Eryael Ladrinyth

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Eryael Ladrinyth
Storyline Griffin Sword Saga
Gender male
Race elf
Alias/Title Painlord
Affiliation(s) Mularos, Dark Alliance

The Mularosian Painlord, Eryael Ladrinyth, was one of four priests belonging to the Dark Alliance. Eryael is known for his violet eyes, platinum blonde hair, and feminine demeanor. He is an extreme sadist in every sense of the word.

Looking into Eryael's eyes is rumored to cause a hypnotizing effect on the looker. Many of his victims do not recover from his gaze.

Eryael's signature is the rose. His arrival is followed by a shower of rose-petals or announced by a faint scent of roses.


You see Eryael Ladrinyth the Mularosian Painlord.
He appears to be very young.  He has warm deep violet eyes and delicate lily white skin.  He has long, platinum blonde hair falling in soft, unfettered waves to his waist.
He has faintly visible scars across his exposed skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a spherical deep black pendant in his right hand.
He is wearing a loose-fitting white robe hemmed with pale grey silk, some light grey ankle-tie sandals, and a soft white cloak trimmed in dark burgundy velvet.

Eryael's Past

Eryael's youth was revealed in detail during the second Griffin Sword Saga when his power was neutralized by a group of individuals lead by Ulstram in an invasion on his mind.

In his childhood, Eryael was a sweet golden-eyed elven boy who served in an ivory temple with great flowering gardens. He had a magic touch, particularly with roses. He was left on the doorstep of the temple, presumably as an infant, and raised there.

His temple was raided and the clergy slaughtered by a mad, sadistic lord, and only he survived to be taken captive by the man, tortured and abused. His golden eyes were cut away, to sharpen his other senses and heighten is agonies.

After a thousand horrible acts had been visited on him over the course of years, Mularos came to him in the midst of his pain, speaking in his mind. Eryael had clung to his desires to make things beautiful to keep his sanity, and the Sorrow of the World promised him all the beauty he had lost and more. He gifted Eryael with his sight, so the boy would see as he did.

And see the youth did, with eyes of deep violet hue that held a light of their own. Infused with newfound power, he freed himself and turned on his captor, but not before thanking him for his part in this new understanding. Eryael's tormentor and the catalyst of his change became the very first blossom planted in the Painlord's garden.

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