47 12923 a small black stone cottage
Muirne's Makeup 37 12935 a narrow and neat storefront
Muirne's Multiplicity 38 12934 a faded dusky blue-sashed cottage
Multifaceted 14 12905 an aged mahogany cellar door
Natural Needs 27 12869 a mud and plank cabin
Natural Selection 26 12870 a rough-carved small modwir cabin
Necking 47 12923 a small grey granite boutique
Peretta's Pretties 60 12951 a pristine white shop
Pewter Palace 27 12869 a small whitewashed house
Pins and Ties 30 12942 a fenced red brick shop covered in dirge-vaon and ivy creepers
Pirenia's Puppeteer 57 12940 a plain pallid stone building with a colorful orange awning
Promise Remembered 34 12937 a quaint mahogany building
Ramshackle Cottage 17 12902 a ramshackle wooden cottage with a red door
Random Thoughts 26 12870 a small white cottage
Requiem 52 12919 a narrow granite storefront
Ribbons and Lace Boutique 65 12945 a lavender and pink gabled cottage
Rolarg's Abode 9 12911 a wooded path leading to a scorched log cabin
Rozenwyn's Recreations 51 12921 a tiny shop surrounded on two sides by a tall ivy-covered stone wall
Rozenwyn's Regalia 67 12948 a dark dimly lit shop with curtain-drawn windows
Runty Hog Tavern 50 12922 a small tavern
Rustic Overtones 26 12870 a small ramshackle farmhouse
Sacred Blessings 8 12912 a black and red stone building
Scents of Death 32 12939 a windowless stone building
Second Life 20 12878 a rough wood shack
Sieldra's Rustic Greenhouse 18 12900 a vacant greenhouse
Silk Stalkings 35 12936 an elegant crimson-trimmed building
Silk-O'-The-Wisp 34 12937 a small purple haon shop with wispy silk-curtained windows
Stylish Subterfuge 23 12875 a small ivory cottage with silver-lit windows
Sugar and Spice 20 12878 a bright green-painted house with dull blue shingles
Take It To The Grave 37 12935 a two-story building
The After Life 34 12937 an old beaten house
The Arcane Loom 5 12865 a half-timbered red stone storefront
The Bank of Elanith 73 12946 a stone grey arch
The Broken Cirque 11 12908 a dour black ebonwood edifice
The Crab Shack 17 12902 a dilapidated wooden shack
The Exterminator's Collection 72 12872 a dilapidated shack
The Homestead 63 12926 a tidy white cottage
The Look It Took 34 12937 a slender white stone building
The Lost Trinket 7 12913 a dilapidated building
The Monotonous Male 62 12950 a squat pale grey marble building
The Painted Teacup 40 12931 a prim whitewashed shop
The Prop Closet 13 12906 a tiny warped wooden shed
The Silver Scryer 44 12927 a small red brick shop
The Stone-tender's Cottage 22 12876 a tiny thatch-roofed cottage
The Tailored Scabbard 9 12911 a dark wooden structure
The Tannery 33 12983 a low stone building with a rough wooden door
The Treasure Trove 55 12920 a small vanilla brick shop
Til Death 20 12878 a windowless shake and shingle store with a distinct tilt to one side
Tintarel's Shop 47 12923 a tidy fieldstone house with a blue-painted door
Trick of the Eye 29 12916 a stout low-gabled house
Twiggery Wiggery 57 12940 a crumbling stone building
We Guard Thee 59 12952 a small weathered hut with a thatched roof
West Sunset Boutique 49 12922 a neatly appointed dress shop on the corner
Wood You 59 12952 a weathered wooden cottage
Yares' Emporium 2 12866 a dilapidated cottage
Your Best Foot Forward 10 12910 a dusty cottage
Zephyr 31 12941 a pale mistwood and stone structure