Elanthian Vogue: Lormesta 5118

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This Month's Edition

Editor: Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l

Editor's Thoughts

Welcome to the first edition of Elanthian Vogue; hopefully the first of many! This seasonal publication aims to provide a platform to share fashion news and helpful tips with a wider audience through short articles and promotional material.

This season we will be reviewing upcoming trends in the Elven court, taking a closer look at a popular item for adding that final touch to any outfit, and giving you a “style steal” to make a simple fashion statement at any time.

I hope you enjoy the content and we welcome feedback, suggestions, and articles for future editions. Contributors will receive a goodie bag if the article is published!

As Seen In ...

Editor's insight into the up and coming trends in the Elven court.

Despite the low-key nature of events in court recently, it is becoming clear that mediocre is out and minimalism is in! Spring is likely to see a rise in popularity for simply designed outfits: no more than two or three structured garments with the addition of one “extreme” statement piece.

Either aim for bold primary shades or the barest hint of color: vivid reds and glossy blacks or the palest of pinks and greens. Silhouettes are long, clean, and unfussy, whether that is with gowns, coats, or pants. Avoid a mixed palette and unnecessary layers or ruffles.

Shoes and boots are lean and mean. Pointed toes and sharp heels predominate with angular adornments or, preferably, none at all.

Accessories should either be excessively large or diminutive in scale; nothing in between. Choose ostentatious shoulder-grazing earrings and enormous rings, or bags and cases in miniature versions of everyday items, especially with whimsical designs.

Style Steals!

This season’s “style steal” draws from the Erithian culture.

Elegant erithian women sometimes opt to wear kanjir as an alternative to their more popular and voluminous nanjir. Kanjir are tight-fitted leggings made from soft cloth such as velvet, silks, satins or linens that terminate at the ankle. Perfect for wearing with high boots and longline tunics when venturing beyond the city gates.

Tools of the Trade

Every fashion-conscious wardrobe should include hairsticks. Whether you prefer to simply tuck your hair up and out of the way during the day, or create a more elaborate hairstyle that involves complex knotting or a chignon, hairsticks are the perfect way to complete your look.

The more creative fashionista can make use of everyday items to achieve the same purpose; a paintbrush perhaps, or even a wand or lockpick would suffice. It has been known for the more adventurous to use a sai or two, particularly those of Erithian extraction.

Elanthian Fashion Week 5118

Planning is already underway for this year’s Elanthian Fashion Week! Sponsored by Elanthian Elegance and hosted by The Looking Glass, the week involves the collaboration of other Great Houses and Meeting Hall Organizations to host a range of fun and educational fashion-oriented events. Past years’ festivities have included lectures, cocktail parties, games, auctions, presentations, and a showcase to display our own creations.

For those wishing to start their preparations, the organisers suggest keeping your calendar free in late Koaratos and look to the classic elements for a theme.