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Ebon Gate 2011 is a festival held at the end of October.


Platinum will run 10/21 - 10/28

Prime will run 10/28 - 11/4

Platinum grounds will stay open for digging, shopping, and RP throughout the entire Prime run.

The last weekend will not be considered part of normal merchanting/shopping time, but the grounds will stay open for further RP.

The grounds will close on 11/4 in both instances.


Please note: This will be updated as more merchants arrive at their shops.

Room # Shop Name Shop Description Merchant
1 The Skeptic/The Affluent Series of run-down wagons Juleana
2 A Camouflage Tent Camouflaged tent
3 Instrumental Interlude Moss-covered stone cave Andagia
Rods, Springs N' Blades Dangling rope ladder Yurki
4 Abandoned Stronghold Muck-immersed abandoned stronghold Dhyne
5 Abandoned Tavern Half-Sunken Abandoned Tavern Lahke
6 Abandoned Church Moss-covered abandoned church Balbaroy
7 Close Yer Robe Dilapidated Wooden Shack
9 Belly of the Burghal Partially submerged airship
11 The Erratic Alchemist Multicolored striped tent
18 House of Ebon and Ivory Immense age Wyrwood tree Weverly
21 Masca Ramshackle hut
Bramas' Toy Wagon Small web-draped wagon
Totally Runed Tall red and blue tent
A Spring in Your Step Moss-draped darkgreen tent Belopo
22 Bracchium
23 Bank Building
Caementicium Suede Tent
The Last Breath Halted Large ebonwood wagon Asael/Soshanne
The Frilly Filly A rotting wagon
Take a Dip Broken-down wooden plank shack
24 Kiosk Colorful wooden Kiosk
30 After Thoughts Half-sunk house boat
31 Wrought From Rot Moss-covered hollow cypress
Abandoned Shack Small shack
Wasp Your Back Massive mud mound Buzzly
34 The Pious Panoply Pure white canvas tent Taikona
40 Frippery in the Fen Large grey silk pavilion Mriwyn
Weave And Wear Large wooden wagon
41 Foxfire Manor Hole in the Wall Farisante
Turn It Around Dark copper-trimmed wagon
43 A Ragged Canvas Tent Ragged canvas tent
Belted My Way Small austere wagon
Ornate Wagon Ornate wagon
44 A Putrid Yellow Tent putrid yellow tent
Small Canvas Tent Small canvas tent
46 A Bright Orange Tent Bright orange tent
47 Brush With Death Jade green tent
48 Hang 'Em High Long muddy path
49 Holly, Wood and Vine Large cotton pavilion Bazzelwyn
Talisman Tent Tall blue fabric tent Rashiva
Magically Delicious Small run-down wagon
Illustrated Tent Illustrated tent Nexel
50 Round 'Em Up Small Wooden Bard Bovidae
52 A Vision of Beauty Shining silver wagon Asael, Rakot, Soshanne
Trolling the Swamp Gnarled archway
53 Deserted Cottage Muck lined pathway
55 Blacksmiths' Courtyard Large stone arch
Mychus' Wagon Short wagon Mychus
57 The Bearded Dome Massive domed tent Skjegg
58 A Stony Cottage Thatched-roofed silvery stone cottage
Calantha's Caravan Gilded oak caravan
59 Swamp Stamen Whitewashed shack
63 Wooden Works Old supply wagon
66 Healer's Tent Muddy canvas tent
68 Gurm's Right-half colorful conjoined tent
Beyond Words Poster-laden booth
Burning Down the House Blazing flame-lit building
69 Breezy Gazebo Screen-in Gazebo
70 The Goblin Oddity Several colorful wagons
Inside the Hut Sturdy grass hut
71 A Pocket Full Darkly stained teak wagon Sammee
73 The Hair Appeal Dilapidated wooden structure Hailifax
74 The Witch's Light Disjointed wooden stall
Soinya's Flowers Cart
75 Frosted Landings Grey and violet silk pavilion
76 Take a Swig Rough stone hut
Bog Smithy Sturdy brick hut
Hag's Hovel Straw-and-mud hovel Drandae
Bring Your Own Magic Battered tanik and hoan
Hodgepodge Hole Crooked pin wagon Callely
Immortally Preserved Conical ebon velvet pavillion
77 The Secluded Smith Shoddy canvas tent Theammer
From Hair to There Bright flowery wagon
Baked Up a Treat Small ivy-strewn wagon
79 Hair Apparent Garish red-wheeled wagon Gweedetta
80 Whatever Will Be Gilded crimson painted wagon
81 Skin Deep Colorful modwir wagon
Lovely Lacings Expansive amethyst velvet pavilion
Lovely Livery Blue and silver silk pavilion
82 Divine Delights Teak and white monir wagon
84 Rumrunners Tavern Seedy-looking tavern
Under The Big Top Soaring pink pavilion Thkral
Bilkie's Emporium Brightly painted shack Blinda
85 Amidst the Tents Cluster of canvas tents
To The Hilt Silver-roofed dark blue wood wagon Hkala
86 Picked Apart Dilapidated shack
Dollhouse Enormous wagon
87 Gurm's Left-half colorful conjoined tent
Tip Top Shape Dark Ebonwood Wagon
91 Canvas Closet Canvas-draped shack
98 Swamp Sparkles Gold and silver Pavilion Joola
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