Ulstram Chanerser

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Ulstram Chanerser
Storyline Griffin Sword Saga
Gender male
Race elf
Status dead
Relationship(s) Kendryth Tulurin (friend & guardian)
Affiliation(s) Lorminstra, The Resistance

Ulstram Chanerser was a blind prophet of Lorminstra and played an integral part in the Griffin Sword Saga.

Ulstram was the leader of The Resistance and the most powerful of the followers of the Pantheon of Liabo. He was killed by Morvule in hand to hand combat.


You see Ulstram Chanerser the Elven Prophet.
He is of an undeterminable age, has long, straight white hair, pointed ears, and fair skin.
He has jagged scars marring his face where his eyes should be.
He is in good shape.
He is holding an ebonwood staff inlaid with slivers of ivory in his left hand.
He is wearing a slender white-gold circlet inlaid with a cabochon onyx, a black velvet cloak trimmed with golden knotwork, a lustrous deep golden amulet, a fine silver chain bearing a gold-inlaid onyx key, some long flowing white velvet robes embroidered with golden spirals, a supple white leather pouch and a pair of white leather sandals.