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Eisenruck (EYE-zen-rook): This is a gnomish term generally applied to a rigid-sided backpack-type container, most often formed with sheet metal sides, lid, and bottom.


The nature of Burghal gnomish pursuits has, over time, led to the creation of a rigid-sided back-worn container similar in size and general application to the traditional backpack. The incorporation of rigid -- often sheet metal -- walls produces a container which can be advantageous given the race's focus on mechanical construction, embellishment, and maintenance tasks, which involves oddly shaped, sharp-edged, and sharp-cornered tools, supplies, and materials.


Eisenrucks provide the additional structure necessary when hauling an assortment of differently shaped mechanical components, and many also incorporate one or two fold-down "wings." Each wing can be deployed as a serviceable work surface atop the seated mechcrafter's thigh, thus enabling them to work anywhere they can find a seat. Additionally, the rigid sides of the eisenruck are sometimes inlaid with contoured niches for retaining the diverse hand tools commonly employed by those who choose to wear the slab-sided containers.


Eisenrucks are defined by their rigid sides, but aside from rigidity, the choice of the material used for an eisenruck can be as unique as the individual who designs it. Virtually any inflexible metal, hard wood, or even boiled leather can be found as a prominent material in an eisenruck's construction, although glaes is an uncommon component due to its weight.

General Restrictions

While the fabrication and use of eisenrucks tends to be favored by Burghal gnomes and some enclaves of more mechanically inclined dwarves, there is nothing innately restrictive in the nature of their design or construction beyond the prominent reliance upon a rigid material for the container's exterior surfaces.

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