Emalinne's Bejeweled Garden

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Emalinne's Bejeweled Garden is a Premium Home Wall Hanging shop in Kharam Dzu. It is located three rooms north of the main entrance to the Teras premium furniture emporium.

[Emalinne's Bejeweled Garden] RNUM: 12432
Silvery light filters through a skylight above, washing the stone walls in pale, gentle hues. Exquisite tapestries line the walls, each more vibrant and colorful than the last. Swaying gently in the breeze created by passing shoppers, the tapestries are reminiscent of a garden on a late summer's day. You also see Emalinne.


      Price  Item
1.)  150000  a soft black silken tapestry emblazoned with the symbol of Lorminstra
2.)  150000  a soft green tapestry embroidered with an exquisite maoral tree
3.)  150000  a shimmering spidersilk tapestry shot through with pure silver
4.)  150000  a soft golden brocade tapestry embroidered with a stylized sun
5.)  150000  a sapphire blue silk tapestry emblazoned with a silver crescent moon
6.)  150000  a soft white brocade tapestry embroidered with the golden symbol of Koar
7.)  150000  a dark blue satin tapestry embroidered with delphiniums
8.)  150000  an amethyst silk tapestry delicately painted with multihued blue and lavender hydrangeas
9.)  150000  a crystal trimmed tapestry in the shape of a vibrant amethyst peony
10.) 150000  a diamond-edged tapestry embroidered with delicate rosebuds
11.) 150000  an emerald green silk tapestry stitched with chains of acantha leaves