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Below is a working list of official and non-canonical holidays celebrated throughout Elanthia and their significance, beyond the major Elanthian Holidays.

Date Holiday Name Official (Y/N) Significance
1/1 New Year's Day Y A popular holiday in Torre, during which children travel the town wishing their neighbors good fortune in the coming year.
1/30 Eorgina's Day N Holy day for Eorgina involving a pilgrimage to Li'aerion
1/30 Harrow's Eve N Holy day for Harith Caerines, a martyr of the Mularosian order.
Late Fashanos/Early Charlatos Faendryl Carnivale season N Scheduling corresponds with Mardi Gras.
2/14 Day of Voaris and Laethe Y
4/1 Day of Zelia's Warning Y
5/1 Day of Kuon's Blessing Y
5/20 Festival of Oleani Y
3rd week of Ivastaen Rite of Spring Y The Shakat of River's Rest spend the week eating and feasting combined with layered prayer and dance.
5/31 Jes'Tamaline Night Y
7/14 Cholen's Eve Y
10/31 Eve of the Reunion Y
10/31 Draekreyn N Northern Ardenai celebrate a holiday they call Draekreyn or "Dark Rain"
11/1 Founder's Day Y Marks anniversary of Sjandor Withycombe's first speech to the burghal gnomes in Tamzyrr. Corresponds with family gatherings and local elections.
11/1 Wineday Y High holy day among the Winedotter Burghal gnomes. A Chief wine Taster is selected at each festival.
12/20-12/25 Feast of the Immortals Y
12/31 Lornon's Eve Y
Lumnea Trine Y A nearly month-long halfling celebration
Second Volnesday of Eorgaen The Day of the Paladin Observance Y A vigil is held in the open throughout the night to watch the passage of our Lord’s constellation and to meditate upon his mandate.
First Volnesday of Lormestra The Day of Our Lady Observance Y A vigil at night to honor the Keeper of the Keys, followed by the passing out of silver keys to strangers to remind them of their final fate.
First Volnesday of Phoenatos The Day of Our Allies Observance Y A vigil at night to honor those who aid against those who are enemies of Lord Voln.