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Domain Suffering, Torture
Symbol a heart with a dagger piercing it on a field of white
Pantheon Pantheon of Lornon
Smite/Bane Bane
Critical Slash

God of Suffering and Torture

Known as "He who is the Sorrow of the World," Mularos is the god of suffering, both physical and emotional. He draws the most strength from pain inflicted by others.

While Mularos is not worshiped by any formal church, cults to him have surfaced from time to time. These are most often collections of sadomasochists, often led by a charismatic but twisted leader. These cults seduce young followers with a decadent and reassuring lifestyle, then bend their minds to dependent love and strict obedience. While the usual end result is mass suicide, it is rumored that such cults have lasted for centuries.

At times Mularos seems to revel in causing pain, but he feels the pain of mortals at the same time as he draws strength from it. In a sense, he is a victim of mortals as much as they are victims of him.

Mularos' preferred humanoid manifestation is that of a young man of delicate features dressed in simple silk robes. Often a glimpse of the scars left by manacles can be seen at the hem and sleeves of his robe, or the bloody mark of a lash below the collar. In manner, he is charming, alternately dominant and submissive, sadomasochistic and sad. His symbol is a heart with a dagger piercing it on a field of white.

Shrines, Statuary, and Holy Places

Cleric Guilds

Displayed in the Prayer Rooms of each Cleric Guild is a statue of Mularos. These prayer rooms are considered a holy shrine to multiple deities.

The statue depicts a young man clad in simple robes, one hand resting on his hip.  Although his features are refined and delicate, hints of depravity can be glimpsed in the curve of his lips and perversity smolders in his sleepy-looking eyes.  The graceful arc of his wrist is marred by a series of thin scars.

>touch Mularos
You reach out and touch the statue of Mularos.

A sighing moan slips through your mind.  "What is pain, after all, but the other side of pleasure?  In pain, we find our limits, our desires, and we come to know ourselves."

Wehnimer's Landing Cleric Guild

Located in the Antechamber of Lornon is a table inset with fist-sized seals depicting all of the Lornon arkati, including one for Mularos. This area is not considered a holy shrine.

A dagger-pierced heart on a field of white is painted on the golden seal of Mularos.


There is a non-functional, abandoned shrine to Mularos located west of Gossamer Valley along Whistler's Pass. Hidden east of Ta'Illistim is a temple dedicated to Mularos and Eryael Ladrinyth.

Additional information

Eryael Ladrinyth, a high priest of Mularos, was active during the Griffin Sword Saga. The psion Harith Caerines came to prominence and died during that same time.


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Spell/Ability Messaging
CHANT (verb)
[1p cleric] You chant a reverent orison, asking to know the touch of pain through Mularos' will.
[3p cleric] CLERIC chants a short but reverent orison, asking to know the touch of pain.
[1p paladin] You bow your head and chant a short prayer to Mularos, causing misty white and incarnadine light to momentarily coalesce in front of you.
[3p paladin] PALADIN bows his head and chants a short prayer, causing misty white and incarnadine light to momentarily coalesce in front of him.
Major Sanctuary (220)
Your senses become flooded with the sweet scent of roses, and you feel a sharp prickling against your palms as the world around you blurs...
[Sanctuary of Thorns]
Thick and lavish, the scent of roses permeates the air; the sweet breath of countless crimson blossoms adorn the bushes enclosing this small square garden. In each corner, an ivory pillar stands - from one, a pair of chained manacles dangle, from another, a pair of whips hang lifeless from gilded hooks. A thorn vine-carved chaise lounge sits in one of the unused corners, while a simple pedestal stands before the remaining pillar supporting a concave bowl of water littered with rose petals.
Splashes of crimson paint your vision, and a breathy murmur lingers in your ears as your vision blurs, obscuring the world around you...
Well of Life (308)
As you sense your souls have linked together, a phantom pressure briefly encircles each of your wrists.
Condemn (309)
[Success] TARGET releases a sudden cry of agony!
[Failure] A distant shriek of pain gives TARGET pause, but nothing comes of it.
[Damage] TARGET staggers beneath the weight of inconsolable sorrow, tearing at (him/her/it)self and inflicting X points of damage!
[Debuff end] The lingering cries of TARGET fade away.
Blind (311)
[1p] As your faith overcomes TARGET's weakened defenses, you sense the compassion, pain, and longing of He who is the Sorrow of the World flowing through you.
[2p] CASTER's face shimmers and vanishes, and, in its place, you see the image of a young man with incredibly compassionate eyes. His features are as delicate as an elven child's, but a bloody lash-stroke mars his skin near the collar of his white robe. The image sears itself into your vision before everything dissolves in a wash of scarlet.
Prayer (313)
[1p] Turning your thoughts inward, you ask for the love of your deity to protect you. The softness of silk caresses the back of your neck, and you sense that your prayer has been granted.
[3p] Ruby light glimmers in CASTER's eyes.
Censure (316)
For your transgressions, there will be no comfort for you. Your blood will run untended, and your heart will break unnoticed. You will break yourself to the ground, and break your wrists on a blade, all in the company of uncaring silence.
Raise Dead (318)
[1p] Murmuring softly, a mournful chant slips from your lips and you feel welts appear upon your wrists. Dipping them briefly, you smear the crimson liquid the leaks from these sudden wounds in a thin line down TARGET's face. Tingling with each second that your skin touches his, you feel the transference of your raw energy pass into TARGET and momentarily reel with the pain of its release. Slowly, the wounds on your wrists heal, though a lingering throb remains.
[2p] Murmuring softly, a mournful chants slips from CASTER's lips and crimson rents appear upon his wrist. Dipping them briefly, CASTER smears the crimson liquid that leaks from his wounds in a thin line down your face and the warm rawness of the life begins to bleed into you. The pain of renewal is almost as sharp as the rawness of the energy that suddenly fills you. Slowly, though you are dazed, you watch the wounds upon CASTER's wrists heal.
[3p] Murmuring softly, a mournful chant slips from CASTER's lips, and crimson rents appear upon her wrists. Dipping them briefly, CASTER smears the crimson liquid that leaks from her wounds in a thin line down TARGET's face. The transference of energy between the pair is immediate and the air crackles with the rawness of its release. Slowly, the wounds upon CASTER's wrists heal.
a bloodstone impaled heart symbol
Needles of power stab into you, sending white-hot pain coursing through your body. Sorrow fills your heart, but with it comes acceptance, an overwhelming sense of rightness that stays with you even as the agony fades to a dull ache in your chest.
Divine Wrath (335)
As you pour your soul into an appeal to Mularos, you know that you are heard. The sting of an unseen triple lash blazes across your face, and, as blood drips slowly down your cheek, you feel the touch of an invisible hand resting lightly against your throat.
The touch of the ethereal hand against your throat grows colder, and the sensation shifts to encircle your neck like a collar. Before this manifestation of divine will, you are helpless, and you are helpless as well as the very air around you solidifies into a barbed whip, coiling and shifting restlessly. The power of Mularos has answered your prayer.
The ethereal barbed whip that lies loosely coiled around you uncoils at terrifying speed. It snaps out toward TARGET!
As your connection to Mularos lessens, the cold, invisible collar locked about your throat fades into a compassionate caress, and a similar caress traces its way across the side of your cheek. Beneath that gentle touch, the wounds upon your face heal immediately. The ethereal barbed whip twitches one last time before dissolving back into air.
Three long, raw scarlet lash-marks suddenly appear upon CASTER's face from no visible source.
The very air around CASTER solidifies into a barbed whip, which coils and shifts restlessly. The handle moves independently of any wielder. CASTER stands frozen as drops of blood course slowly down her cheek.
The ethereal barbed whip that lies loosely coiled around CASTER uncoils at terrifying speed. It snaps out toward a TARGET!
The wounds on CASTER's face heal, and the ethereal barbed whip coiled around CASTER twitches one last time before dissolving into air.
[Look Caster]
Blood drips slowly down CASTER's face from three long, raw lash marks etched parallel across her cheek.
an ethereal barbed whip that moves without a wielder
Symbol of the Proselyte (340)
[Cast] You rest your hand atop your Mularos symbol. Spears of steely silver light pierce your palm, penetrating the surface of the symbol. A faint crimson glow lingers.
[Chant] You chant a reverent orison and lightly clasp your Mularos symbol. A rush of divine power washes over you. Your symbol pulses once and you feel Mularos within you, his presence and the suffering of the world condensed into your heart. Later The divine power suffusing your actions wanes, leaving you bereft of Mularos' aid.
Miracle (350)
[1p] Wraithlike mourners suddenly slip free of the shadows and form a tight ring around you. Silvery tears slip from their faces to splash ineffectively against your lifeless body, and the blood that stains their white garments trickles in a splash across your face. They kneel in a tight ring about you, obscuring your view of the world beyond, and you feel a deep connection to them. "There is yet more pain to release," they seem to tell you before their lips part in a deafening keen of anguish that shatters their ethereal forms.
[3p] Wraithlike mourners suddenly slip free of the shadows around CLERIC, their cheeks stained with silvery tears. Their white garments are stained in a variety of places with the deep red-brown of blood. Forming a loose ring around CLERIC's corpse, they fall as one to their knees and obscure him. Together, they tilt their heads back and release a deafening keen that shatters their ethereal forms.
Guard the Meek (1613)
Divine Strike (1615)
Aid the Fallen (1620)
Judgment (1630)
You briefly close your eyes, and the air around you is filled with echoing voices in pain. A faint sanguine light builds up and emanates from your hand before it takes on the shape of an ethereal whip!
A flurry of sanguine slivers fly from the edge of the ethereal whip, striking TARGET!
The ethereal whip coils on itself and fades away.
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Divine Incarnation (1650)
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[Cast 3p]
[Expiration 1p]
[Expiration 3p]
[Zeal 1p]
[Zeal 3p]
[Armor 1p]
[Armor 3p]
[Smite 1p]
[Smite 3p]
[Onslaught 1p]
[Onslaught 3p]
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