Elanthian Flora Guide

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The Elanthian Flora Guide is a complete listing of flora found around the wilds of Elanthia.

Flora Guide

Climate Zones
Lichen, Mosses, and Fungi
Low Brush and Bushes
Marine Flora
Plants and Herbs
Vines and Parasitics
A Speech Unspoken: The Language of Flowers


Overall Compilation and Research, Flowers and Plants: GM Andraste
Herbs, Edibles, and Foraging: GM Cyr
Woods and Trees: GM Talairi
Referencing: GM Brauden
Creativity: GM Andraste, GM Llearyn, GM Solomon
QC: GM Vogue, GM Ozias
Special Thanks To: Lady Tanager Skydancing's Elanthia Flora Guide, and for providing inspiration and excerpts.