Elanthian Vogue: Fashanos 5118 (Duskruin Supplement)

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Editor: Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l

Editor's Thoughts

Despite its nefarious reputation, Bloodriven Village has plenty to offer the fashion-conscious if one doesn’t mind doing business with bandits and outlaws.

Drawing on the trends published in last month’s Elanthian Vogue, one of our bolder feature reporters went undercover to put together a list of top ten fashionable finds for this supplement.

Duskruin Supplement

Secreted on the windowsill of the aptly named business, Accessories of Crime, is an ivy-motif ebon lace choker. The filigree-framed ivory cameo clicks open to reveal a small cavity, perfect for concealing poisons or antidotes. Yours for just 250 bloodscrip.

For those with more openly aggressive tendencies and a strong constitution, the knotty hall commonly known as Bare Aggression houses some stygian leather gloves pierced by kelyn thorns and matching stygian leather boots fastened by thin kelyn vines; both suitable for unarmed combat with integral enchantment (4x) and unbalance flares. Again, yours for only 250 bloodscrip each.

Short on funds but still wish to be stylishly dressed? Why not stop by the Bloodriven Bowery and pick up a heavily cowled oil-black leather tunic for 5 bloodscrip, a hunter green silk cloak shoulder-caught with coils of steel that holds a very large amount, or a rather fancy charm-hung black doeskin thigh-quiver to hold your arrows and bolts, both for 25 bloodscrip.

The backroom of Gamac’s Goods is where you can find two higher priced offerings but well worth the cost. A storm grey wool frock coat with a tall argent mesh collar that holds an exceptional amount could be yours for only 500 bloodscrip. For 10,000 bloodscrip, why not treat yourself to a pair of thigh-high dark leather boots on razored steel heels with integral enchantment (6x) and disruption flares.

The last two hot items may be small but they make the perfect accessory for this season’s outfits. Conceal your spirit servant runestones in a charm-laden wrapped leather bracelet for just 50 bloodscrip, available from High Spirits. And, in case you happen to regularly run into ruffians with garrotes or a penchant for holding daggers to the throat, why not add a green silk scarf to deal with those nasty neck wounds. The Mar and Scar has them for 2,500 bloodscrip.

Remember that these are only available for a limited time, so grab them while you can!