House of Illistim

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House of Illistim
Crest a peacock on a field of sapphire
Jewel diamond (white)
Statement "Knowledge is the key to eternity."
Founder Linsandrych Illistim
Ruler Argent Mirror Myasara

One of seven original noble houses of elves, the House of Illistim was said to have valued knowledge above all else, its members having been known as great scholars. It was said that no other culture in Elanthia valued knowledge more than the Illistim did, and they were the creators of some of the most powerful elven artifacts due to their mastery of magic. The House Illistim seat of power was in the City-State of Ta'Illistim, often called "The Shining City." It was held by the Argent Mirror, who is presently Queen Myasara. The heraldic statement of House Illistim was: "Knowledge is the key to eternity."

"The Shining City" owes its title to a famous poem by Isildrich Greyvael Illistim. Ta'Illistim was founded by Linsandrych Illistim, who built Library Aies and Ta'Illistim Keep. The House began when she was joined by the Chronicle keepers in -49,107 Modern Era, who might be the Order of Lorekeepers society, which Linsandrych's grand-daughter Adonethwen was a member of after abdicating.

Illistim society was infamously egalitarian, and divided into a number of prestigious branches. Among these included the Loremasters, the Elemancers, the Artificers, the Arch Magi, the Sapphire Guard, the Council of Thrones, and royal representatives such as the Seneschal or liaisons to the court within all of the state branches. There was also mention of an Illistim Ministry of Scholars. However, there were many people who were less high profile, being little more than farmers or shopkeeps. It is important to note that these were all branches of the state, and that the funding was generous for the elite.

Prominent Groups


There were a number of highly influential families among the Illistim elite, other than the old royal bloodline, whether historically or at the present time. The following are examples with what they were characteristically known for:


There were also a number of private social clubs of considerable influence, including:

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