Elanthian Vogue: Eorgaen 5118 (Duskruin Supplement)

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Editor: Editorial Team in the absence of Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l

Editor's Thoughts

If dark and dangerous is your mien, then the latest offerings at the notorious Bloodriven Village might be of interest. Our daring reporter has once again ventured through its gates to bring you some of the latest “must-haves” from its nefarious outlets.

Duskruin Supplement

Regular readers of Elanthian Vogue may recall that the Eoantas edition featured a Gentleman’s Guide to Cigars. Those interested in taking up the pastime may wish to visit the stately two-story house located in Pell Square, just off Faida Lane. Cut and Dried stocks a small supply of tobacco tins and cigar cutters but also houses a comfortable smoking room complete with a rather fine brandy. Cigars can be purchased in Gamac’s Goods on the corner of Gloam Pike and Wergild Way for a mere 2 bloodscrip each.

A new and popular addition to the line-up of Village establishments is Bundle Up. Inside the boxy, brass-framed copper building (just off Gloam Pike) is a surprisingly clean but small space filled with a selection of cleverly-designed quivers. A dark iron quiver – available for either your shoulder or belt - can be acquired for 2500 bloodscrip. Whilst the functionality of the item is somewhat basic when bought off-the-shelf, it is possible to unlock their potential by purchasing a certificate. I’m sure we will be hearing more about these intriguing quivers in the future.

In keeping with the “dark” theme, a quick rummage through the velvet-lined basket in Accessories of Crime will present you with a grey storm griffin quill for 112 scrip. The alum lockpick can also serve as a handy hair accessory – simply sweep up your hair into a casual twist and secure it in place with the quill.

Alternatively, why not don the polished onyx black wig from the The Best Tressed Salon for an instant change to your look (very short, polished onyx black hair closely shorn on the sides in distinct narrow lines). Only 50 scrip for this chic new hairstyle.

All these accessories need suitable garments to complete the ensemble. If you are brave enough to venture into the pungent knotty hall, commonly known among the combative types as Bare Aggression, you can still find a range of fashion-forward gear. Some dark leather gloves traced in rolaren tendrils of smoke and matching dark leather boots back-buckled in smoky rolaren will only set you back 250 scrip each and both come with integral enchantment (4x) and disintegration flares.

Why not add in a pair of rivet-set charcoal leather leggings for the bargain price of 5 scrip from Bloodriven Bowery, a black crow feathered-decked plunder sack for only 175 scrip from Covert Couriers, and a stylish smoky obsidian-eyed crow mask fashioned of waxed leather. The home of the ingenious new Plague Masks is in the building called The Sable Quietus and they allow you to protect yourself from poison and/or disease for the paltry sum of 2000 scrip.

Last but by no means least, the aptly named structure, Dark and Dangerous, offers a wide range of dark-themed armor and weapons, all of which come with the same integral enchantment (5x) and critical padding or weighting (5 CER) for just 2500! A much cheaper weighting alternative can be found in Duhn’s Lab, which is crammed with a large stock of very useful oils that can be simply poured on your weapon of choice!

Remember, as always, that these are only available for a limited time, so grab them while you can and there is no guarantee they will be there the next time Bloodriven Village opens its gates.