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The Elemental Defender Ring was first sold in the form of a seven-gemmed ring at the Great Auction of 2016. Another was sold as a seven-gemmed silver ring at the Grand Auction of 5123.

This ring will defend against the elements. Each of the seven gemstones on this ring will entirely consume an elemental attack made against the wearer. Then it will refresh itself over the course of a day to be ready to consume an attack once again. Acid, Cold, Electric, Heat/Fire, Impact, Steam, Vacuum. The cooldown is per element. The damage is from any source.


There is no special analyze
>look at my ring
Seven gemstones are equally spaced around the band: a dark emerald, a dark sapphire, a dark diamond, a dark ruby, a dark opal, a dark pearl, and a dark topaz.

If damage has been absorbed, the gemstone will appear 'glowing' instead of 'dark'.

Emerald: Acid?

Sapphire: Cold?

Diamond: Electric

Ruby: Fire?

Opal: Impact

Pearl: Steam?

Topaz: Vacuum?


Verb First Third
Damage Absorbtion A ferocious krolvin executioner dips his shoulder and rushes towards you!

[SMR result: 114 (Open d100: 68, Bonus: 1)]

Your size slightly hinders your defense!

The krolvin executioner slams into you, and you are sent careening headlong into a nearby group of combatants as you fall to the ground!

The opal on your silver ring flares brightly as it absorbs the sudden impact!

You are struck by an acute sense of vulnerability.

Roundtime: 8 sec.

A savage krolvin beguiler growls a curse and gestures at you!

CS: +212 - TD: +167 + CvA: -8 + d100: +68 - -5 == +110

Warding failed!

A savage krolvin beguiler blasts you for 13 points of damage.

The diamond on your silver ring flares brightly as it absorbs the electric shock!

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Additional Information

Elemental Defender Ring Information
Type Mechanical
Item Classification Accessory
Item(s) Applied to Ring
Original Release Venue Great Auction of 2016
Original Release Year 2016
Legendary Yes
Item Verbs