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The Elanthian calendar mimics the mundane (Gregorian) calendar. The CALENDAR verb can be used in game as a quick reference.


The setting of Elanthia was officially established in 1995 with the in-universe calendar year 5095, Modern Era. Elanthian time passes at the same rate as real time, so that, for example, the real-life year 2016 corresponds to 5116 in-universe. This is in contrast to DragonRealms where time in Elanthia works on a multiplier to compress the day for the Moon Mage profession, though this may be a purely out of character mechanic with no physical significance.

The first year of the Modern Era is Year 0, though there is no currently known event that specifically marks the start of the Modern Era. Documentation for events before the Modern Era will typically use negative numbers: for example, -15,188 refers to 20,304 years ago (as of 5116). Some documents may use relative time since a major historical event, so the same year may be referred to as "year 33,710 of House Vaalor" (the 33,710th year since the founding of the house in -48,897). The Illistim use the founding of their house as the baseline date for their own calendar. There are sometimes inconsistencies in the various chronologies but they are usually minor and possibly in character errors.

Time of Day

While the exact time in the game is eastern time, the sunrises and sunsets more closely follow central standard time. Use TIME to get the current time in game.

Certain generalized times of day have Elanthian names:

Mundane Elanthian
Dawn Hour of Lumnis
Noon Hour of Phoen
Dusk Hour of Tonis
Midnight Hour of Ronan

Day of the Week

Mundane Elanthian
Sunday Restday
Monday Volnes
Tuesday Tilamaires
Wednesday Leyan
Thursday Niiman
Friday Day of the Huntress
Saturday Feastday


Mundane Elanthian
January Lormesta
February Fashanos
March Charlatos
April Olaesta
May Ivastaen
June Lumnea
July Koaratos
August Phoenatos
September Imaerasta
October Jastatos
November Eoantos
December Eorgaen

Elanthian Holidays

There are Elanthian holidays that fall on real life holidays, but are not carbon copies of the mundane holiday. The Elanthian versions do have their own in-game lore.

Mundane Elanthian
Valentine's Day, 02/14 Day of Voaris and Laethe
April Fool's Day, 04/01 Day of Zelia's Warning
May Day, 05/01 Day of Kuon's Blessing
May 20th, 05/20 Festival of Oleani
July 14th, 07/14 Cholen's Eve
Halloween, 10/31 Eve of the Reunion
Christmas, 12/20-12/25 Feast of the Immortals
New Year's Eve, 12/31 Lornon's Eve

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