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House of Illistim
Crest a peacock on a field of sapphire
Jewel diamond (white)
Statement "Knowledge is the key to eternity."
Founder Linsandrych Illistim
Ruler Argent Mirror Myasara

The House of Illistim is one of the seven original elven noble houses, founded by the scholar Linsandrych Illistim. Their seat of power is the City-State of Ta'Illistim in eastern Elanith. The crest of the House of Illistim is a peacock on a field of sapphire blue, the royal jewel is a white diamond, and their heraldic statement is "Knowledge is the key to eternity."


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It is often said that no other culture values knowledge more than the Illistim elves. Their loremasters are renowned for their scholarship, and the skill of their artificers has produced many of the greatest magical artifacts in elven history. The Library Aies in Ta'Illistim is the oldest extant repository of knowledge on the continent, except perhaps when a fragment of the archives of Fash'lo'nae manifests on the material plane.

The Illistim monarch is addressed as the Argent Mirror. Historically, the role has been predominantly female. The current Argent Mirror is Myasara.

Illistim society is quite accessible by elven standards. All families are considered 'noble' in some fashion, and all have the right to attend court functions or enter into any of the prestigious orders. Some families have historically been more prominent due to their achievements and have had more influence and resources than others, but a member of any family will be honored for their individual merit. Representatives of the city-state are present in many organizations with a keen eye for discovering talent.

For the first thirty thousand years of its history, Ta'Illistim was ruled by the direct descendants of Linsandrych Illistim, and the royal family wielded considerable power. However, the direct royal line ended after the dissolution of the Elven Empire when the last dynastic Argent Mirror abdicated the throne. In the modern day, there is no longer a royal bloodline, as the monarchs of Ta'Illistim are chosen by the Council of Thrones and typically only rule for two to three hundred years instead of for life.

The City-State of Ta'Illistim officially sponsors the following branches:

There are also a number of private social clubs of considerable influence, including:

Some of the most important families in Illistim history have included:


Like the other noble elven houses, the Illistimi are not especially religious. Prior to the founding of the noble elven houses, the shaman Yadzari Illistim had convinced many elves that the Arkati were not truly gods. Illistim society has mostly continued in this tradition, regarding several of the Arkati as honored patrons whose favor could be sought, in particular Lumnis, Jastev, and Fash'lo'nae. On the other hand, they tend not to agree with the tempestuous nature of Charl or the frivolity of Cholen. There are also rumors of a forbidden pseudo-cult to Gosaena. Of the lesser spirits, they have a respect for Jaston.


While the House of Illistim was chronologically the first of the elven houses to be founded, it has never striven to lead the Elven Empire. Linsandrych Illistim spent her years pursuing scholarship rather than politics, and her successors have often taken a similar approach, preferring to mediate between the other elven houses rather than seeking power for themselves. In the early days of the Empire, the Illistim elves enjoyed good relations with the House of Loenthra, but a schism developed during the reign of Argent Mirror Cafainiel. While the rift was eventually resolved without violence, since then the Illistimi have tended to seek alliance with the House of Vaalor. Notably, the famed Sabrar were originally an Illistimi legion sent to take service under the Vaalorian army. In the modern day, the alliance was renewed under Argent Mirror Irinara and has continued to hold during Myasara's reign.

In the conflicts between the human Turamzzyrian Empire and the House of Nalfein, the Illistimi remained mostly neutral, only sending aid to the other elves when Ta'Nalfein itself seemed in danger.

In the year 5103 Modern Era, the Aelotoi people emerged from a portal near Ta'Illistim. It was subsequently discovered that their suffering under kiramon overseers was due to an ancient conflict where Illistim mages expelled the kiramon to the world where the Aelotoi had resided. A council of all the elven houses decided that to remedy the mistake, the Aelotoi should be offered citizenship in all elven cities if they so chose. Those who preferred their own settlement would be given refuge in Cysaegir, formerly an Illistim town that had been abandoned for many years, which would be refurbished and placed under the protection of the Illistim military.

In 5119 M.E., the Valley of Gold treaty was signed by Argent Mirror Myasara and Emperor Aurmont Chandrennin Anodheles of Turamzzyr, declaring mutual respect and friendship between the nations. King Qalinor Vaalor stood as witness at the signing, though onlookers recounted that he seemed somewhat displeased. The signing was also met with consternation in Ta'Nalfein.

The Illistim tend to be more accepting of half-elves than the other elven houses. Throughout the history of Ta'Illistim, many scholars of other races have come to study in its libraries, so children of mixed parentage have always been a relatively common sight in the city. Among the famous half-elves who have resided in Ta'Illistim were Tirnelle Maefyrne and Aramur Forean. However, despite their frequent residency, half-elves are not granted citizenship in most cases.

Ta'Illistim also has a sizeable population of burghal gnomes of the Winedotter bloodline, who were granted residency under the reign of Argent Mirror Ardtin.


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