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Elysia M'aire Snowmane (Artist Unknown)
Elysia (by Rozy)
Elysia M'aire-Snowmane
Will there be drinking?
Race Elven
Culture House of Loenthra
Class Bard
Profession Spellsinger
Religion Honors Tilamaire
Affiliation(s) Member of Argent Aspis, Caeruil Atelier, The TownCrier, Fenog's Regulars
In-a-Word Wanderer
Disposition Cheerful
Demeanor Neutral
Primary Trait Openminded
Greatest Strength Tolerance, Perception
Greatest Weakness Depression
Habits Drinking
Hobbies Managing Erek, Drinking, Writing, Painting, Forging, Knitting
Soft Spots Kittens, Spun Sugar
Likes Erek, Alcohol, Tea, Sweets, Traveling, Festivals
Dislikes Rudeness, Intolerance
Loyalties Family, Friends
Spouse Erek Snowmane


You see Lady Elysia M'aire-Snowmane the Spellsinger.

She appears to be a Loenthra Elf.

She is tall. She appears to be in the prime of life. She has thick-lashed light violet eyes and fair skin. She has long, softly curling golden hair artfully arranged over one shoulder and gathered into a silver-netted caul caught with teardrops of pale faceted iolite, leaving wispy tendrils surrounding her face. The lines and curves of her face are long and delicate, their aesthetic reflecting grace and refinement. She has a glass-like transparent glaze brushed onto her manicured fingernails.

She is wearing a silver crescent moon locket, a delicate silvery haon charm inset with a spun glass songbird, a columnar gown of ianthine satin wrapped in cascading layers of gossamer flyrsilk, an amethyst and silver wedding band, an iolite-set frosted cameo ring, and a pair of pale ianthine silk slippers inset with silver harps.

Artwork of Note

an elaborate gold-framed painting

Within a shallow puddle on a worn cobblestone path, a polished mithglin dagger rests, its leather-wrapped grip saturated in dark stains. A single ebon rose-shaped cabochon glints dully in the dagger's pommel. Thin spirals of blood swirl through the water, insubstantial as smoke, as the crimson substance slowly melts away from the weapon's slender blade.
In the Common language, it reads:
"The Dagger" -- by Elysia M'aire-Snowmane

an elaborate gold-framed painting

Caught frozen in time, a lone boat is poled down a canal, the distinctive spires of Ta Loenthra's keep barely visible against the night sky beyond. Deserted in the small hours of the night, the canal's dark waters shimmer slightly as starlight dances across the vessel's barely perceptible wake. Two slight figures huddle, hooded and cloaked, beneath the dimly glowing lantern affixed to the boat's tall curvilinear bow. High above the keep, The Jackal hovers in silence, glimmering with malevolence.
In the Common language, it reads:
"Flight" -- by Elysia M'aire-Snowmane

an elaborate gold-framed painting

Immense trees populate a looming forest, stretching in either direction as far as the eye can see. From palest gold to deepest garnet, the trees' boughs are alight in a fiery conflagration celebrating the approaching winter. A sunlit meadow graces the painting's foreground, replete with the blazing hues of goldenrod, milkweed and poppy. A dark path, hidden from sunlight by the heavily leafed branches above, leads welcomingly into the wood's heart.
In the Common language, it reads:
"Sanctuary" -- by Elysia M'aire-Snowmane